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Enemy Territory Baserace ET Pro Comp server 
The nedET [Baserace] server is fired up on request.

Baserace overview

Baserace, an Enemy Territory custom map by Cptn Triscuit. It's a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads' located in your team's base. Different capture pads correspond to different base constructions and upgrades. Capture Pads can be used multiple times to upgrade constructions. Additionally, constructions can be 'synergized' by completing combinations of other constructions. The first team to complete 40 constructions or have the most completed when the timer runs out wins!





>> Synergy Hint: Level 4 Engineering + Level 2 Spawn = Outpost
>> Synergy Hint: Level 1 Tactical + Level 2 Armory = Covert Weapons
>> Baserace Hint: Avoid Rocketgun fire by traveling in the trenches.
>> Baserace Hint: The Ruined Tower can be scaled with the Wall Jump ability.
>> Baserace Hint: Jump on box tops to avoid triggering the enemy's underbase alert.
>> Baserace Hint: Plant all your teams landmines before activating the landmine sentry.
>> Baserace Hint: Disguised Covert-Ops can open the enemy's Supply Chests as well as Teamdoors.



patched to v2.60b
ET Pro mod v3.2.6 - -
ETTV post beta 13 test-10-April-07
ReyalP combinedfixes lua script 15.Jan.2009
Punkbuster - YES

10 v 10, 1 spec-coach allowed per team
Timelimit 45 minutes

-skill and abilities are locked at the following-

Battle Sense Level 2
1. Issued Binoculars
2. Improved Physical Fitness (stamina bar to recharge at 160% of the normal rate)

Light Weapons Level 4
1. Improved use of Light Weapon Ammunition (extra clip of ammo)
2. Faster Reload (35% faster)
3. Improved Light Weapon Handling (SMG spread is reduced by 35% while Pistol recoil is halved)
4. Dual-Wield Pistols (akimbos FTW!)

Soldier Level 3
1. Improved Projectile Resources (firing a Panzerfaust or Mortar will now take 1/3 less Power Bar than default)
2. Heavy Weapon Proficiency (overheating Emplaced or Mobile MG will cool at twice the normal rate)
3. Improved Dexterity (default heavy weapons speed penalty is now decreased)
-max Panzerfausts per team, 2
-max mobile MG42s per team, 2
-max Flamethrowers per team, 2
-max Mortars per team, 2
-default ChargeTime

Medic Level 3
1. Medic Ammo (extra clip)
2. Improved Resources (2 syringes extra max ammo, 2 extra on spawn plus Medic pack only takes 15% Power Bar instead of 25%)
3. Full Revive
-default ChargeTime

Engineer Level 4
1. Improved use of Explosive Ammunition (four extra Rifle Grenade rounds and four extra Hand Grenades)
2. Improved Dexterity (arm and defuse Land Mines and Dynamite in half the default time)
3. Improved Construction and Destruction (constructing and repairing objects and setting Dynamite or Land Mines uses 1/3rd less Power Bar charge than normal)
4. Issued Flak Jacket (Flak Jackets which provides the player with 50% damage deflection from explosive weapons)
-max rifle grenaders per team, 2
-max mines per team, 6
-default ChargeTime

Field Ops Level 4
1. Improved Resources (every Ammo Pack you distribute will contain an extra magazine clip and issuing the Ammo Pack will only deplete your Power Bar by 15% instead of 25%)
2. Improved Signals (calling in an Artillery or Air Strike uses up only 2/3 of your Power Bar)
3. Improved Air and Ground Support (each Air Strike now has two aircraft incoming and each Artillery Strike lasts twice as long)
4. Enemy Recognition (placing your cross-hairs over an Enemy infiltrator will result in a Disguised Enemy prompt and their location will be highlighted on your team's Command Map)
-max artillery / air strikes per minute is 3 (default cap is 6)
-default ChargeTime

Covert Ops Level 4
1. Improved Use of Scoped Weapon Ammunition (each Ammo Pack you get from a Field Ops or Ammo Cabinet includes one extra clip of ammunition for your Scoped Weapon)
2. Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection (Satchel Charges and Smoke Grenades Power Bar usage reduced by 1/3)
3. Breath Control (50% reduction in both recoil jump and weapon sway with Scoped Weapons)
4. Assassin (your expertise with the knife allows you an instant kill with any backstab)
-default ChargeTime


Enemy Territory patched to v2.60b - LINK -
ET Pro mod v3.2.6 - LINK - 3.6MB
nedETPRO pack - [watermarks and skull mine skins] - LINK - 70KB
Baserace (final) plus Scoreboard mod - LINK -

Here's the .config file I use for Baserace Comps - baserace.config

Thnaks to the TOG Enemy Territory community and the GameArena ET community for feedback.