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  • 2013
    • January
      • Prey

        Prey is a 2006 first-person shooter developed by Human Head Studios, produced by 3D Realms, and was published by 2K Games. Prey uses a modified version of id Tech 4.

        "A high-concept mix of mind-melting gravitational puzzles beautiful graphics and intense FPS combat"

  • 2012
    • December
      • Doom 3 news.. EMZ mod not dead ?
        From the Enhanced Militarized Zone Dev blog..
        I've hardly had chance to look at the EMZ code in the last couple of years. Following the GPL release of the oringial engine source code and the release of the strange beast that is the BFG edition I've decided to put some effort in to get

      • It's been a while..

        What a year.

        BIG real life changes.
        Very LITTLE gaming.
        Virtually no internet connection.. tethering via my iPhone and 3G isn't game friendly.

        It's been 12 month since my last post!

        Here's a list of some th

  • 2011
    • December
      • Good service deserves a mention
        2011 is nearly over. I certainly hope I get more gaming done in 2012 than I did this year! Even my home server was down for most of it (sorry for those asking and me saying "soon" for most of the year). Work commitments were very high but so far next year is looking resonable as far as tim

    • October
      • [ET] Raw Castle TE (Final) released!
        Yes it's late but it's here. redRum left mapping in pursuit of his musical passion. This combined with a hard drive failure meant this map stayed at 99% complete for many years. I ended up in contact again with him and he gave me permission to finalise as much as possible and release Raw C

      • [FC2] server status
        My Far Cry 2 server is currently offline.

      • [FC2] map updates by DaWorFizm
        Osseous Labyrinth, Trench Town and Valkyrie Surf have been updated to contain WGC Editor Mod community content (aka DLC2).

        Downloads available here - -

        Map testing has been completed for these maps.
        Note: Clients require the editor

    • August
      • [FC2] map updates
        DaWorFizm has updated three of his maps

        Osseous Labyrinth to v1.8
        Trench Town to v0.6
        Valkyrie Surf to v0.9

        All three are on the server.

        Far Cry 2 server details - link -
        (map readme files updated soon)

      • [L4D] Death Aboard updated to v8.0 (sound fix)
        Diputs has updated his awesome campaign Death Aboard to version 8

        Fixed custom music not working correctly

        Death Aboard v8.0 is now on both servers.

        Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

    • July
      • [L4D] Crash Bandicoot Course updated
        FlyingBandicoot has updated Crash Bandicoot Course to v4.2

        Ok, finally updated :D

        It took longer than I envisioned as I had problems with textures etc. But hopefully its all good now. Let me know if there are any problems and I will do my best to fix them.
      • [FC2] server update
        Some map changes on the Far Cry 2 server..

        • Osseous Labyrinth is now final at version 1.7
        It also now requires Fortune's Edition to play it.
        Osseous Labyrinth 1.7 - 2011.06.13 (Final - Fortunes Pack Edition)
        Mem: 208.8 - Obj: 154229

        * Added details/ob

    • June
      • [FC2] server updates
        • The main server now runs all of DaWorFizm's maps. Mapcycles will vary on random occasions. Details are on the server info page, link below.

        New maps added
        -Trench Town

        -Valkyrie Surf to v0.7

        • The Test Server still refuses t

      • [FC3] Far Cry 3 announced!
        Well, it's coming. Far Cry 3 has been announced with a story, screenshoots and even gameplay footage.

        Beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery, where your only escape is through drugs or the muzzle of a gun. This is where you

      • [L4D] server update..
        The latest official campaign The Sacrifice has been crashing between 1st and 2nd chapters and the Tank wasn't showing up correctly in Chapter One. Looks like this was caused by the Coal'd Blood Campaign. Thanks to Keldorn for this information. I've removed this campaign from the main

    • May
      • [L4D] Precinct 84 updated to v9
        Precinct 84 by Keldorn has been updated to v9

        Unfortunately there is no changelog but here are some notes from players leaving feedback on after the update..

        update 5/24/2011 v.9
        - cool custom textures.
        - maps are still great
      • [BOXING] R.I.P. Lionel Rose
        Lionel Rose dies aged 62

        Legendary Australian boxer Lionel Rose has died aged 62.

        He had been ill for several months.

        Rose beat Japan's Fighting Harada in 1968 to win the world bantamweight title and became the first Indigenous boxer to win a world title.

      • [Crysis] I finally played this game
        Well, Crysis has been on my to-play list for a while now. I figured it was a good time to give it a run with my recent upgrade... what an awesome game! Just stunning. The open environment in this game really is something special. I cranked all settings to maximum. Even my new GTX580 was hurting with

      • [FC2] test server completed, Valkyrie Surf coming soon
        The Far Cry 2 test server is ready to go again - link. The issue I was having with the old test server and Far Cry 2 appears to be gone. Details here.

        DaWorFizm is busy making a new map called Valkyrie Surf inspired by the Apocalypse Now movie.


    • April
      • Test server and gaming machine upgraded!
        Well, many know the motherboard on my test server died a while back. I now have a better test server to work with. I set it up only to have the hard drive die! So I bought a new one and continued. Then my graphics card on my gaming rig died (fun times). I went out a bought a new graphics card but wh

    • March
      • [L4D] Precinct 84 updated
        Precinct 84 by Keldorn has been updated to v8
        - Al checkpoint exit doors now have bars.
        - Checkpoint exit fixed on map 3 for versus.
        - More pills added to map 2 and the finale.
        - Versus score modified for map 2
        - Nav cleaned up a bit more.
        - Added a microphone to the cl

      • [FC2] new custom map on server - Isla de la Muerte
        I've installed a new custom map on the Far Cry 2 server called Isla de la Muerte by PiiPS. Isla de la Muerte (translated Isle of the Dead) is a good looking large map and supports all gamemodes.

        - Symmetric map design for balanced teamplay
        - 2 Assault Truck (M2 .50

      • [FC2] custom maps were playing on server.....
        For at least a week, custom maps were not playing on the Far Cry 2 server. This has now been fixed. It was an admin issue on the server. Sorry to those who were expecting them to show up in the map-cycle!

        Far Cry 2 server details - link -

      • [L4D] Precinct 84 now on main server
        Precinct 84 by Keldorn is now a complete campaign and a damn good one! I've just given it a playthrough. Unique features, great atmosphere and an excellent weapons/packs layout. The "Scavenge" style gameplay for the finale works very well and can be quite a challange. Precinct 84 is n

      • [L4D] No Precinct and Hunter Training map updates
        • The No Precinct Campaign by Keldorn has been updated to v7.0 Complete and is now called Precinct 84. This is now a full campaign with apparently a L4D2 Scavenge style finale.

        Unfortionately no changelog update.

        For now it's listed on my test server. I'll test this C

      • Test server down
        My test server has died. I think motherboard. I'll have another one up and running when time permits.


    • February
      • [ARMA2-OA] E04: Jackal scenario
        I've completed Boot Camp and I'm working my way through the Scenarios before I jump into the Campaign. I have to comment on the Jackal mission! OMFG how intense is this mission!! For me it started off full stealth mode with the occasional twitch shot to bouts of ramboness then back to stea

    • January
      • [L4D] I Hate Mountains updated
        I Hate Mountains has been updated to v1.2 with a big list of fixes and is now on the main server..

        VERSION 1.2 (January 29th, 2011)

        * Fixed: [forest] A pair of molotovs could not be picked up due to a bogus colision model (reported by AtomicStryker)
        * Fixed: [forest] Playe

      • [FC2] Osseous Labyrinth updated to v1.6
        DaWorFizm has updated Osseous Labyrinth to v1.6 with some significant changes..
        • Added details/objects
        • Added access bridge from APR side of CP-A
        • Added UFLL & APR spawn points to CP-A & CP-C
        • Added Swampboat to CP-A
        • Extended paths from UFLL side of CP-A

      • [L4D] new campaign added to test server, No Precinct
        I've added a campaign called No Precinct by Keldorn to the test server. It's incomplete but a work in progress. No Precinct is a very nice looking campaign and even at this early stage is quite well balanced with not too many kits etc.

        Once all maps including a finale have been

      • [L4D] One 4 Nine added to both servers
        One 4 Nine by Kev Edwards is now on both servers. This is an excellent Campaign. It's visually great and very well balanced and supports all game modes. One 4 nine is the current Left 4 Dead Official Blog's featured campaign.

        Left 4 Dead server details - HERE -

  • 2010
    • December
      • [FC2] map changes on Far Cry 2 server
        I've added a couple of custom maps to the server.
        Saw-mill by - link -
        TAW KingOfTheHill v1.1 by TAW Butter_Cup
        Saw-mill is a good looking and very tight map and should get some busy and intense games.
        TAW KingOfTheHill is also small but I'm sure chaos will e

      • [FC2] Woodland Wonderland map completed
        edit: map finished

        I recently started playing around with the Far Cry 2 map editor. What an awesome piece of software! This is more of an experiment for me rather than a mission to make a great map but I've spent a fair bit of time trying to make it balanced by obse

    • November
      • [FC2] server maps update
        Just a quick note regarding my Far Cry 2 server..

        Osseous Labyrinth updated to 1.5
        Apocalypse Cow 0.3 new install

        Far Cry 2 server details - link -


        I've started playing around with the Far Cry 2 map editor. What an awesome p

      • [L4D] Suicide Blitz update
        R.T. Frisk has updated Suicide Blitz to v5 to do a final fix for the custom sounds not playing since 'The Sacrifice' game update.

        Suicide Blitz v5 is on both servers.

        Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

      • Mumble voice comms server coming soon
        I'm making available a Mumble voice comms server to all players who play on any of my servers. Friends of these players are also welcome.

        Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while

      • [FC2] Far Cry 2 and Windows 7
        Far Cry 2 players that use any version of Windows 7 cannot auto download custom maps. Placing winhttp.dll from Windows XP into the game's \Far Cry 2\bin folder fixes this.

        Windows 7 is not an OS that Ubisoft will support with regards to Far Cry 2 - link -

        FIX SOURCE - foru

      • [FC2] PunkBuster install available for download
        PunkBuster is no longer contratced to support Far Cry 2. For ranked multiplayer Far Cry 2 gaming, PunkBuster is required to be enabled on both the server and client which can be a problem with new installs of the game because the PunkBuster client will now not update automatically and you can no lo

      • [FC2] Far Cry 2 server now running
        A quick note for now..

        • Far Cry 2 server now running 24/7 - - link -

        • Custom map testing soon, maps by DaWorFizm
        • First map is Osseous Labyrinth
        • Details to be announced..

        Contact me if you're interested in being involved in custo

    • October
      • [L4D] Silent Fear updated
        Adam Sierra has updated his unique Left 4 Dead experience, Silent Fear. If you haven't yet played this map I suggest you do so.. it's quite a ride. This latest update addresses custom sounds after the recent game engine update. It's great to see a mapper continuing support. Unfortunat

      • [L4D] DeadCity update
        ilcannibal has updated DeadCity. It's great to this campaign development being so active.
        * Special Notes (all Maps)
        - fix model errors because of "The Sacifice" Valve update
        - some problems maybe present due to Valve updates
        - add custom sounds & mission start

      • [L4D] Dark Blood update and.. Crash Bandicoot L4D style!
        CastorJudo has updated his four map Campaign Dark Blood to v2. This is a big update which includes Versus tweaks, engine and BOT improvements. See the readme for details!

        Dark Blood is on both servers.


        FlyingBandicoot has made a 4 map Left 4 Dead Campaign b

      • [L4D] Server news
        I've removed Fort Noesis and I Hate Mountains from the main server. It looks like both Campaigns are no longer being developed which is a shame. Both are so close to being fully playable without major issues.

        SOURCE - Fort Noesis
        SOURCE I Hate Mountains - forum - Whe

      • [FC2] Far Cry 2 multiplar maps info...
        I've updated the Far Cry 2 multiplar maps info page with plan images of each of the official maps.

        - LINK -

      • [ARMA2-OA] server coming soon..
        I've added ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead to my to-do server list. An awesome coop military sim! Initial server testing went well, I just have to tweak bandwidth and difficulty settings to my liking. A small amount of custom content will be added. Test nights soon.

      • [L4D] Suicide Blitz updated
        R.T. Frisk has updated Suicide Blitz to v4 Complete.
        Both server updated.

        I think this is the first custom campaign to utilise the new exploding barrels introduced in 'The Sacrifice' release :)

        v4 HOTFIX

        - Fixed custom sounds not playing after The Sacr

      • [L4D} Hunter Training update
        eyeonus has released a small update for Hunter Training. The recent big game update which included 'The Sacrifice' has caused a few issues with custom campaigns and maps. This update addresses that for Hunter Training.
        Added personal spray to challenge map. Call it my autograph.

