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Tuesday, 1 January, 2013, 05:00 - Prey
Posted by ned

Prey is a 2006 first-person shooter developed by Human Head Studios, produced by 3D Realms, and was published by 2K Games. Prey uses a modified version of id Tech 4.

"A high-concept mix of mind-melting gravitational puzzles beautiful graphics and intense FPS combat" - Games TM

I've reinstalled this game. I enjoyed the multiplayer. It offered a very different feel with gravity-bending! I never completed the single player game. I plan to do so soon.

When I went patch hunting it took a while to find what I needed. Documentaion wasn't easy to find so I've decided to add some details to this site.

Turns out all you need is one file, patch v1.4

Patch info, changelog and download link - HERE -


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Doom 3 news.. EMZ mod not dead ? 
Saturday, 29 December, 2012, 07:20 - Doom
Posted by ned
From the Enhanced Militarized Zone Dev blog..
I've hardly had chance to look at the EMZ code in the last couple of years. Following the GPL release of the oringial engine source code and the release of the strange beast that is the BFG edition I've decided to put some effort in to get version 2.0 to a state where it can be playtested.



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[ET] Raw Castle TE (Final) released! 
Saturday, 15 October, 2011, 06:17 - Enemy Territory
Posted by ned
Yes it's late but it's here. redRum left mapping in pursuit of his musical passion. This combined with a hard drive failure meant this map stayed at 99% complete for many years. I ended up in contact again with him and he gave me permission to finalise as much as possible and release Raw Castle TE. It's not 100% finished but it's 99+ % complete.


Raw Castle Tournament Edition
A Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory custom map.

The allied army has taken a farm in East Anglia. There is a castle down the hill, the Axis are using it as their stronghold. The fortress is strongly defended by an old big wall which the Allies will have to pass through. Valuable documents are resting in a vault inside the castle. Will the Allies be able to steal and transmit them?

Authored by Roger "redRum" Creus
Finalised and released by ned (TOG*neddie)
-with written permission by Roger Creus-


For those that remember the beta version of this map, here's the changelog..
- Fixed the Allied spawn bottom MG's position.
- Fixed the terrain leaks.
- Added the raw_final siren for etmain.
- Non significant changes in the terrain shape.
- Retextured the whole terrain.
- New shader for the hay vanilla texture.
- Removed the resting water.
- Added a slick shader brush onto the frozen lake.
- Removed the alpha texture around the lake borders.
- Fixed light leaks.
- Unclipped the lasting lights that could block players eventually.
- Removed the trickjump spot at the back of the castle.
- Improved vis blocking.
- New phong shaders for the castle towers' textures.
- Lowered the white fog.
- Fixed the command map custom icons.
- Fixed the custom vo sounds.
- Added a locations file for etpro.
- Fixed spelling errors.
- Added surfaceparm alphashadow to the tree models' shader.
- Modified tree clips so it's harder to step on their top.
- Changed default worldspawn and func_groups lightmapscale (1.0) to 0.3.
- New texture transition for the caves' entrance.
- Fixed the tree models' texture conflict.
- Fixed the limbo objective descriptions for both teams.
- Added two new textures.
- Realigned many textures.
- Non significant brushwork changes.

From 99% completion to release by ned with written permission by Roger Creus.

- removed wm_endround wait time to avoid last second win error
- fixed some typos
- fixed path errors in sound script
- fixed path errors in etpro command map icon file raw_te_ETPRO.pk3
- updated readme file

Known issue.

In some parts of the map the mortor will detonate in the sky. This was a known issue in earlier versions and was fixed by red to a point where practical use of the mortor will mostly work.

The map on release is 99+ % complete.


raw_te_final.pk3 goes inside etmain folder.
raw_te_ETPRO.pk3 goes inside etpro folder (if you have one).

Thanks to redRum for allowing this map to be released after he had moved on from mapping
-- -
Thanks to the TOG Enemy Territory division for their support during beta testing
-- -
Thanks to all players who joined in on the custom map testing nights on the nedETPRO server
-- ... map-nights -
Thanks to TOG rogee for final testing help just prior to release.

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[FC2] server status 
Sunday, 9 October, 2011, 04:20 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
My Far Cry 2 server is currently offline.
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[FC2] map updates by DaWorFizm 
Sunday, 9 October, 2011, 03:49 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
Osseous Labyrinth, Trench Town and Valkyrie Surf have been updated to contain WGC Editor Mod community content (aka DLC2).

Downloads available here - -

Map testing has been completed for these maps.
Note: Clients require the editor mod to be installed to see most of the content.

Current Far Cry 2 server details - HERE -

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[FC2] map updates  
Sunday, 21 August, 2011, 03:58 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
DaWorFizm has updated three of his maps

Osseous Labyrinth to v1.8
Trench Town to v0.6
Valkyrie Surf to v0.9

All three are on the server.

Far Cry 2 server details - link -
(map readme files updated soon)

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[L4D] Death Aboard updated to v8.0 (sound fix) 
Saturday, 20 August, 2011, 22:35 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
Diputs has updated his awesome campaign Death Aboard to version 8

Fixed custom music not working correctly

Death Aboard v8.0 is now on both servers.

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[L4D] Crash Bandicoot Course updated 
Tuesday, 26 July, 2011, 10:04 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
FlyingBandicoot has updated Crash Bandicoot Course to v4.2

Ok, finally updated :D

It took longer than I envisioned as I had problems with textures etc. But hopefully its all good now. Let me know if there are any problems and I will do my best to fix them.

Soooo, changes:

-Made Versus mode easier (hopefully) - reduced life on Tikimon, reduced life on Ripper Roo, reduced zombies, reduced life on robots on level 2, and overall just tried to make it easier. Without a full team on both sides to try it on, I don't know how balanced it is. So any feedback on the versus side is welcome.

-Made campaign easier somewhat - reduced life for Tikimon and Ripper Roo, reduced zombies here and there slightly, removed a few scripted specials. Tweaked here and there.

-Made it so custom sounds work (at least they do for me, let me know if they don't but they should do now).

-Hopefully enabled textures on models to work too, as for some reason, I had real trouble getting them to work again (mainly because I used to use Pakrat, so now I had to mess with the directory etc).

-Fixed miniguns disappearing and thus leaving the player stuck. (This was originally made to make it more difficult, but with that odd glitch, I removed it now so they stay, enabling Tikimon to die easier.)

So, I will be touching up the L4D2 one as well and hopefully both of these campaigns will be as good as they will be.

Send any feedback as soon as possible, as I do not know if I will be able to work on them in the near future after this week.


Crash Bandicoot Course v4.2 is now on both servers.

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[FC2] server update 
Saturday, 2 July, 2011, 08:44 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
Some map changes on the Far Cry 2 server..

Osseous Labyrinth is now final at version 1.7
It also now requires Fortune's Edition to play it.
Osseous Labyrinth 1.7 - 2011.06.13 (Final - Fortunes Pack Edition)
Mem: 208.8 - Obj: 154229

* Added details/objects from FP
* Added swampboats, jeeps & buggys to 'far-zones'
* Added Glider to CP-B cliffs
* Added Weapon Crates

Apocalypse Cow have been removed, project cancelled.

Island have been removed, project cancelled.

Far Cry 2 server details - link -

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[FC2] server updates 
Tuesday, 7 June, 2011, 10:57 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
The main server now runs all of DaWorFizm's maps. Mapcycles will vary on random occasions. Details are on the server info page, link below.

New maps added
-Trench Town

-Valkyrie Surf to v0.7

The Test Server still refuses to work with Far Cry 2
*HELP* details in below link.

Far Cry 2 server details - link -

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