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nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] Mod 
nedDOOM3 [RealDamage]

This mod started with a few modifications that I put together to play at my LANs.

>> a Doom 3 multiplayer modification
>> works with latest patch v1.3.1 !!

> can be played at this IP (Australia)


damage increased for all weapons - headshots lethal
plasmagun removed
max armor 75
bullet spread increased slightly
rocket jumping disabled
rocket launcher ammo greatly reduced
grenades can be thrown further and bounce reduced
start with pistol, machinegun, shotgun and grenades
start holding shotgun
pistol skin
new sounds, see below

note: in this mod the rocket launcher is bound to _impulse8 which
is the BFG in standard Doom 3 <> check your binds in the menu!

// HUD

removed weapon icon display that usually comes up after a weapon change
altered weapons options menu to suit mod


all removed
replaced with low ammo rocket launcher


removed hitsounds
removed low ammo warning sound
new weapons sounds - see credits -
---Pistol Fire Sound - click_here -
---Shotgun Fire Sound - click_here -
added Homer Simpson sounds to fists and flashlight bashing
altered the announcer and multi-play ingame voices (and associated text - added colours)
changed main menu music (was kinda getting over the default :))


fixed the doom3 voice chat options... they now work as per Doom 3/Docs/help.htm
disabled voice commands referencing powerups (no powerups in this mod)


slightly reduced movement speeds from default
soft fall damage reduced to zero (supposed to be highly trained marines!)
slightly increased both hard type fall damages from default


nedDOOM3 - link - 10.5MB -


see readme for:
-programs used
-thanks to
-server tips

Click - here - to view readme.txt