      • [L4D] Dead Before Dawn
        For those that don't know.. Dead Before Dawn is a custom campaign based off the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

        Some recent news..
        Nearly a year ago, we released a beta version of Dead Before Dawn to try and satisfy those who kept nagging us to release the cam

      • [L4D] game update!
        Left 4 Dead has recently had some significant updates..
        - Fixed a few third person camera cheats.
        - Added VPK audio cache support.
        - Added "The Sacrifice" content.
        - Added Versus Multi-Map Scoreboard
        - Added the L4D2 Mounted .50 Cal

        - Fixed demos crashin

    • September
      • [L4D] another DeadCity update...
        Two in two days!

        DeadCity has been updated to v4.0 and is on both servers.

        All Chapters
        -updated nav mesh to match all changes
        -update all skyboxs
        -rebuild map sound levels w/new sounds
        -type in console: "snd_rebuildaudiocache" this will rebuild yo

      • [L4D] DeadCity Campaign update
        ilcannibal has updated his DeadCity Campaign to v3.0 (vpk13)

        There's quite a few changes with this update.
        Both servers now run v3.0

        * Special Notes (all Maps)
        - New VPK System (update)
        - new updated details
        - rebuilded map nav file
        - now includes

      • [Crayon Physics Deluxe] 2D and it rocks!
        Crayon Physics Deluxe by kloonigames is a delightfully addictive and challenging 2D physics puzzle game where you solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics. Such a simple concept and it been worked perfectly. There's a demo available and I highly recommend giving it a

    • August
      • [L4D] Hunter Training map plugin added to servers
        eyeonus, the author of the Hunter Training map made a plugin for this map. It's of benefit for both L4D and L4D2 servers. I've decided to add it to both the main and test L4D servers.

        Some things to note..
        You do not need this plugin to play multiplayer on L4D dedicated ser

      • [L4D] Hunter Training update..
        eyeonus has updated his Hunter Training map to v4.0
        Both the Test and Main servers have v4 installed.
        • Fixed problems with info box at C4 and C21.
        • Updated C18 video to new C18.
        • Added ladders to Live Fire Course to make it possible to climb as SI to any surface in map.

      • [L4D] Silent Hill 1 news..
        It looks like Leafo, the creator of the Silent Hill 1 campaign, is still supporting his epic ride of a re-make of Playstation's Silent Hill.

        Authoring tools for L4D1 is still not working as intended, hence the lacks of updates. Working on that.

        I will still read the commen

      • [L4D] Campaign update - Heaven can wait
        The Heaven can wait campaign has been updated to v8 and is on the Test Server. There's no changelog but user feedback suggests bug and texture fixes.

        edit: After playing v8 I've uploaded it to the Main server. It could do with some polishing but it's current version is very

    • July
      • [D3] server IP change
        The nedDOOM3 server has changed IP. to

      • [L4D] new IP and Campaign
        The main Left 4 Dead server has a new IP.
        It's changed from to

        We Don't Go To Ravenholm is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2 by warplane11.
        v4.0 is now on the test server.

        Left 4 Dead

    • June
      • [L4D] Campaign update on test server
        RoadToNowhere by MapEater has been updated to v1.2 Final and is on the test server now.
        -Added some signs
        -Fix the problem when you died you start at the end of the chapter
        -the car incap insteed of kill
        -fix the finale now the horde spawn in other places
        -fix the intro_ca

      • [L4D] I Hate Mountains
        I Hate Mountains created by Nicolas "NykO18" Grevet, Marc "Moroes" Bidoul and Geoffroy "Kane" Espinasse with community help and support is now on both servers. This Campaign is stunning and the gameplay engages you in a way not found in many custom releases. It's a

    • May
      • [STALKER] Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0006 patch info
        S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, the 2007 FPS with RPG elements developed by the Ukranian developer GSC Game World and published by THQ.

        Depending where you look the latest patch can be v1.0004, v1.0005 or v1.0006
        Turns out the v1.0006 patch was developed but only partially publi

      • [L4D] new campaign on test server
        I've added a campaign by MapEater called RoadToNowhere. It's at a beta stage so it's buggy but it's still worth a game. There are also a few graphics and fps issues and I think the finale is too easy but I'm hoping at least most of the negatives will get sorted out with futu

      • [L4D] new additions to servers!
        I've added two more campaigns to both servers.

        • Dark Blood v1.9 Beta is set on a tankership and offers both co-op and versus. It's still in beta stage so there may be a few updates coming. As it is now it plays very well.
        -thanks to TOG Unknown for letting me know about th

      • [COD:B-OPS] new Call of Duty: Black Ops due NOV 2010

        The seventh title in the series, Call Of Duty: Black Ops is set during the Vietnam War, and will focus on members of the Studies and Observations Group, a covert group undertaking the most dangerous and secretive missions of the conflict.
        From Cuba to the Arctic and the jungles of V

      • [MOH] thoughts and info on Medal of Honor 2010
        The up-coming Medal of Honor is utising two game engines. Unreal Engine 3 for singleplayer and Frostbite engine for multiplayer. I don't know of a game that's done that before. I love both engines so I'm keen to see how this plays in both singleplayer and multiplayer. I really enjoyed

      • [SSHD:SE] Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter released!
        It's here, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter has been released.

        Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter on Steam

        This release features new Co-op and Multiplayer modes never before seen in the Serious Sam series.. more on these and server details soon..
    • April
      • [PS3] I've had a look into the dark side ?
        Well I bought a PlayStation 3. For gaming? No... but I was curious to see what gaming was like on a console. I have had quick goes on PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s before but they just didn't grab me. My genre of choice is shooters, specifically 1st person. With console controllers I just can�

      • [COJBB] bounty, penalties and cash chart!
        I forgot I had this. I saw it over at somewhere.. maybe in a forum thread..

        I've added it into the Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood SERVER page - LINK -

        Note: in a LAN game all characters are unlocked.

      • [L4D] server news
        • DeadCity updated to vpk12 on both servers.
        (previously Campaign/Versus and Survival were seperate .vpk files, now together)
        -thanks to TOG Unknown-

        > DeadCity

        • Silent Fear v1.0 added to the test server.
        Five randomly placed glyphs are req

      • [L4D] Hunter Training fix released..
        eyeonus has updated his Hunter Training map with a quick fix, v3.5.1. His recently released v3.5 wouldn't start up in singleplayer mode (mulitplayer worked fine).

        From the changelog..
        Fixed bug causing Single Player loading via menu in L4D1 to fail.

      • [L4D] server news
        // MAIN & TEST SERVERS

        • Updated Hunter Training to v3.5
        -Removed overlapping brushes and various other errors from Live Fire Course.
        -Added three more Hunter Spawn Rooms.
        -Made C18 more difficult by adding two more floors (The "V" and the "Man") and

      • [SSHD:SE] Serious Sam HD: The Second Edition news

        Pre-purchase now!
        I have ;P - available late April.2010

        Steam News - Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - Now Available for Pre-Purchase

        Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. Purchase the game before its release and

      • [L4D] more custom content added to servers...
        // MAIN SERVER

        • Added Fort Noesis, v5.0 Complete (Campaign & Versus)

        // TEST SERVER

        • Added Fort Noesis, v5.0 Complete (Campaign & Versus
        • Added Death Row, v1.1 Complete (Campaign, Versus)
        • Added The Arena of the Dead, v4.0 Complete (campai

      • [ET] Enemy Territory True Combat Elite mod revival!
        True Combat Elite, the modern world total conversion mod for Enemy Territory, is back from the dead!

        -tactical-teamplay oriented, modern-world combat simulation
        -iron sight aiming system, no crosshair
        -sophisticated ballistic simulation including multiple-layer

      • [COJBB] main crosshair removal mod made by request
        Asmordeus85 from the forums requested the removal of the main (dynamic) part of the crosshair and crosshair helper.

        Details - HERE -

        See ned's gaming goodies for more Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood goodness!
        -SERVER * Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

      • [L4D] servers crashing issue fixed plus updates
        The Left 4 Dead servers lately have been crashing if more than one person joined. This now appears to be fixed. With the help of TOG Unknown we isolated the issue to SourceMod v1.3.0

        • Both servers now run SourceMod v1.3.1
        • Escape from Toronto: A New Nightmare updated to v5.4 from v

      • [BF:BC2] BF Bad Company 2 "singleplayer"
        Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a recently released shooter for PC, PS3 & XBOX 360. The original Battlefield Bad Company game was released on console only.

        I don't know how the console players received this game but from what I've seen, PC players are loving it. From Battlefiel

    • February
      • [COJBB] COJ: Bound in Blood section completed
        My Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood section in the blog is now up-to-date.
        Details on the neds gaming goodies page...

        • Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood server - link -
        • CoJ: Bound In Blood dedicated server and admin info - link -
        • CoJ: Bound In Blood crosshair_helper r

    • January
      • [COJBB] Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood crosshair_helper removal mod
        I was looking forward to Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood. It's the prequel to the Wild West 2006 action shooter Call of Juarez. I played the original Call of Juarez demos but found they crashed a lot which put me off. I had faith in this recently released prequel though and bought it on release

      • [L4D] Servers updated - Hunter Training map
        • Hunter Training map updated to v3.0 and is on both servers.

        Hunter Training is now L4D2 compatible, see readme for details. If too much of the map is modified specifically for L4D2 then this may be the last time I update this map for my L4D servers.

        Full server details

  • 2009
    • December
      • Anti-Cheat news and blog update
        • ArmA 2 v1.05+ and once released ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead now have the BattlEye Anti-Cheat Engine to help honest online players.

        • HradBa2 anti-cheat details added to blog.
        See neds gaming goodies for details.

      • [L4D] Left 4 Dead servers updated
        Servers updated to - info -

        Left 4 Dead server details here..
        ned's blog - Left 4 Dead Servers

      • Medal of Honor in modern war-torn Afghanistan
        Looks like the next MOH title is due late 2010. I'm unsure about the modern aspect of it but time will tell if it works.
        Rather than setting the next game in the traditional WWII theatre, the new Medal of Honor will put players in the more modern war-torn Afghanistan.
        Operating direct

      • [SSHD] Serious Sam HD

        Croteam (developer) and Devolver Digital (publisher) recently released a High Definition verion of the original Serious Sam: The First Encounter and are working on a HD version of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter to be released 2010. For anyone who has even had the slightest amoun

    • October
      • [ET] ET FritzBot mod update!
        TomTom has been busy creating another multi-map pack for fans of the ET FritzBot mod!
        Fritz pack 3 has been released. See the readme files for pack/maps info and changlog details.

        Fritz3_1.00.pk3 README-FIRST.HTML - view -

        ET FritzBot pages in neds gaming goodies.
      • [L4D] new addition to the Left 4 Dead servers
        I added the Survival only map Dismember the Alamo, v2.0 by zapwizard to both servers. It's a good looking and well made map that plays well.

        Requested by TOG Unknown.

        Left 4 Sead server details - here -

      • Borderlands
        Borderlands is a science fiction First-Person Shooter with RPG elements. It's popularity even before its release is growing very fast.

        I've been concidering getting this game when it's released for quite some time now. A recent PC review prompted me to pre-purchase it on St

      • [L4D] Left 4 Dead servers updated
        • Hunter Training map updated from v2.8 to v2.8.1 (small bug fix)
        • Night Terror Campaign now at version 3

        • Director Controller (All4Dead) Plug-In updated to v1.5.1

        Full server details including info links - here -

      • [L4D] DeadCity (Campaign and Survival) update
        ilcannibal has updated both variants of his DeadCity maps to v11 Final.

        DeadCity Campaign description and download info - here -
        DeadCity Survival description and download info - here -

        Both servers have been updated to v11
        Server details - here -

      • [L4D] Hunter Training map update
        eyeonus has updated his Hunter Training map to version 2.8 which fixes a lag problem.

        Full map description, details and download info - here -

        Both servers have been updated to v2.8
        Server details - here -


      • [L4D] Left for Dead servers updated
        Here's a list of the recent updates to my L4D servers.

        Servers updated to - here -
        A new campaign, "Crash Course", is now available for play in Campaign, Versus and Survival modes.

        • [map] DeadCity, vpk10 Final (Campaign &a

    • September
      • [L4D2] Left 4 Dead 2 banned in Australia
        Well unless you have been living in a cave on Mars for the last month you would know by now that Left 4 Dead 2 had been Refused Classification in Australia. A game is required to have a classifcation to be allowed to be sold. Trouble is the highest rating in Australia is MA15+ and the censors are of

      • [L4D] DeadCity updates
        ilcannibal has updated his Campaign, Versus and Survival DeadCity maps. v9 is on the both the main and test servers.

        • [map] DeadCity, vpk9 (Campaign & Versus)
        • [map] DeadCity, vpk9 (Survival)

        Full servers details - here -

      • [BF2] v1.50 patch includes Booster Packs FREE
        Battlefield 2 patch v1.50 is bundled with the Euro Force and Armored Fury Booster Packs - FREE! Besides that this is an impressive patch. See below for details and links. The 1.5 patch is about 2GB in size.

