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Far Cry 2 (Hardcore mode) server. 


Game server version 1.03 rc2
PunkBuster server version 1.734

match - Player (ie. not ranked)
hardcore mode enabled
friendly fire on
time of day - map default
weather - random
score limit - gamemode default
16 client slots


patch v1.03 - link -

-maps should auto download to you-
-some or all of these maps can be on a mapcycle-
Isla de la Muerte by PiiPS - link -
Saw-mill by - link -
TAW_KingOfTheHill v1.1 by TAW Butter_Cup
Woodland Wonderland by nedd - link -

FC2 and PunkBuster - info -
FC2 and Windows 7 - info -

// MAP CYCLE (customs in bold)

The mapcycle will usually involve a mixture of the custom maps listed above and the default maps.

// MAP CYCLE on Test (home) Server

My Test Server refuses to run Far Cry 2
Issue described - HERE -


Previously tested on this server:

Osseous Labyrinth by DaWorFizm - OsseousLabyrinth_ReadMe.txt
Trench Town by DaWorFizm - TrenchTown_ReadMe.txt
Valkyrie Surf by DaWorFizm - ValkyrieSurf_ReadMe.txt

Map downloads here - -

Mumble Voice Comms server available to all players.

Contact me for details.


I'm also playing around with the FC2 map editor so on occasions my map(s) will be thrown into the map cycle for play testing. Currently my first map, Woodland Wonderland is on the server.