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      • [UT04] AM/TAM v3 released!
        ArenaMaster v3.0 has been released. The new graphics have been completed and beta bugs fixed!Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of TAM 2.57, optimized for better performance and restructured in preparation for UT2k7. New features of major note include:

        * All new scoreboard and stats scree

      • [FEAR] new patch released - v1.06
        patch details:This latest update corrects a loading issue with games saved before the 1.05 update and several other various fixes.

        Download patch and read patch changelog history HERE -
        Server will be updated and server details posted soon on forum.

      • nerd saying hello
        Hi Abbi & Ewan!

        ...getting married in March! woOt!
        Ab says don't forget to kiss her before work :P
        (he keeps forgetting for those who don't know :o)

      • [ET] gravyStats v0.12 released
        gravyStats, by blakjack aka gravy, displays an etpro game's stats via a log file which is created during a game. This is nice to look at after a match (or sometimes not so nice to look at :P) to see, for example, who gave most damage to the other team.

        For an example of the layout cl

      • [ET] customs night 11 info!
        Here we go again :P

        Thursday 29-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        King of the Flag (True Edition)
        Fight hard to keep your own flag and get your opponents! Tight map with 5 second respawns makes for one crazy fast piece of gaming! ctf config will be used... config details - HERE -
      • [ET] another mapscript for Snatch 2
        mortis has made a competion version (beta 1) mapscript for Snatch 2

        Summary of changes:All MG nests removed
        All truck barriers removed
        Removed bridge
        More autospawn tweakage (irrelevant to comp)
        Allied - Axis spawntimes set to 20/30 instead of 15/30

      • [ET] new map --- Supply Depot 2
        I've added Supply Depot 2 to the nedETPRO server because it's in the new slashquit ladder - LINK -

        on server now
        download from - HERE -

      • [D3] nedMapPack v6 ready for testing soon!
        Version 6 of my map pack series for the nedDOOM3 mod server will be ready for testing soon. I want to increase the custom maps in the server's cycle from 10 to 15.

        Version 5 customs are:
        -RSTDM2 - Redux
        -Once Upon A Time ...
        -Blood Burns 2
        -The Campgrounds

      • [ET] map news and updates

        Raw Castle & Raw Castle Tournament Edition
        -pre-final versions of both maps are being privately tested on the nedETPRO server Thursday 22-June-06 from 8:30pm
        -final versions released soon!


        -removed Arh

      • [ET] new mapscript for Snatch2
        This is a beta script by Mortis.
        on server nowCorrected autospawns
        Corrected endgame wait states
        Removed bad TWO and spawns at CP
        Created correctly working TWO and spawns at CP
        Made a new autospawn system
        Added wm_announcements for CP spawn activity
        Test night

      • [ET] custom night 10 info!
        Custom map night #10 is upon us!

        Thursday 15-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        Axis Lab
        This is a remake of an RtCW custom map. Has both an indoor and outdoor section providing good short and long distance fighting with the full range of ET's arsenal.The Axis are guardin

      • [ET] new maps --- ET Tundra & Axis Lab
        Both of these maps are remakes of RtCW customs. The RtCW versions of these maps are called Tundra Outpost and Axis Lab. ET Tundra was once popular on the GameArena servers. Expect these maps on the future RtCW2 campaign! Info - HERE.

        Download maps - HERE -

      • [ET] etpromapscript updates / configs/schedule thread updated
        * I've updated 3 map scripts

        Details - HERE -


        * Info on the server's main configs with the more important settings mentioned can be found - HERE -
        * Server schedule updated, info - HERE -

      • [ET] nedETPRO and fog
        I received an email asking me what maps don't have fog as they thought I was running server configs matching GA season 7. He noticed Radar had no fog but River2 redux did. In the GameArena ET ladder, fog has been disabled for all maps except Secret Weapon. From what I've seen the GA public

      • [ET] new map --- X-Dam Complex 2
        This original final version of this map was the first custom I played when I started ET.The Axis are building a new X-Lab facility in an old factory while the Allies have intercepted the info and are now on a mission to find and destroy the X-Lab.

        SteelRat has re-released this map with gr

      • [ET] new maps/campaign (RtCW remakes)
        By request I've made a new campaign with remakes of original RtCW maps.
        Map order plus other nedETPRO campaign details - HERE -

        New installed maps:Rocket (alpha 1)
        ET Depot (beta 1)
        Das Boot (rc 1)
        Tram Siege ET (v2)
        Download maps from - HE

      • nerd saying hello
        Kia ora Kirsty!
        Kei te pehea koe?

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