        -Additional support for Windows Vista.

    • August
      • [L4D] servers updated
        edit: another update

        My Left 4 Dead Servers have been updated with some new map releases! The Helms Deep map may now be at its final stage.

        • [map] DeadCity, vpk8a/vpk7 (Campaign, Versus & Survival)

        -[map] Helms

      • [ET] Baserace Scoreboard mod
        This mod adds a scoreboard to the Enemy Territory map Baserace by Cptn Triscuit.

        The Score is Tied! 0
        The Axis/Allies are ahead by 1! +1
        The Axis/Allies are ahead by 2! +2
        The Axis/Allies are ahead by 3! +3
        The Axis/Allies are ahead by 4! +4
        The Axis/Allies

      • [L4D] Left 4 Dead servers are go!
        I have two Left 4 Dead servers. One runs 24/7 and one is a test server that runs on demand. The test server contains all the content of the main one plus various custom content for testing/playing.


        -banner by TOG DirtySnachez-
        My semi-private Left 4 Dead serve

      • [ET] FritzBot mod news
        Just a quick note for now,

        -ET FritzBot waypoint pack 3 is being released soon thanks to TomTom
        -pre-release testing of this pack hosted by me, all welcome!

        potential maps for test night mapcycle
        Gold Rush Europe (beta 2)
        Seawall Battery Europ

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hi >> Dr. << Claire way over their in Texas!

        It was great to catch up, been ages...
        cya next time you're in AUS ;]

    • July
      • [FC2] Far Cry 2 section... and server news
        Recently I've been trying to play Far Cry 2 multiplayer and set up a server. Unfortionately Ubisoft are have major issues with their servers and it's affecting people like myself wanting to host games. Player matches are resulting in multiple client disconnections and Ranked servers are co

      • [ET] Litghthouse2 shell texture fix
        The final version of the map Lighthouse2 by Mrfin has a missing texture error.
        "Couldn't find image for shader models/mapobjects/shell_sd/big_shell"

        The below file fixes this problem.

        Servers and clients place z_lighthouse2-shelltexturefix.pk3 into your etma

      • xfire test
        what am i playing now

      • Wolfenstein to get Punkbuster "out-of-the-box" ~ AUG-09
        Tuesday July 7th, 2009

        Activision Publishing, Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software into the online multiplayer section of the highly-anticipated Wolfenstein™, executive produced by id Software™ and developed by Raven Software and Endrant

      • Wolfenstein out soon... please read this article.
        Here is an article by Verticae from the Crossfire Gaming Community Site.
        Article - here -

        Hopfully a few that read this will listen but I doubt it. Kleenex has already started producing extra stock of tissues for the expected tears and bulk crying the ET community will do upon this g

    • June
      • R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett
        Rest In Peace Farrah Fawcett (Ferrah Leni Fawcett).

        02 February 1947 - 25 June 2009

        "I've lived a full and wonderful life. I've loved and been loved. I'm happy. I'm ready."

      • ned-friendly software update - 'BlockNote for the Net'
        I've added another newbie friendly piece of software to my list.

        Useful Free Software

        BlockNote for the Net

        This is an easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor. I used this recently to make a readme for the SWAT4 reticle mod. I know z

      • [STALKER] SoC, sv_vote_enabled bit fields explained
        The server cvar to enable voting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is sv_vote_enabled. From what I've seen on the internet no one knows how to ultilise this cvar fully with some incorrectly stating in server guides that a value of 1 is ON (and 0 is OFF).

        sv_vote_enabled has bit

      • blog change
        I've combined my Servers List page with the old Info, Link and Downloads page. Everything is now indexed from the one page (on right), neds gaming goodies.

      • SWAT 4 reticle mod
        This small mod alters the SWAT 4 reticle in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The various Weapons and equipment in the game have various reticles ranging from the weapons having a center dot with spread indicators to tools having a center dot inside a circle. This mod removes all reticle parts exce

    • May
      • [BF2] v1.50 beta patches & insta-prone noobs
        Many people know that the 1.50 patch for Battlefield 2 is in a public beta testing phase - LINK. Beta 1 was released to the public late April. There were some nice things in this like additional support for Windows Vista, a new map, various changes made to prevent cheating, added support for Widescr

      • [UT3] patch #5 released!
        Epic games are still releasing updates for Unreal Tournament 3 which is awesome to see! This latest release is patch #5 (v2.1). The recent release of patch #4 (v2.0) and the Titan Pack saw this average game turn into the great game it deserved to be.

        UT3 patch changelog - here -

    • April
      • [UT04] Anti TCC and ProAsm's mods news
        • After nearly two years of 'cancelled developement time' Anti TCC for Unreal Tournament 2004 is back. Wormbo (Anti TCC's creator) has spent the last few months working on his 2009 version of this excellent Anti-Cheat mod. Development can be followed from his website and discussed ove

      • Unreal nostalgia!
        If you have played Unreal, the 1998 Epic gaming masterpiece in both the singleplayer and multiplayer varients and have Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3 then you will appreciate the info below as it's guarenteed to give you a smile and think back to the awesome moments of being eng

    • March
      • [VC] full HradBa anti-cheat details now on this site
        HradBa is the anti-cheat system used for the Vietcong game. It's no longer being developed and the master servers are no longer active so the latest version of this system is becoming harder to get. To get the latest version you have to either join a server with it installed and enabled or down

    • February
      • Doom 3 co-op server replaced by Left 4 Dead co-op server
        I've shut down the Doom 3 Last Man Standing Co-op mod server. In it's place is a Left 4 Dead server (nedL4D).

        Initial tests last night went well.
        Full details posted here within the week.


      • Peter 'CFA Volunteer' the Poet from Flowerdale
        The fires in southern Australia (Feb-09) are the worst on Australian record.
        For full news coverage see here


        Peter is from Flowerdale and miraculously his house survived even though he and his local fire crew were miles awa

      • profile updated
        I've changed my current #1 gaming interest from Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars to Left 4 Dead.

        I still think ETQW is the one of best multiplayer games ever made but unfortionately for me, many others don't agree. For now my #1 gaming interest is L4D. I'm progressing quite well

      • [L4D] Zombies everywhere!
        Well I've started getting into Left 4 Dead! It's a game by VALVE.

        Left 4 Dead is a co-op action horror game for the PC and Xbox 360 that casts players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters. Set in the immediate aftermath o

    • January
      • [UT04] BotManager mod by FlakMagnet available for download
        If you're an Unreal Tournament 2004 fan then this mod (mutator) is essential! It's a non-ut4mod install version of FlakMagnet's BotManager v7.1

        For more details see - here -

      • [U] The Unreal intro clip, view it here!
        arrrrrr the memories of playing Unreal. This game was epic! For anyone who has played this truely amazing game here's a treat. You can view the intro clip here on this site. Let the memories come flooding back.

        I've actually started playing this game again! Yes, over 10 years af

      • more FREE ned-friendly useful software found!
        I've added some new goodies to my - Useful Free Software - list!

        • multi-video formats to flash (.flv) converter

        JW FLV Media Player - OPEN SOURCE
        • multiformat website media player

      • ned's Steaming!
        I tried Steam a few years ago and had many issues with it. I swore I'd never touch it again. It was a buggy, laggy, slow downloading POS in my opinion.

        BUT... now I'm back using it after buying Left 4 Dead and I have to say that I can't fault it! Resonable downloads, good l

      • [FEAR2] Project Origin single-player demo out now
        The F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Single-Player Demo was released today and I'm downloading it as I type. It's time to brace myself for some painful frights!

        Links and demo discussion - here -

      • Is Microsoft's Flight Sim X the last in the series?
        Flight Simulator X is the latest version of Microsoft's long standing Flight series. Is this the last?

        For more info on this series and news of it's possible demise see - here.
        The future of the three software lines in or out of house is unclear..

      • JW FLV Media Player test
        I'm testing out a flash player for the blog by LongTail Video called the JW FLV Media Player. The original CAforNoobs.wmv file was converted by EasyFLV Free FLV Converter.

        This movie by Fox from TOG ( is a newbies guide to Combat Arms. The original higher res versi

      • Alien Swarm: Infested
        Alien Swarm started out as a mod for the FPS title Unreal Tournamnet 2004 but not as an FPS! This Alien Swarm mod is an overhead view tactical squad-based shooter. This game was the first non-FPS/sim game I played that I liked.

        It was looking to be a dedicated game and it deserves it in m

      • Rise of Flight - upcoming WWI flight sim
        This is something I've been waiting for for quite some time... A World War I flight sim!
        The whole western front of the First World War on one map: 125 000 square kilometres of the territory, which have been carefully transformed in digital format from the maps of that period (1917-1918)
      • server news
        Many of you know my server hasn't had a dedicated connection for quite some time due to moving house and other interuptions. Well, it looks like I'll be setup again soon connection wise... maybe 2-3 weeks. In the meantime only certain games can be played on it online.

        I'm l

      • [SS2] Serious Sam 2 Deathmatch Pro server coming soon
        I've decided to set up a server for the Deathmatch Pro mod for Serious Sam 2. This has some nice features both for the players and server admins. Test nights will be coming up soon.

        See here for mod details and info
      • [ET] by request, 'How to Install ET' now in blog
        I've completed (and updated) the "How to install ET" page in the blog. I was contacted about this and the person was having problems with the 2.60b patch. Extra info on this patch has been added.

        Details - Info, Links and Downloads -

        Also, Fritz Bot E

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hello Raelene!

        fancy that..
        having your name on a geek site, how embarrassing ;]

      • [ET] next on the list is Enemy Territory .. plus Fritz Bot news
        In case you haven't noticed I'm moving all of the forum content over to the blog. I've decided to work on the Enemy Territory section next. It's the largest one to do and I was going to tackle it last but there have been some Fritz Bot mod updates over the last few months that I&

      • [RtCW] all Return to Castle Wolfenstein content moved to the blog
        I still have some things on my 'to do' list for RtCW but what was in the forum is now in the blog.

        Fritz Bot and OSP mod server details here - Servers List -
        ..and more here - Info, Link and Downloads -

        note: Fritz Bot mod download updated.

      • [SWAT4] The Stetchkov Syndicate / Sheriff's Special Forces mod
        I was recommended this game for its coop play by TOG Fox who is, like me, a cooperative gameplay fan. I gave it a bit of a test run last night and I like it very much. Very intense.

        So, I've added this game on my 'to do' list. Coop and the various other multiplayer modes wi

      • [SS2] more Serious Sam 2 info added
        I've added some additional info to my Serious Sam 2 FAQs. Included is a 'how to' on adding some more info to your screen. I've also added some more to the dedicated server tips page including my current configs.

        Hit the Info, Links and Downloads link to the right and g

  • 2008
    • December
      • [MOH-A] Medal of Honor Airborne and PBSetup v3.4
        This is for server admins who want to use PBSetup to install or update Punkbuster into Medal of Honor Airborne.

        First some links:
        • Medal of Honor Airborne

        • MOH Airborne dedicated server pack v1.3

      • [SS] all Seious Sam content moved to the blog
        29/12/08 more step closer to moving all the forum content to the blog! All the Serious Sam info has been transferred (and updated).

        Serious Sam PC games list
        Serious Sam 2 server details
        Serious Sam 2 v2.070 patch link
        Serious Sam 2 FAQs which includes the version mismatch er

      • [GTR] all GTR content now in the blog, plus more!
        All the GTR content is now in the blog. In addition to moving the server info over I've added download availability to all of the required files plus more.

        -GTR v1.5 patch
        -GTR King of Ovals Expansion Pack
        -GTR community made Australian tracks
        -GTR Dedicated Server v1.

      • blog and server update

        I've combined the downloads and extras sections together. Now you can find gaming info, links and downloads on the one page. I'm still slowly progressing through the old forum and transferring everything over to the blog. Hopefully I'll finish it all soon.


      • [FC2] binding keys in Far Cry 2 multiplayer
        One of annoyances I found with Far Cry 2 was the key-binds that I setup only worked for singleplayer. When playing the multiplayer portion of the game, only some of the binds would work. Using the standard binds looked to be the only answer which to many is very annoying particularly if you are very

      • [MOH-A] How to save your Stats, Medals and Badges!
        Saving all of your Stats etc in 'Medal of Honor Airborne' is quick and easy. If you're reinstalling the game for whatever reason then you may want to do this, particularly if you are progressing through your medals and wanting to add more to the excellent re-play value of this game. O

      • [MOH-A] Installation fail fix (NVIDIA PhysX)
        Do you use an NVIDIA graphics card?
        Are you having issues with trying to install Medal of Honor Airborne?
        Is your issue an abrupt abort of the install shortly after entering the Serial Number?

