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Doom 3 (nedDOOM3 Mod) Server. 
nedDOOM3 - A modded Doom 3 server by ned

nedDOOM3 [RealDamage]
location Australia
IP (IP changed 01-July-2010)

damage increased for all weapons - headshots lethal
soft fall damage reduced to zero
grenades can be thrown further and bounce reduced
rocket jumping disabled
powerups removed
start holding shotgun
new pistol skin
new weapon sounds
fixed doom 3 voice chat - now works as per Doom 3/Docs/help.htm
altered HUD


default game type Last Man Standing
default max lives 15

Punkbuster ON
voting enabled
friendly fire ON for Team Deathmatch


Doom 3 patch v1.3.1 - here - how to install/update doom 3 - link -
nedDOOM3 mod - here - 10.5MB - full mod details - link -
nedMAPPACK v6 - here - 81MB - full map details - link -