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Prey patch info and changelog 

The lateset version of Prey is 1.4, it can be installed over any non-Steam & Triton versions ie. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
It also includes the latest Windows based dedicated server files.

Prey patch v1.4 download - LINK -



Multiplayer bandwidth optimization to allow better play on higher latency connections
Fixed projectile effects not showing up on dedicated servers
Fixed crash at startup due to time/date validation on some systems
Fixed crash at startup due to querying old OpenAL drivers
Fixed an occasional crash on the dedicated server
Fixed a crash when using image_usecache cvar with very big textures. Textures whose lowest mip map doesn't fit will be default texture. This was causing a crash when a modified prey was loading "Mother's Embrace".
Fixed a crash on some machines when reading savegames.
Some timedemo features not appearing if you restart prey between record/playback
Added widescreen resolutions to menus
Updated multiplayer browser to fix servers not showing up due to DNS resolution
Updated multiplayer browser not keeping join button up to date when server summary wasn't the active tab.
Updated multiplayer browser so punkbuster icons show up in their column properly
Updated multiplayer browser so mod games' icons show up properly updated multiplayer browser so server scanning is more consistent on slower connections
Fixed multiplayer weapon exploit
Bumped network protocol version. Unpatched games will not be able to play online with patched games. This means that if you are playing v1.0, you can not play against or on servers running v1.1 (and vice versa).

This is a tech/bug fix patch, there are no new game play elements in this update.
Special Thanks to ZeTortue for bug testing.


This add-on includes new maps and multiplayer models as well as a number of bug fixes from previous versions. Please note that this version is network incompatible with previous versions, so by installing this version you will not be able to join any 1.0 or 1.1 multiplayer servers.

This add-on includes four new multiplayer maps and six new multiplayer characters.

New DeathMatch Maps:
The original DM maps in Prey were best suited for 4-8 players. The maps in this add-on were designed for smaller number of players, especially for 1v1 or 2v2 play.

DM Gravity Lab: DMGravityLab takes place on board a floating extension of the Sphere's main Spindle. Players will find themselves running along wallwalk and hanging catwalks all throughout the map. Snipers get to have fun this time around with a large outdoor section complete with wallwalk platforms and portals. Designed for 6 players.

DM Topillogical: The first Prey DM map to feature Outward Gravity. Run 360 degrees around the inside of a giant Sphere to get the best firing position on your enemies. Intriguing side-rooms offer gravity-warping corridors and devious wall-walk ammo depots. Fast-paced action for 4 players.

DM Tunnel Rat: Danger lurks in all directions but down in this maze-running map designed for 6 players. Sharp twists and turns conceal danger at every corner, but eyes up! A mirrored version of the maze forms the ceiling above you.

DM Space Oddity: DM Space Oddity is designed for 4 players and features a large central crossover room with perpendicular gravity pathways. Rack up the kills by dominating the crossover with a rocket launcher!

New Multiplayer Models:
Several new character models are available in DM, three female characters and two alien characters:

Jen: Jen is Tommy's girlfriend, and the owner of the Roadhouse bar. Don't let her dainty looks fool you: all those years of serving drinks to random travelers have toughened her up and made her quite the ass-kicker.

Becky: This young blonde is an unfortunate victim of the Sphere. First aliens abduct her and now she finds herself fighting for her life in a deathmatch arena!

Elhuit: The leader of a race of humans who managed to hide and survive living on the Sphere for centuries.

Mother: Mother is a tough, enigmatic character. All you need do is prove your worth.

Alien Hunter: The Hunter is part of a race taken by the Sphere long ago. Now the Hunter serves as one of the chief minions of the Sphere, acting as an enforcer force for any humans who try to escape.

Elite Alien Hunter: Same badass Hunter, cooler-looking armor.

Bug Fixes:

Network protocol version bump (will no longer be able to see 1.1 or 1.0 servers)
Installer will now update uninstaller. This fixes the missing installer problem.
Game DLL interface bump for upcoming mod SDK release (so mods will only work with v1.2)
Fix for a weapon switch exploit


1. This update includes compatibility files for the Mac port of Prey (meaning PC users can play against Mac users and vice versa).
2. There are no bug fixes or new content in this release.
3. This release is backwards compatible with Prey 1.2 multiplayer.
4. There are new server files available. Windows versions come with the patch, Linux versions are available separately.
5. In order for a Mac user to play on a PC pure server, the server they are on must have the v1.3 server files.

In short, the only thing changed in this patch is that PC players can now play against Mac players, although the PC side has to be running v1.3 to do this. Additionally, the dedicated server files need to be at the v1.3 revision for Mac users to "see" a PC server.

Unlike the last patch, PC v1.2 users can play PC v1.3 servers. If your existing copy of Prey works, and playing against Macintosh users is not a concern to you, then you do not need the upgrade. If you run a dedicated server, or you wish to see the widest number of available servers, though you should upgrade.


1. Compatibility files for the Japanese release of Prey.
2. The disc check is removed from the game.

There are no bug fixes or new content in this release. The release is backwards compatible with Prey v1.2 and v1.3 in multiplayer.

Also included with the patch is updated Windows based dedicated server files.



Some ded server notes from original file release readme..

Prey Dedicated Server x86-win32 README
This document was last updated 07/20/2006

To install:

You'll need the data files from the Prey install disc(s). There are two
ways of doing this.

A) Use an existing install from CD/DVD.

For this method, simply drop PREYDed.exe into the folder where you
installed Prey (defaults to c:\Program Files\Prey).

B) Copy files from the CD/DVD.

These instructions presume you're using the original US retail version,
shipped on CD-ROM, but the steps are similar for other variations.

1. Create the folder where you want to install Prey (for example, c:\Program Files\PreyDed)

2. Copy PREYDed.exe into that folder.

3. Create a base folder under that folder.

4. Copy the data files from the retail discs. Each CD should have a directory
named Setup\Data\Base ... you want the .pk4 files in there copied to the
"base" directory that was created for you in step #1.


Running the server:

To run the game, double click on PREYDed.exe. The game will load up and you
will be presented with a blue console window. When you see the text...

Type 'help' for dedicated server info.

...then you can type in...

si_map game/dmescher2
spawnServer this point, the server is running and accepting connections. You
will want to customize and automate your setup now, but this will verify
that the server is functioning as expected. Typing in...


...will give you a list of useful commands and cvars for setting up your

Revision history:
07202006 - First release.

// end of README.txt