        Click here -> Gaming Info and Links (ned's extras) and go the the Medal of Hon

      • [D3] EMZ news
        simulation has been busy working on his Doom 3 multi-player mod, Enhanced Militarized Zone (EMZ).

        The EMZ mod give players and server admins a much more configurable version of Doom 3. What I like most is the server side of things. Server admins have greater control of the elements of Doo

    • November
      • [COD] Tell ned your favourite CoD (PC) Multiplayer game...
        VOTE for your favourite Call of Duty (PC) Multiplayer game!

        what is it?

        > Call of Duty

        > Call of Duty: United Offensive

        > Call of Duty 2

        > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

        > Call of Duty: World at War


      • [D3] new IP for Doom 3 servers
        There is a new IP for the Doom 3 mod servers.

        • nedDOOM3 mod -

        • LMS 4 mod -

        Server details are in the 'Servers List' page.
        -see Links block on right-

    • October
      • [VC] Vietcong servers coming soon
        Vietcong is one the most underrated and overlooked FPSs ever released. Yes its release in 2003 saw some significant issues but these were quickly patched. This class based game gives us an awesome singleplayer experience and a variety of multiplay game modes including co-op. Wide-screen is supported

      • [Q4] all Quake 4 content is now in the blog
        All of the Quake 4 content from the forum is now in the blog. See the links block to the right for details.

        Servers List
        • Quake 4 v1.4.2 server

        Gaming Info and Links
        • My Quake 4 notes and servers 'to do' list

      • [BF2] all Battlefield 2 content now in blog
        All of the Battlefield 2 content from the forum is now in the blog. See the links block to the right for details.

        Content includes:

        Servers List
        • Battlefield 2 (BF2SP64 (co-op) v2.5 mod) server
        • Battlefield 2 (Australian Forces v1.01 mod) server
        • Battlefield 2

      • [SOF2] all Soldier of Fortune II content now in blog
        Well the progress is slow but I'll eventually move all the forum content to the blog! All the SOF2 content is now in the blog.

        Downloads List
        • multiplayer weapons balancing mod -in progress-
        • SOF2 Extended mod
        • The BS movie

        Gaming Info and Links
        • My

      • my mods content now in blog
        All my mod details are now in the blog.

        Downloads List
        • Call of Duty: United Offensive nedUO mod
        • Doom 3 nedDOOM3 mod
        • Far Cry 2v2 Assault mod (server pack)
        • MOHAA Breakthrough DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN menu mod
        • MOHAA Breakthrough remove portable MG42s
        • Return

      • [PREY] all Prey content now in blog
        The Prey demo server info is now in the blog.

        Servers List
        • Prey demo server

      • [MOH-A] Airborne server finished!
        The Medal of Honor Airborne server settings have been finalised. Thanks to AJ and all the pub players who joined! The gametype is set to 'Objective'. It's set to run 4v4 comp style. The first round attack/defend teams are chosen randomly. The losing team thereafter defends on the foll

      • [MOH] all Medal of Honor content now in blog
        All of the Medal of Honor content from the forum is now in the blog. See the links block to the right for details.

        Content includes:

        Servers List
        • MOHAA Breakthrough server
        • MOH Airborne server - in progress -

        Downloads List
        • (MOHAA / SH / BT)

    • September
      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough - a new discovery! - Battlechat macros -
        I found something new today for one of the best games ever (in my opinion) hidden away in a readme file. The v2.40b patch readme file for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough.

        quote:As an aid to players trying to coordinate team play, several macros have been built into the chat pa

      • [FC] nedFARCRY news, all Far Cry content now in blog
        I've finally completed the last 1% of work I needed to do to finish the 2v2 Assault server pack. Also, the nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] server details are completed with 20 custom maps chosen from a very large list.

        All of these details plus more are in the blog.
        See to the right in

      • [D3] all Doom 3 content now in blog
        All the Doom 3 content from the forum is now on the blog. See the links block to find all the goodies. Pages include the following...

        Servers List
        β€’ Doom 3 (nedDOOM3 mod)
        β€’ Doom 3 (Last Man Standing Coop mod v4.0)
        -Last Man Standing map list
        β€’ Doom 3 (SABot-RoE m

      • [ET] new maps for ET Pro server
        I've added a couple of new maps to the ET Pro server.

        Tutorialjump 2 (///PALE)
        This replaces the first version. Looks much better with greater options. I'm a trickjumping noob myself but it's there for others to use if desired.

        SW Battery (eiM)
        This is

      • Contact Ned now added to blog
        Because I'm removing the forum and adding the info to static pages within the blog, I've added a 'Contact Ned' line.

        BUT... I accidently deleted a message sent to me yesterday :o
        Please send it again whoever you are ;p


      • blog and forum news
        ...just a quick note, the blog is being updated and the forum will be replaced with static pages in the blog

        more details soon :)

      • server news
        ok... it's been a bit quiet around here of late!

        Here's a list of what will be happening soon.
        β€’ Crysis Instant Action (deathmatch) server has one more test night before completion.
        β€’ Medal of Honor Airborne server has a 2 or 3 more test nights before completion.
    • July
      • [ET] FritzBot test night
        I've set up a map-cycle to give the FritzBots a good run on some of the recent waypoint packs released.

        Tuesday night from 8:30pm 22-July-08

        The Port
        Darji 2
        CAHA Tavern
        Glider 3
        Rail Gun

      • [ET] FritzBot server update
        420Blunt has made a playable version 1 waypoint pack for Rail Gun! Due to the mod not being finished, this map has eluded waypointers for quite some time. It plays OK but needs feedback... it's a 'work in progress'. Contact me with feedback or post on the official FritzBot forum - lin

      • [D3] Doom 3 mp_vchat fix
        The Doom 3 multiplayer voice commands never worked properly, even with the latest patch.
        I've made a client config pack that fixes this.

        β€’ Works with Resurrection of Evil and most mods.
        β€’ Servers do not have to have the files for them to work.
        β€’ Wil

      • Paintball 2 test night soon
        Dummy from my - testing team - has requested a Paintball 2 test night! This was originally a Quake 2 mod and now a standalone game. It's very fast paced and a lot of fun!

        Website - link -

        Contact me if you're interested in playing/testing ;p
        Test server com

      • [D3] Doom 3 RoE SABot mod v1.3.1
        Jarad "TinMan" Hansen put together a BOT mod for the Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil expansion pack. Not only did he do this, he updated it to run with the latest patch v1.3.1 !!

        After a successful initial test - link -, a server will now be setup and ready to go on request.
      • [ET] maps added to FritzBot map-cycle
        I've installed the beta keyword_fix on the server. This fix enables larger maps to be waypointed and played. Info - link.

        Maps added to the map-cycle:
        -The Port

        nedET FritzBot details - here -

      • [ET] ET server update!
        I've added some maps to the FritzBot server and ETPro server.

        new maps for FritzBot:
        -Bloody Omaha - TNR360 -
        -Bremen - Dersaidin -
        -Crevasse - Dersaidin -
        -Darji 2 - Loffy -

        a couple of new maps in progress added for download
        -Rock Eyes - zedd -<

    • June
      • [ET] Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Source Files Released
        We are happy to announce that we have received approval from Kevin Cloud over at id Software to release the source maps that we created during our development of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This is a belated present to mark Wolf:ET's fifth birthday that we reported on last month. The package

      • Melanoma cure ! ? !
        Researchers in the United States say they have been able to cure a man with skin cancer by injecting the patient with billions of clones of his own immune cells.

        - -


      • [ET] FritzBot server updates soon
        News and new maps for server soon! Stay Tuned!

      • [TS] TimeShift
        TimeShift was on special at - EB Games - when I was there last. I'd heard some good feedback on this one so decided to buy it. I haven't played the single-player game yet but have had a quick look at the multiplay. The server options are quite good and seems to run nice and smooth. So... i

      • [ETQW] new mod installed on test server - ETQWPro
        I did some testing for an issue that - GameArena - had with their - ETQWPro - server. It turned out to be a strange but fixable problem. Here's some info - here.

        So... now there's an ETQWPro mod test server set up :)
        I'll keep updating it as the mod is updated.
      • [BF2] Battleracer mod server
        I've updated a server I started quite a while back. It's a BF2 Battleracer mod server. This was prompted by the *AUS* Clan Battleracer Championships - link - Contact me if you would like to use the server for practice.

        - -

        It's a lot

      • [Q4] mod news
        I've found two multiplayer mods that run with the latest version of Quake 4 (v1.4.2) ...

        β€’ SABot - link -
        β€’ Q4MAX - link -

        I've had a quick look at both of them and I beleive they both deserve further playtesting sometime soon.

        stay tuned!
      • [ETQW] Dusk mod installed
        I've set up the Dusk mod on the nedETQW server.
        Test night soon!

        mod details - here -
        server details - here -

      • [BOXING] Fenech v Nelson III - 24-June-08
        Fenech v Nelson
        June 91
        12 rounds - DRAW

        Fenech v Nelson II
        March 92
        8 rounds - TKO - win to Nelson

        Fenech v Nelson III
        24th June 08
        - -

        Jeff Fenech - age 44 - last fight May 96

      • HashCalc
        HashCalc added to the 'software i like to use' list!

        - link -

      • [SWB2] Star Wars Battlefront II server news
        I've been asked to set up a Star Wars Battlefront II server. I went and bought the game to give it a go. It's a great game (especially if you're a Star Wars fan). The multiplayer gametype variety is quite diverse which is a good thing.

        By request I have a test server runnin

      • [FC2] FarCry 2 news
        The trailer is out and it looks great!
        - link -

        official web site has added a forum...

        hopefully a demo won't be too far off :)

    • May
      • [ET] TomTom's FritzBot recruitment posters!
        TomTom has made some ET FritzBot recruitment pics from old WWII posters. There are quite good :)

        TomTom's posters - here -

        FritzBot site - -
        TomTom's site - -

      • [ETQW] server news
        Well we are seeing the release of quite a few beta maps and mods for ETQW!
        The nedETQW server will be used for custom map and mod testing.

        Here are some links of interest:
        β€’ ht

      • [ETQW] v1.5 patch out!
        Well it's here!

        v1.5 has been released for ETQW. For me the best thing about it is the added ability to bind spawn points and the improved BOT support. The official competition mod will be released soon.

        Details - here -

      • [D3] FAQs re problems entering Doom 3 servers updated
        I've updated some info on the 'this server requires punkbuster' error in the 'FAQs re problems entering Doom 3 servers' thread - link -

      • [D3] nedDOOM3 server update
        Punkbuster has been updated on the nedDOOM3 server. It was quite an effort to do this for some strange reason but it's done. Sorry for the inconvenience to those who got the 'server not up to date' spam and thanks for letting me know.

        Here are some FAQs re PB and Doom 3 - l

      • [UT3] the TAB key and binding to show scores
        Do you want to bind the TAB key to show scores in Unreal Tourament 3 ??

        Click the link and find out how - link -

      • [FC] Far Cry movie on way
        Director Uwe Boll is bringing us Jack Carver on the big screen... soon!

        movie details - here-
        trailer - here -

        Speaking of Far Cry, I'll be releasing my nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] mod (server pack) very soon. Server and mod details are in the forum!
      • [ETQW] v1.5 changelog revealed
        Well the v1.5 patch is on it's way! This patch is going to be a huge improvement in many aspects of this great game. Read the following link for details...

        - -

        In my opinion this is currently the best game in the world. It has

      • [D4] The battle vs evil continues in DOOM 4
        May 7, 2008

        Production has begun on DOOM 4β„’, the next journey into the legendary DOOM universe. We are expanding our internal team and are currently hiring to work on this highly anticipated title.

        "DOOM is part of the id Software DNA and deman

    • April
      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne
        I recently moved house so had no internet connection for a while. Times like this it's all about the single-player mode for me. I have to say that MOH Airborne single-player is awesome! Great atmosphere, superb graphics and not too damn long. The award system keeps you interested as well and de

      • [D3] EMZ news
        For those that know of the Enhanced Militarized Zone (EMZ) mod for Doom 3 will be very pleased to hear that work is still being done on it! Simulation, EMZ's creator, recently gave us this news on his development blog -

        For those who don't know what the

      • things on hold again
        Well there I was surfing the net for all things gaming on one of my machines when FREEZE!!

        *comp freezes
        *restart comp
        *send error report
        *microsoft tells me hard drive failing, back up data asap
        *i said to myself in true Australlian style "she'll be right, w

      • [RtCW] FritzBot mod - Assault bug fix released
        CrapShoot has made a fix (FritzBot mod) for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Assault map where Axis Engineers were planting dynos that weren't blowing the gate hatch.

        - -

        I've made a .pk3 file for this which is

      • [ET] FritzBot CAHA: Tavern (beta2) pack update
        Since my test server went offline TomTom has updated his CAHA: Tavern (beta2) pack to v1.01
        1.01 Release update w minor bug fix by TomTom February 27, 2008
        - Minor bug fix on Gen A dyno actions (were not turning off because one was linked to un-enabled disarm only actions)
        - Added ba

      • testing server back online !!!
        Finally my test server is back online! I'll need to stress test it to see what it can handle etc but it looks to be ok so far.

        Moving house is a real pain ;p

        cyas all soon!

      • [D3] new IP for nedDOOM3 server
        New IP for the nedDOOM3 mod server - -
        Server info - here -

        Last Man Standing v4 mod server Coming Soon!
        - -

      • all projects and help on hold

        I'm currently moving house etc and have had little time to do anything lately. This in combination with the test server being offline has ment everything has been on hold for a while and looks to be the same for another week or so.

        Once I'm moved in etc the ser

    • March
      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne v1.3 patch
        Well this game is getting better after each patch. Some would say too little too late but the fact remains its evolving into a good multiplayer game in my opinion.

        This latest patch (v1.3) adds new maps, Objective mode (like the original MOHAA), bug and balance fixes. This in combination

      • [UT04] Frag Down movie
        This movie is well worth the download. It's very well done and has some great shock combos!

        - Frag Down - Xvid -

        Check out one of the tools used plus links to other movies
        - -

        There is also a UT3 release ;p

    • February
      • what is World of Warcraft?
        This is something I've wondered about for a while now. Yes I know it's a game in the MMORPG genre and I've watched people play it but I've never really had a grasp of it. That is until now! NO, I'm not playing it but after reading an excellent review by Wiz_74 from TOG thing

      • [UT3] Campgrounds done!
        Well it had to happen! It started with the Quake III map q3dm6 which was one of the more popular default maps. The layout has proved to be very popular with remakes being made for UT 2004, Doom 3, Quake 4 and now UT3.

        DM-Campgrounds2K8 is a beautiful map and well worth the download. It pl

      • [ETQW] Official Competition Mod coming soon!
        Many have been waiting for this, and with the features it will have, it looks to be well worth the wait!

        some featutres:• added cvar-based limits for classes, weapons, deployables, and mines.
        • Added ability to permanently enable XP unlocks such as Faster Sprint, Grenade Launch

      • Doom 3 and widescreen gaming
        So you like a bit of Doom 3 and you have a widescreen monitor? Well if the answer to that is yes to both then you may not know that you can in fact play Doom 3 in a widescreen format even though there are no options for this in the game's menu.

        There are a few ways to set this up.
    • January
      • RIP Bobby Fischer
        A true genius but troubled soul.
        I've been fascinated about this guy for most of my life.

        He died in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

        Read more - link -

        Quote from Russian chess grandmaster Mark Taimanov
        It is symbolic that he died at 64 as

      • upgrade time!
        Well, many of you know I've had no PC all year :( My old one's mobo died. It was great system that gave me many years of joy.
        AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton (o/c)
        Abit NF7-S v2 BIOS ID: 25
        GeIL PC3700 Golden Dragon 2 x 512MB (o/c)
        XFX GeForce 6800 GT
        Creative Audigy2 Z

  • 2007
    • December
      • What is a rebound relationship?
        Ever wondered what a rebound relationship is?
        A rebound relationship is one where you (or your partner if they're the one rebounding) are still affected by a previous significant relationship. That impacts on either the quality of the current relationship or your perception of it.
      • [ETQW] v1.4 out soon!
        There are some great things coming to ETQW :)

        • New User Interface Features
        • Basic Training for New Players
        • Auto-Downloading
        • ETQW:TV
        • Further Gameplay Balance Improvements
        • Networking
        • Bug Fixes

        Full details - here -

    • November
      • [ETQW] nedETQW & rokETQW server info

        • for testing
        • BOT play
        • LAN ready


        • prac server for Regiment of Khaos clan and friends
        • same settings as nedETQW
        • passworded
        • available to use for testing and scrims - contact me -
      • [SOF3] SOF Payback now available in AUS
        Soldier of Fortune: Payback

        • original version banned in Australia 16-Oct-07 - OFLC link -
        • revised version given an MA 15+ rating 21-Nov-07 - OFLC link -

        ... in order to meet the requirements, the ragdoll physics and blood levels have been toned down, and there will be n

      • [D3] Last Man Standing mod v3.5 released!
        Last Man Standing Coop Mod is a Doom 3 Single Player and Multiplayer cooperative modification that aims to bring back the feel of the classic Dooms. Our LMS Mod gametype is survival in nature where you face swarms of attacking monsters to the adrenaline pumping energy of heavy metal soundtracks. We

    • October
      • [SOF3] SOF Payback BANNED in AUS
        The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification - link - has given the upcoming Soldier of Fortune Payback a 'Refused Classification' (RC) rating. Apparently there is no official R18+ rating for games in Australia so anything that would normally fit into this catagory is simply

      • [SOF3] SOF Payback news
        Well... first it looked like the game was being held back for release in Australia while the rest of the world got it... this was apparently a marketing decision...

        NOW... it looks like it's banned in Australia!!! - gamespot-news -

        I'm phoning the - OFLC - tomor

      • [SOF3] SOF Payback
        Well it's official!

        After years of rumors it's finally going to happen. The next installment of the Soldier of Fortune series is about to be released. Mid November. Activision is releasing Soldier of Fortune Payback.

        - -<

      • [BF2] Australian Forces mod update
        Battlefield 2: Australian Forces is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for the team-based modern warfare game Battlefield 2. The aim of the Australian Forces modification is to replace the United States forces with Australian forces; including new player, weapon and vehicles skins, HUD chan

      • [D3] Classic Doom for Doom 3 mod update
        we have put together a new “final” release of our mod, Classic Doom 3 to satiate those who have recently bought Doom 3 via the steam download service, or those who wish to play the mod running Doom 3 patch 1.3.1.

        HAPPY DAYS !!

        This is a great mod! I highy recommend this t

      • [FEAR] expansion news
        Extraction Point was the first expansion pack released for F.E.A.R. It was single-player only and followed the story perfectly from the original game.

        Perseus Mandate is being released soon as expansion pack #2. The difference with this one is that it will give players a multi-player opti

      • [D3] new IP for nedDOOM3 server
        New IP from today!!

        nedDOOM3 server details plus more - here -

      • [BF2] BF Pirates 2 update!
        BF Pirates 2 has been updated to v1.2

        - -

        1.2 is not a patch, instead it is a full installer. Therefore, it is vital that you uninstall the previous version of BFP2 from your hard drive.

        update includes fixes, changes and new content!

      • [ET] FritzBot news
        the bindlestiff has released another multi-map fritzbot pack! TomTom, the bindlestiff and 420Blunt has given us more fritzbot joy with over 15 new maps now having fritzbot support. There are also updates of previously released work.

        Fritz2 multi-map BOT pack can be downloaded - here -
    • September
      • [BF2] BF Pirates 2 mod released
        release 1.0 of the BF Pirates 2 mod is out ;p

        • total conversion
        • Undead v Peglegs

        This really is an impressive mod. A massive amount of work has gone into this. All I can say is it's well worth a look! DOWNLOAD IT NOW !!

        I'll definitely be set

      • [UT04] UT2Vote v5.7 released!
        ProAsm has released an update (v5.7) for the great mod, UT2Vote.

        - -

        Changes and Fixes in UT2Vote57

        Map Count
        Fixed the problem where the last map (250) was left out.

        Clan Maps
        Fixed problem with Clan Map sorting.

    • August
      • [SS2] Serious Sam II FAQs
        I've added an FAQs thread explaining the version mismatch error and how to see what version of the game you are running.

        Details - here -

      • [MOH-A] the awards/upgrades for the demo weapons
        Each weapon in the MOH Airborne demo has three potential awards with specific upgrades. I don't know the points system required to get each step but here's what I found so far.

        The awards:
        1. Marksman Commendation
        2. Sharpshooter Commendation
        3. Expert Commendatio

      • [MOH-A] how to access to the sniper rifle in the demo!
        Turns out we can use the sniper rifle in the MOH Airborne demo with a little bit of 'tweaking'.
        Thanks to TOG|303 for bringing this to my attention. Found - here -

        Here's what you have to do.
        • enable console
        • use the ghost command to get to where the

      • [MOH-A] Airborne demo notes
        After playing the Medal of Honor Airborne demo - link - i have to say this is going to be a nice game.

        For those who haven't looked at it yet...

        • very generous on older systems
        no lag for me at all, played on default settings
        AMD 2500+ XP (overclocked)
      • [MOH-A] Airborne Demo Fixes
        Here is a list of fixes for some common issues with the recently released Medal of Honor Airborne demo. I found the list - here -

        Problem: The game will stop installing at the Ageia physics driver phase.
        Fix: Some people have tried reverting to the previous Ageia physics driver and

      • [CODUO] new map for nedUO server - Island Assault raw
        I've added a custom map to the nedUO server. Island Assault raw by FireBall1 supports all the available gametypes :]

        This is an island map based loosely on the battle of Tarawa. It has trenches, shell craters, bunkers, and a tunnel complex under it. The tunnel complex helps keep the

      • [MOH-A] DMW anti-cheat support!

        As I type this I'm downloading the Medal of Honor Airborne demo ;p


        It Looks like DMW (Developing Multiplayer Worlds) will be helping out with anti-cheat
        - -
        DMW are proud to announce that in collaboration with Electron

      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne news >> demo - MP review
        • Medal of Honor Airborne demo out this week! - link -
        • multiplay review - link -
        many FPS player questions answered!!


      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne gets Punkbuster support!
        Electronic Arts Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software into the game Medal of Honor: Airborne. We will soon be opening a section on our website to support PunkBuster™ for Medal of Honor: Airborne™.

      • [ET] nedET servers down
        I've turned off my ET/RtCW server. I had a great time playing and working on the server... thanks to all who joined in! Simply put, it wasn't being used the way I wanted it to be.

        It's time for me to move on to a different game.
        It may be Medal of Honor: Airbourne... t

      • [SOF2] Extended mod available for download
        The last version made of the SOF2 Extended mod was v1.11 This version looks to be very hard to find to download especially as the mod's website no longer exists. The previous version (v1.1) can be found but not this most recent version. Due to the site being down and the unavailability of this

      • [CODUO] example server configs for nedUO updated
        I've added more available gametype specific cvars to the example server configs suppplied with the nedUO mod. This makes them more complete.

        Also some values have been updated:
        • BEL icon position time for axis compass reduced from 6 to 4 seconds
        • BEL alive point time redu

      • [CODUO] custom maps decided for nedUO server!
        After some initial testing of custom maps I've decided to include the following list on my CoD-UO server.

        • Activision's official CoD:UO map pack-mp_peaks

      • [ET] FritzBot Glider update!
        TomTom has updated his Glider 3 pack to v0.03

        changes from v0.02• lots of tweaks, new actions, routes and nodes
        • new Axis dynamite and satchel actions to destroy glider on outpost catapult
        • new snipe and fieldop camps to improve fight against tank
        • corrected (I think) ta

      • [CODUO] common Punkbuster kicks from my UO server explained
        If you are getting kicked from my CoD:UO server for having incorrect values of any of the following settings...




        ...then go - here -


      • [CODUO] UO server news!
        • nedPAMUO server setup to run GameArnea CTF comp config - link -

        • nedUO v1.1+ completed - link -
        updates from v1.1

        -by request, server-side file provided that gives server admins the option to make the M1 Garand run with default stats ei. rate of fire etc


    • July
      • [CODUO] nedUO mod and server news!
        • By request, nedUO v1.1+ in progress!
        full details - here -

        • As of today I'm running a custom .dll file which fixes an unpatched exploit (server-only file). It's experimental so please let me know of any server crashes or strange occurrances.

        also, custom

      • [ET] Glider 3 waypoints installed!
        The map Glider 3 by 2Bit has been waypointed by TomTom and is now setup on the server!

        map and fritzbot pack can be downloaded from the server or - here -
        this is a work in progress so feel free to leave some feedback!

      • [ET] Glider now has FritzBot support !!
        TomTom has yet again provided the ET community with FritzBot support for another custom map... Glider v3.0.2

        awesome map this one
        much fun to be found ;p

        testing soon!
        ...stay tuned

      • [CODUO] more options for nedUO coming soon!
        The nedUO mod has altered the M1 Garand's rate of fire and changed it's characteristics to match the KAR98k. By request I'm making an addon patch for those who want to play nedUO with a default M1 Garand. This will be a server option. (this patch will be recommended for those servers

      • [CODUO] nedUO server up!
        I've organised a server for the nedUO mod.
        This will run for at least two months from the following IP

        12 public slots
        most voting options enabled

        server and mod details (and links) - here -

        custom map testing soon!

      • server news
        a quick note about the future of my externally hosted servers

        • Call of Duty United Offensive [nedUO mod] server up soon
        • Doom 3 [nedDOOM3 mod] server will run to at least end of 07
        • nedET & nedRTCW servers to shut down mid August 07
        • SOF2 server up mid August to hel

      • [ET] server shutting down mid AUGUST
        The nedET server will be shutting down mid August after the end of GameArena season 10

        The server doesn't get used the way I intended and unfortionately the ET community is in decline.

        So... I'm looking for a new game to play and host a server for! After playing

      • [CODUO] fixed nedUO download!!
        nedUO mod download fixed!

        I made an error with the file format! All good now.
        If you have a nedUO folder, delete it before installing new one.

        nedUO server up in a few days ;]

      • [CODUO] nedUO mod v1.1 finished
        I've finished v1.1 of the nedUO mod.

        changes since v1.0f-removed test BOTs from spawning in SD and RE gametypes from local server config execution setup
        -more info in readme
        -added more info into example server config
        -removed replacement sound for Torkarev TT-33
      • [CODUO] i'm back into COD
        I've decided to go back to Call of Duty. I tried out COD2 and didn't like it at all. Hitboxes are crazy and the damage from a sniper shot to the shoelace will kill. Call of Duty: United Offensive is the best COD title out there in my opinion so I've joined a TOG team called Hellcats.

      • [SOF2] the BS movie
        After playing SOF2 one day and constantly getting BSed from a noob I decided to take a demo. Turns out the BSing continued.

        Anyway, at the time of this I was experimenting with windows movie maker which comes with windows XP and decided to try to put a small movie together. A part of this

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hi Alicia!
        The guys at EB Games say hi too ;p

      • [D3] Pro-dm map-pack available for download
        These Pro-dm series of maps are modified versions of original Doom 3 multiplayer maps. According to the author, James Williams, fairer and better for comp play.

        Available to play - -Ί nedDOOM3 mod server, details - here -
        Ί runs nedMAPPACK v6, details - here -
      • site news
        This site may have caused some confusion over the last few days with some people not being able to see new posts/info. The server where everything is hosted moved location.

        Sorry to the Doom 3 players that couldn't enter the server because there were no available links for the new ma

      • [D3] nedMAPPACK v6 completed!
        I've finished putting together probably the final map-pack for the nedDOOM3 server. 19 custom maps in a 20 map rotation. Each map can be played in any gametype. Pack includes all original readme files in one .zip and an example mapcycle script.

        Thanks to -AJ- for helping me map test,

      • [ET] FritzBot CAHA: Tavern update
        TomTom has updated his work in progress on redRum's great map, CAHA: Tavern (beta 2).
        Current version is 0.20

        Updates are largely balance tweaks.
        See readme for full changelog.

        CAHA: Tavern and FritzBot pack can be downloaded from server or - here -

      • [UT04] new Assault map for server --- AS- Rescue
        ZedeX has made AS-Rescue for the Assault fans, that includes me! There aren't many good custom Assault maps out there but this is one of them, complete with intro movie ;]
        -gotta have the intro movie!-

        Server details including AS-Rescue download link - here -

    • June
      • [D3] nedDOOM3 mod update
        ...just a minor adjustment to the mod

        • renamed the .pk4 and folder so all letters are in lower-case
        this prevents the linux players getting errors!
        • added info to readme file

        Thanks to TUB BullFrag (formally of cyberSLAMMERS {cS}) for the linux info!
        I wo

      • [ET] map update --- Vesuvius (final)
        Mrfin and Firefly have completed and released the final version of their map Vesuvius!

        story 1944 Bay of Naples – Allies are advancing through a town where Axis have been excavating Roman ruins under the streets in search of legendary relics. Allies need to steal the discovered Urn relic

      • [BOXING] Mundine v Nievas --- 27-June-07
        I'm off to watch the Mundine v Nievas fight!
        Anthony Mundine is defending his WBA super middleweight title.

        I don't know anything about Nievas but found some info - here -

        Turns out Nievas has never seen past the 6th round... and with Mundine's speed and eva

      • OSP "back from the dead"
        Orange Smoothie Productions, a PC game mod team look to be back!
        After a couple of years of inactiviity, some of this time the website being down, it's up again.
        The OSP team have made many mods including comp mods for RtCW, Q3A and SOF2

        website -

      • [D3] nedMAPPACK v6 2nd trial maps listed
        OK... I've finally put together a list of maps that I think will be in the nedMAPPACK v6

        Testing in all gametypes will start soon after I complete a map-cycle and package the map-pack.

        Here is the list:Dark Base
        d2map01 - Entryway
        Dark Town (replaced D3DM_L

      • [ET] nedETTV update
        New ETTV test binaries have been released.
        post beta 13, version 10-April-07

        fixes include:
        -start up windows 999 lag
        -demo fixes

        These test binaries are on the server and i can confirm the windows 999 fix works ;]

      • [Q4] v1.4.2 patch released!
        id have released a patch for Quake 4 - v1.4.2
        The server has been updated from v1.4.1 beta to v1.4.2

        Changes include:
        • movement tweaks
        • network tweaks
        • hitsound tweaks
        plus more!

        The game has a definite movement change.
        Movement around the

      • [forum] PM lost
        I lost a Private Message 12-June-07 due to an Anti-Spam routine.
        It was deleted before I saw it. I also didn't see who actually sent it.
        maybe it was spam! ;p

        whoever it was, please send again ;]

      • [RtCW] FritzBot mod night!
        Time for another RtCW night!

        FritzBot mod
        Thurs 07-June-07
        from 8:30pm

        By request we're starting with Depot ;]

        Server details - here -

        All welcome!

      • [ET] nedETPRO server updated
        The nedETPRO server has been updated.

        • GA season 10 config
        • other configs GA season 10 based
        • map cycles updated
        • GA season 10 OBJ and SW cycles made

        map cycle details - here -
        -note: cycles aren't loaded at all times-

    • May
      • [Q4] Quake 4 server completed
        I've set up a Quake 4 server using the beta patch v1.4.1
        There are many multiplay changes with this release.

        Read the 1.3 to 1.4.1 beta patch changelog for details
        default location is C:\Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\CHANGES_14.txt

        Server details - here

      • [ET] GA season 10 custom map list released
        The GameArena season 10 custom map list is as follows:


        ALL these map

      • [ET] map update --- Negoshk (beta 2)
        Negoshk by Nenquel has been updated to beta 2.
        This map is on the pre season 10 SW map-cycle (see below post).

        Changes and Fixes:• Deleted a few houses and put in a "hill"
        • Added a tree ^^
        • Last axis spawn is bigger to avoid spawnkilling
        • Depots Names a

      • [ET] >> CTF-Face (beta 1) update <<
        The original install of CTF-Face (beta 1) was an incorrect version. The correct version is now on the forum for download and also on the server.

        >> if you downloaded this map from here or the server BEFORE 8:30pm 29-May-07 then please delete ctf_face_b1.pk3 from your etmain folder a

      • [ET] new map --- CTF-Face (beta 1)
        For the Unreal Tournament lovers out there who also play ET.... we have a UT map remake !!

        by ==Troy==, Broloi, Flippy

        This is a great remake :] For those strange people who set r_fasksky to 1 (it's for fps right? lol), do yourselves a favour and turn i

      • [ET] map update --- Glider 3 v3.0.2 released!
        An update to the excellent map Glider by 2Bit has been released!

        Changes include:• major spawn alterations
        • the 2nd tank barrier has been moved to be closer to the outpost
        • axis CP moved to the outpost
        • axis compound spawn enlarged to give more should

      • [ET] CAHA: Tavern etpro spawn selector update
        I've made an addition to my etpro spawn selector for the map CAHA: Tavern by redRum.
        v1.1 has etpro echo control values... instant popup and stay a bit longer.

        download map and spawnselector - here -

      • [ET] CAHA Tavern fritzbot support!
        The map CAHA Tavern by redRum now has basic FritzBot support thanks to the efforts of TomTom :)

        CAHA Tavern is a favourite on nedETPRO server.
        Now it can be played with the FritzBot mod!

        map and fritz_caha_tavern pack can be downloaded from server or - here -
      • [ET] GameArena season 10 coming soon
        The GameArnea season 9 ET 6v6 ladder has just finished with Team Modus Operandi defeating Adversus. Both teams are previous ladder winners.

        grand final maps played were:

        ETTV demo available - here -


      • [RtCW] new info for servers!
        note: if you DO NOT own RtCW Game Of The Year edition then you need to download the official GOTY map-pack!

        download - here -

        thanks to Shrek for letting me know about this!
        sorry for those who couldn't play these maps tonight ;o

        RtCW server det

      • [ET] map update --- Vesuvius
        A voice-over pack has been released for Vesuvius (beta 1).
        It will be included in the map's next release. In the mean time it can be downloaded with the map from the server or - here -

        To download it seperately you can go to the offical wesite - here -


      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough Runner install note
        By request i've updated the install instructions for Apextwin's MOHAA Breakthrough server utlility. I've added to the install info which will hopefully explain the install process better ;]

        MOHAA Breakthough Runner v1.0.9

      • [RtCW] FritzBot night 16-May-07
        RtCW FritzBot will be run Wed 16-May-07 from 8pm

        What you need:
        -RtCW patched to v1.41 (I recommend v1.41b)
        -fritzbot mod folder
        -2 custom maps

        details - here -

      • [D3] Last Man Standing Coop mod news!!
        LMS Co-op v4 is being released soon!

        includes...• compatible with Doom 3 patch v1.3.1
        • networking tweaks
        • fps tweaks
        • new maps
        • plus much more!

        news details - here -

        This is a fantastic mod! Highy recommended. Play against the Doom

      • [BF2] Co-op server update
        I've found a single-player/coop mod that will work online with a few tweaks and includes the three maps that default BF2 doesn't support in Co-op mode. The mod is called Bf2SP64 v2.31.

        Now ALL maps are available to play Co-op ;]

        details - here -

      • [ETQW] Quake Wars server news
        When Enemy Territory Quake Wars is released I'll be setting up and running a server for it. It will be a home for playing/testing custom maps and competition mods.

        Unfortionately, I'll be removing the ET/RtCW server to do this. I'll still have the home test servers availabe

      • [RtCW] FritzBot mod server completed
        I've setup a FritzBot RtCW mod server. It runs the latest version (v0.54b) plus the Fritz Media Pack. I've set this up to run on demand. When ETQW is released I'll be running a server for it. Unfortionately to do this I'll be removing my ET/RtCW server. This is why I've setu

    • April
      • [ET] server update
        I've patched up several exploits on the nedETPRO server via the installation of a Lua module by ReyalP and McSteve.

        ALL installed configs on the server will load this module.

      • [BF2] Australian Forces mod
        I recently looked at the Australian Forces mod for BF2 and I have to say, I'm impressed!

        From the official FAQsQ: What is the Australian Forces mod about?
        A: Battlefield 2: Australian Forces is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for the team-based modern warfare game Ba

      • [D3] FAQ re problems entering Doom 3 servers completed
        I've given explanations of three common issues people get when trying to enter a Doom 3 server.
        "this server requires punkbuster"
        "server uses protocol 1.41"
        "Data not in sync with server data"

        details - here -

      • [ET] mapscript update for Vesuvius (beta 1)
        mrfin & FireFly has released a mapscript update for Vesuvius (beta 1). It fixes a mystery scripting error ;o
        ...anyway, server has been updated :]

      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough server update
        I've just finished redoing my MOHAA-BT server ;]

        adjustments are:
        • axis set to use shotgun instead of gewehrgranate
        • portable MG42s removed
        • leaning while running disabled
        • added menu mod by ned
        • added blood mod by Crizz
        • added mustard gas mod by D

      • [ET] map update --- Frost Comp Edition (beta 6)
        CyburK has released another version of Frost!
        -see readme for the full changelog-

        Frost Competition Edition is close to a possible final :)

        download from server or - here -

      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough 'portable MG42 removal mod'
        I've made a small server-side mod which removes the portable MG42s in MOHAA Breakthrough. The stationary MG42s remain.

        details - here -

      • [ET] new map --- Vesuvius (beta 1)
        mrfin, who made Bridges and The Lighthouse, has teamed up with FireFly, who made Tram Fight, to give us a new map creation call 'Vesuvius'.

        This really is a beautifly made map. Do yourselves a favour and set all the graphics settings up and jump into this map! At the very least

      • [ET] FritzBot update - Adlernest
        CrapShoot has updated the FritzBot pack for Adlernest to v1.05
        This update fixes a scripting issue regarding switch usage.

        Download from server or - here -

      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough Runner available for download
        The MOHAA Breakthrough Runner by Apextwin is a utility that sets up a MOHAA Breakthrough server via a GUI. Due to the original site no longer existing and it being an excellent tool I've decided to host it.

        details - here -

      • [RtCW] no hitler pack for Frostbite TE
        I made an optional pack for clients to use on my RtCW server that removes the hitler picture and speech on the radio in the map Frostbite Tournament Edition. If used it will match the ET version of the same map.

        note: servers need to have it installed for it to work


      • [BF2] I've now started playing BF2 for TOG|Zombies
        I've decied to give BF2 a go ;]

        After playing on my BOT server a chatting with TOG|303 about the game I've decided to join a social group for the odd scrim and ladder match.

        I had my first pub game tonight!
        Ί GameArena #8
        Ί Mashtuur City - 22 players o

      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN menu mod
        I've made a mod for MOHAA Breakthrough servers that have set Axis to use a Shotgun instead of the Gewehrgranate (rifle grenade) via the dmflags setting.

        This mod changes the picture and selection text of the Gewehrgranate in the weapon selection menu to show a picture of a Shotgun a

      • [UT04] servers and forum updated
        Well I finally got some time to work on my UT2004 servers!

        UT 2004 server
        -updated UTComp to v1.7a
        -updated UT2Vote to v5.6
        -updated the nedUT2004 pack

        Clone Bandits mod server
        -updated UTComp to v1.7a
        -created nedUT2004 CLONE BANDITS pack

      • [ET] True Combat: Elite server
        Due to a lack of interest I won't be setting up a TC:E server. It's a real shame this mod hasn't got the support it deserves. It really is a good mod.

        - -

      • [UT04] UTComp v1.7a released!
        UTComp Version 1.7a has been released.
        - -

        Changelog from version 1.6a:• Significantly improved enhanced netcode accuracy.
        • Added the ability to view other players stats on the server via the scoreboard.
        • Added forward gametype

    • March
      • [MOHAA] Spearhead & Breakthrough nvidia crash fix
        This is an interesting one... I didn't expect the answer I found!

        Issue:Medal of Honor Allied Assault expansion packs crash for winXP/2000 users who own nvidia graphics chip cards and use series 9+ nvidia forceware drivers.
        Standard Medal of Honor Allied Assault does not crash.

      • [ET] map update --- Frost Comp Edition (beta 4)
        CyburK has updated his competion version of Frost to beta 4
        - command post is now back in the ground floor in the north tower
        - yard doors are now closed until the allies destroy the door controls by satchel charge
        - door controls can be rebuilt by axis team
        - terrain texture and

      • [FEAR] map news --- Tokara Forest update (beta 3.1)
        Lobotomy has released another update to his VERY impressive recreation of the Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 map Tokara Forest.

        The current version is beta 3.1

        Server details - here -
        can download from server or above link


        The latest vers

      • [ET] new map --- Bremen (beta 1)
        Dersaidin, who is best known for making the great competion map Adlernest has released a new comp map called Bremen.

        - bremen_b1 objectives guide -

        Download map from server or - here -


        Maps by Dersaidin that are on my server:Adlernest

      • R.I.P. my Philips 109P monitor :[
        My faithful monitor has passed on :[

        My Philips 109P served me well. I rate that monitor 10/10 as it was faultless! Hi res with a high refresh rate equalled many hours of gaming bliss without the slightest hint of eyestrain. I now use my backup Philips 109B6. This is a good monitor and wi

      • [UT04] Alien Swarm update --- v1.32
        Alien Swarm is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. It's an overhead view tactical squad-based setup. It's actually one of the few non-FPS games I like.

        The Alien Swarm team has released an update for this great mod which addresses some bugs and adds better support for custom maps.

      • [BOXING] Mundine v Soliman 2

        Sydney Entertainment Centre.
        Vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) super middleweight title.

        This is also a rematch. Mundine faught Soliman in 2001 at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. The fight went the distance. Mundine won with split point

      • [ET] FritzBot update --- Adlernest
        CrapShoot has updated the FritzBot pack for Adlernest to v1.04
        This update is bug fixes only.

        Download from server or - here -

      • [ET] map update --- Frost Competition Edition (beta 3)
        CyburK has updated the competition version of his map Frost to beta 3
        Many people complained about beta2 being too easy for the attackers. I think this version will balance the gaming for both teams. The first stage (towers, command post) should now be easier to defend. this is where you can ma

      • [D3] new server IP update!
        The nedDOOM3 server has a new IP.
        - -

        Server details - here -

    • February
      • [ET] map fix update -- ET UFO
        The final version of the map ET UFO (which is a remake of Foo Fighter from RtCW) by SiX has some missing light textures.

        Details plus fix - here -

      • [ET] new maps --- Sub base & Venice
        I've installed a potential new comp map called Sub Base by d3coy. The current version is beta 4 and is progressing nicely.The allies have taken control of an Axis Sub Base. An Axis task force has been sent back to this base to steal their own Enigma Decoder machine from the Allies


      • [D3] nedDOOM3 server online!
        By request the nedDOOM3 server is back online and running on the latest patch v1.3.1

        At the moment it's setup for default maps only.
        nedMAPPACK v6 in testing now... stay tuned!

        ...more details soon!

      • [UT04] UT2Vote v5.6 released!
        ProAsm and his team have released a new version of their voting mutator for UT2004.

        Some changes/fixes:• menu more user friendly
        • restored access to the default settings in WebAdmin
        • addition of semiadmin functions

        - -


      • [ET] map news --- mrfin
        mrfin has created, in my opinion, some of the best maps in ET history! Here is some news!

        • Fritzbot team are working on this map (__BRIDGES__.pk3)

        • Fritzbot team are working on this map (lighthouse.pk3)

        The etna project.

      • [FEAR] map news --- Lobotomy
        Lobotomy is recreating the Unreal Tournament map Roughinery. The map is in it's early beta stage but is still available for public play at BoI~SuperGunsInsanity -

        For those that don't know, Lobotomy is recreating the UT map Tokara Forest!
        Details here - h

      • [ET] map update --- Base 12 (beta 6)
        TF has released an update for Base 12

        beta 6 changes:- Allies can spawn also downstairs now in their first spawn (also this room is bigger now)
        - Edited terrain
        - Some texture changes

        ET-Cup is holding a Base 12 special event!

      • [PREY] new patch released --- v1.3
        Happy days for mac users!This update include compatibility files for the Mac port of Prey. There are no bug fixes or new content in this release.

        This patch will update any version of Prey.

        Official site here:
        - -

        Prey server co

      • [ET] new map --- Frost Competition (beta 2)
        CyburK has released a competition version of his map Frost after feedback from the ET community.

        Details - here -

        Full info regarding changes from initial Frost map included in the readme.
        Frost and Frost Competition are both on the server.

        Download from s

      • [ET] etpromapscript updates
        I've updated some mapscripts on the nedETPRO server.

        • Adlernest - fixes destroyed wall bug - Dersaidin
        • Base 12 - removed wait before wm_endround - ned
        • SW Goldrush TE - fixes pillar cheat - KingJackaL
        (I've removed the wait time before wm_endround on sw_goldr

      • [RtCW] RtCW FritzBot mod server coming soon!
        Due to not enough numbers in the RtCW OSP nights I've decided to have up and running the FritzBot mod so players can be added when required.

        New required files for now:
        • Fritz RtCW v0.53
        • Fritz RtCW v0.54 patch
        • Fritz RtCW v0.54b patch

        Download from -

      • [ET] initial test of TC:E mod went well
        Well I have to say that the True Combat: Elite mod is better than I first expected!

        Initial testing went well.
        Thanks to gasman for helping me.

        ...more details soon.

      • [D3] patch v1.3.1 released
        Details - here - :
        Fri Feb 2 14:59:44 CST 2007

        Doom 3(TM) 1.3.1

        We've posted a Doom 3 update (version 1.3.1) to ftp and torrent. You will find a detailed list of changes below.
        There is nothing major in this

      • [D3] nedDOOM3 mod and MapPack v6 online soon!
        My Doom 3 mod will be online again sometime soon with a new mappack. This new mappack will be v6 and testing will start within the next week or two for map/mod compatibility. Contact me if you would like to help test some Doom 3 maps =]

        nedDOOM3 mod details - here -


      • [ET] TCE server up soon
        True Combat: Elite is a modern world total conversion for ET.
        This mod will be available to play on my server soon.

        - -

        required files:

        • v0.49 full (450MB) - link -
        • v0.49b patch (7MB) - link -

        v0.49 full is also

      • [RtCW] night2 10-Feb-07
        The next RtCW event is on Saturday 10-Feb-07 from 9pm NSW time.
        all welcome!

        server details - here -

      • [FEAR] Tokara Forest server
        Lobotomy's recreation of Tokara Forest is up to beta 3a. I've made up a server dedicated just for this great map =]

        I'm sure this will be a hit at the next UniLAN!

        Details - here -

      • [ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news part 2
        Well I'm over waiting for the correct mapscripts from GameArena so I simply bypassed the hashchecks on Braundorf, Frostbite & Radar. The server configs including gaseason9 will now stay loaded when the above maps are selected.

        See below for inital post re this.

    • January
      • [FEAR] Tokara Forest made for FEAR
        A mapper by the name of Lobotomy has recreated Tokara Forest for F.E.A.R.
        Unreal Tournament players will know this map well as it's a UT original.
        This is an amzing recreation and I'm looking forward to the final version!

        Details - here -

        Look out for

      • [ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news
        The public released server mapscripts and season 9 .config have issues. The mapscripts for radar, frostbite and braundorf don't match the hash numbers in the config. All other season 9 maps are ok. Currently if any of these three maps are selected the server configs will not load and the etpro

      • [ET] server configs updated
        GameArena season 9 has started. The nedETPRO server configs have been updated. The only difference between season 8 and 9 are maps and the addition of mapscripthashes in the config to ensure that servers have the same mapscripts as GA (trouble is the main config has no 'signature' so it�

      • [UT04] nedUT2004 update
        By request, I've been working on improving some of the UT2004 info.

        • nedUT2004_pack updated.
        -now includes info and 'how to install' text file
        -now includes .ogg files - see info.txt for details -

        • Improved install and file info on server page.<

      • [ET] new maps --- Supply Depot & Wurttemberg
        GameArena Enemy Territory season 9 has begun - link -
        Two maps have been added to the server to comply with season 9

        • Supply Depot (v1.0 final)
        • Wurttemberg (beta 4)

        Maps can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [ET] fritzbot Adlernest update
        Crapshoot has updated his Adlernest pack!

        -tweaked balance
        -improved offense
        -modified engineer routing to door controls
        -tweaked pathing at documents so they jump on the table better

        Latest pack (v1.03) can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [FEAR] server finally completed!
        Well it took a while but the FEAR server is completed!
        The final step was to get the med-station skin finished.

        All FEAR details - here -

        2v2 TDM matches starting soon!
        ...stay tuned

      • [ET] ET news
        happy ET times!

        • new ET map site
        - -

        • splashdamage forums are back up!
        - -

      • [RtCW] wolf night wed 17-Jan-07
        I'm switching my Enemy Territory server over to my Return to Castle Wolfenstein server for one night tonight! These RtCW events will run maybe once a month. (will run on request)

        Server details plus more here - here -

        TOG and >oB< will be there... all wel

      • [ET] map update --- Sottevast (beta 3b)
        Dersaidin has released an update for Sottevast being beta 3b. • Tunnel barricade, can be constructed by either team.
        • Fixed scripting so that Allies will now get the forward flag for 30 seconds when main door blows. (Previously they had to be holding it to secure it for 30 seconds.)

      • [ET] new FritzBot map support --- Adlernest
        Adlernest can now be played with FritzBot thanks to CrapShoot. He figured out how to get BOTs to use levers... what better map to get into then than Adlernest!

        This is his second Adlernest pack release. The changes from the initial release are team balance tweaks and the addititon of play

      • [FEAR] med-station skin file completed
        The med-station skin is completed and on the server!

        edit: details - here -

      • [ET] FritzBot mod map testing team
        I'm creating a map testing team for the FritzBot mod. Testing will include identifying dumb bots, error spam, team balance issues plus more. Testers v bots and random shuffle matches will be used. The fritzbot developers are always looking for ways to improve the mod so give them a hand by givi

      • ? Hundreds of Cheater's details unveiled
        I found an interesting article over at ClanBase.

        It resulted in a massive list of hundreds of gamers who cheat in games such as Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Quake 3 and Soldier of Fortune.

      • [ET] fritzbot news!
        • Maleficus, FritzBot' author, is working on 'multiple dropped items' issues so more maps can hopefully be added to the growing maplist that fritzbot currently supports. Stay tuned!

        • The FritzBot team have been busy with sorting BOTs for some new maps. Adlernest and

      • [ET] map fix update --- X-Dam Complex 2
        X-Dam Complex 2 has an issue when run on etpro servers. Some of the map icon textures don't show when you are on the Axis team. After speaking to =[AA]=LEEEROY about this and getting info on the .shader files from him I was able to make a fix. The console errors gave me the answer on how to str

      • [ET] customs night 25 info!

        This may be the last of the regular custom map nights. The 25th night has some meaning! Base 12 (beta 1) was played during night one and the original X-Dam Complex map was the first custom map I ever played. It used to be on the GameArena servers.

        Thursday 11

      • [FEAR] new med-station skin closer!
        Tman-42 from - - has editted the .dds files I wanted done. Now the skin pack to replace the med-stations is one step closer :)

        Details - here -


      • [BF2] server alteration
        I've removed the Booster pack map options from my BOT server.

        Armored Fury
        -Midnight Sun
        -Operation Harvest
        -Operation Road Rage

        Euro Force
        -Great Wall
        -Operation Smoke Screen
        -Taraba Quarry

        Server details - h

      • [ET] map update --- Base 12 (beta 5)
        TF has released beta 5 of his excellent map Base 12. This map plays well on the pubs and will also make a very good comp addition.

        Main changes since beta 4:• It's now possible to shoot trought the side entrance wire section.
        • Added new area with neutral CP. Allies can spawn at

      • [ET] some posts were lost due to the server transfer
        >> Customs night 24

        Maps were:

        -Sottevast (beta 3)

        Maps can be downloaded from server or - here -
        Customs night info/history - here -


        >> map update --- Sottevast (beta 3)

      • blog/forums/downloads
        This site has been down at times over the last week due to it being transfered from USA to AUS.

        It should all be good now. If you have problems downloading files please let me know asap.

        The blog and forum have also been updated to the latest versions.


      • [FEAR] need help with custom skins (.dds)
        I've disabled health stations in my FEAR server so I want to have custom skins to make the med kits/stations NOT look like med kits/stations. They are still visable even though disabled.

        Details - here -

        please help a graphics noob :o

  • 2006
    • December
      • [RtCW] 20 slot OSP server available when required!
        I've figured out a way to be able to run RtCW from within an ET install. What this means is I can change between the following games within seconds (but can't run at the same time).

        • ET - ET Pro mod
        • ET - FritzBot mod
        • RtCW - OSP mod
        -same IP for all three-
      • [ET] new IP for ET server!!
        The Enemy Territory server has a new IP:

        • nedETPRO
        • nedET [fritzbot]

      • [ET] map list update --- Supply Depot
        Now GA season 8 is over I've removed Supply Depot from the server. The only version now left on the server is a modified version (ClanBase version) of Supply Depot 2 by arni & mortis.

        Features and Fixes:• spawn bug (mortis)
        • gold bug (mortis)
        • grenade/mortar over roof

      • [ET] GameArena season 8 over
        It came down to Adversus and Team Modus Operandi to battle it out for the top spot. Each team got to choose a map. Adversus chose SW GoldRush TE. Modus Operandi chose Supply Depot. The decider map if required was ET Beach Invasion.

        Map_1 - sw_goldrush_tegame1 Adversus
        game2 Adv

      • [ET] nedETPRO file update
        I've removed more campaign files.
        Map cycle and campaign details - here -

        You can delete the following files from the etmain folder:cmpgn_tog1.pk3

      • [ET] customs night 23 info!

        Thursday 14-Dec-06
        from 8:30pm (NSW time)

        Sottevast (beta 2)
        -see below posts!-

        CAHA: Tavern (beta 2)
        • a revisit - final released soon!
        -a server favourite!-

        Maps can be downloaded from server or -

      • [SS2] Serious Sam II servers ready !!!
        Well... this is one CRAZY game :o !! Two servers have been setup and tested: Deathmatch & Cooperative.

        Details - here -

        Thanks to TOG|claw for helping me playtest the various settings =]

        <> one thing I dislike about the game is the l

      • [ET] map update --- Sottevast (beta 2)
        It's here already! Beta 2 has been released for Sottevast with the following changes:• Flag can no longer be reclaimed by axis once a door has been blown.
        • Changed terrain near main door. Added two bunkers. Added ladder with team door.
        • Fixed CP's killed build box thingo.

      • [ET] map news --- Sottevast (beta 1)
        After much testing, Dersaidin (the creator of Sottevast) recommends axis spawntimes to be increased to 25 seconds.

        The nedETPRO server now has this value set.

      • [PREY] demo server info
        Prey is a First Person Shooter which combines authentic Cherokee mythology and science fiction bringing with it some unique features. Spirit walking, wall walking and gravity flipping make the multiplayer deathmatches (and singleplayer mode) very interesting.

        demo multiplayer specific inf

      • [ET] new map --- Sottevast (beta 1)
        Dersaidin's newest competition map!

        Sottevast (beta 1)An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo facility called Sottevast. Allied spies have discovered an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo, and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to prevent

      • formatting tip!
        Don't forget to save your email contacts correctly!
        Thanks to TOG|Roger_That for the email list recovery :)

    • November
      • [ET] customs night 22 info!

        Thursday 30-Nov-06
        from 8:30pm (NSW time)

        Crevasse (beta 3)
        • from the creator of Adlernest
        • a possible future comp map
        • final objective is now a doc run
        • docs are where beta 1 & 2 final objective was
        • transmitter n

      • [ET] mapscript updates --- Supply Depots
        Mortis has released updated mapscripts for Supply Depot, Supply Depot 2 and Supply. Improved fixing of the satchel control exploit has be done.

        Mapscripts are on the server now.
        Details - here -

      • [UT04] server completed!
        Finally my UT 2004 server is complete. It now has everything I want and also runs the way I want. It was quite a job finishing this server to it's current setup. UT2Vote and the Epic Games Official MegaPack finalised the setup.

        Server details plus more - here -

        The o

      • [UT04] Epic Games Official Bonus MegaPack installed!
        I've installed the Epic Games Official Bonus MegaPack on the server. This pack includes all content from the previously released Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack (ie 4 new ONS maps, 3 new vehicles and 6 new characters) and includes the latest patch files (v3369). Nine new maps have also

      • [D3] new map relesase --- D3 ILLDM1 (alpha)
        D3 ILLDM1: Mentally Murdered

        redRum, who many know as the awesome Enemy Territory mapper who brought us Raw Castle and CAHA: Tavern has released an alpha version of his Doom 3 multiplay map D3 ILLDM1.

        Graphically the map is unfinished but has beeen released for public playtesti

      • [UT04] nedUT2004 BOT server redone/completed
        Well after a marathon effort I've redone my UT04 server configs.
        The time spent was very much worth it as this is a much better setup =]

        • v3369
        • UT Comp v16a
        • AM/TAM v3.14.1
        • Capture Strike v1.1
        • BotManager v7.1
        • UT2Vote v5.5
        • AntiTCC v

      • [ET] mapscript update --- Caen 2
        McSteve has fixed the missing sound notificstions for Caen 2. He's added the fix to the mapscript made by Mortis which fixes some clipping exploits.

        This new mapscript is on the server now.


      • [BF2] nedBF2 BOT server updated to v1.41
        Patch v1.41 has been released for Battlefield 2 which addresses an intermittent server crash bug. My server has been updated.

        Server details - here -

      • [ET] customs night 21 info!

        Thursday 16-Nov-06
        from 8:30pm

        El Kef (GA)
        • final version
        • more suitable for comp play
        • better flowing map
        • map details - here -

        Baserace (final)
        • bug fixes
        • new obstacles
        • a new construction box

      • [ET] map update --- El Kef (GA)
        Marko has completed the GameArena version of his map El Kef. This is a modified version the (SW) El Kef with improvements for comp play plus more. Full details - here.

        Download from server or - here -
        This will be played customs night 21 !
        ...stay tuned!

      • [ET] map update --- Baserace (final)
        CptnTriscuit has released the final version of his very popular map, Baserace.

        Features:• bug fixes
        • new obstacles
        • a new construction box location for each team
        • 7 new synergy bonuses
        -plus more!-

        The New Mission Guide - here -


      • [ET] ET 2006 State of Origin Grand Finals !!
        ET 2006 State of Origin Grand Final

        VIC v QLD

        Sunday 12-Nov-06
        8pm NSW Australia

        Thanks to ETTV we can watch these two teams battle it out!
        ETTV Broadcast IP

        GameArena thread - here -

      • [ET] map update --- Crevasse (beta 3)
        Dersaidin has updated his latest creation, Crevasse, to beta 3 =]

        New scene:Spies have discovered the location of an Axis facility built inconspicuously into an natural crevasse. Spies reported that there is valuable information kept somewhere in the base.

        beta 3 changes:• fina

      • [UT04] server updated --- AM/TAM --- fake echos
        3SPN - link - have released more versions of ArenaMaster/TeamArenMaster.

        AM/TAM is a modified version of the Last Man Standing and Team DeathMatch gametypes where maxlives is set to 1 by default.

        Features include:
        -In-game GUI for clients and admins
        -Custom Scoreboard

    • October
      • [ET] customs night 20 info!

        Thursday 02-Nov-06
        from 8:30pm

        King of the Radio (True Edition)
        • action packed fast map!
        • new updated version
        • a server favourite
        -see below post-

        Crevasse (beta 2)
        • made by the creator of Adlernest

      • [ET] map update --- King of the Radio (true edition)
        B0n3g1b has updated his awesome map King of the Radio! This map is a huge favourite on the server. (thanks to FigJam for recommending this one!)

        Changes include:• easier access to roofs
        • more cover
        • centre bridge
        • 5 second respawn times (was 7)
        • 'Sudden Death&

      • [ET] map update --- Crevasse (beta 2)
        Crevasse by Dersaidin, who brought us Adlernest, has been updated to beta 2.

        New scene:Spies have discovered the location of an Axis uranium enrichment facility, built inconspicuously into an existing base. The Allies want it destroyed to prevent Axis from purifying uranium.


      • [FEAR] new patch released - v1.08
        Sierra has released a new FEAR update, v1.08 - link -

        Update info:
        Update Notes - Multiplayer:

        • Added ability to pick up and reuse Proximity Mines and Remote Detonators that were thrown by yourself.
        • Limited support for Spectator Mode in objective (CTF, Conquer All,

      • [ET] new IP for ET server
        The Enemy Territory servers (nedETPRO and nedET [fritzbot]) have a new location and IP.

        The server has been moved from Brisbane Australia to Sydney Australia.
        IP is now

        This IP has been guarenteed for at least 12 months.
        Please update your fav

      • [ET] mapscript update --- et_beach
        mortis has updated his mapscripts for ET Beach Invasion - link. The previous scipt only allowed one allied to spawn at south beach. Also, south beach spawn is now in the correct RtCW position.

        Two are available. One with the above fixes (plus previous bug fixes) and one which also include

      • [ET] map update --- Supply Depot 2
        ClanBase is now using a new version of Supply Depot 2 by arni and mortis.
        - -

        Features and Fixes:• spawn bug (mortis)
        • gold bug (mortis)
        • grenade/mortar over roof into stairwell exploit (mortis)
        • satchel/crane co

      • [ET] ET 2006 State of Origin
        The nedETPRO server will be hosting the Enemy Territory 2006 State of Origin competition. The server will be acting as a master ETTV server with Syd's server being the slave.

        Details including format, dates/times, maps, teams plus more...

      • [ET] customs night 19 info!

        Thursday 19-Oct-06
        from 8:30pm

        The Lighthouse (final)
        • from the creator of Bridges!
        • amazing atmosphere!
        • great gameplay!

        Golden Dunk (alpha 2)
        • CTF style goodness!
        • full details - here -
        • see below po

      • [ET] new map --- Golden Dunk
        This map name kept appearing on various ET forums around the place so I thought I'd go and check it out. I first saw it on the Final Remption public server -

        Golden Dunk map is alot of fun! For full details see - here -
        Thanks to Aki for the english translatio

      • [ET] xfire update v1.64
        Xfire v1.64 has added proper colouring of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory names (thanks to James Abbatiello)!

        happy days!

      • [ET] map news --- The Lighthouse goes final!
        mrfin's second map The Lighthouse has gone final!

        Main changes since the beta releases:• Wreck has been altered to provide covering fire on the main entrance bunkers
        from the rear end of the ship
        • When Axis team take the forward flag it becomes their default spawn until al

      • [ET] FritzBot updated!
        A new version of the FritzBot mod has been released and patched. This version, v0.70b + patch, includes new map support, some AI tweaks and bug fixes.

        I've added Reactor to the map cycle!

        FritzBot downloads - here -

        NOTE: If you have played this mod before

      • [ET] new map --- Saberpeak
        This map has been requested several times. I've hesitated to install it due to some bugs and the creator not wanting to release a fixed version. But, Mortis has come to the rescue with a server mapscript that at least fixes the end game time issue! I wasn't able to produce the ship damage

      • [ET] nedETTV testing
        I'm testing ETTV binaries and settings at the moment so some lag (maybe a lot at times) will occurr... sorry for this but the testing should sort it eventually.


        edit: thanks for everyones patience during this testing! I can now have the server running as a m

      • [D3] nedDOOM3 mod
        I've finally put together pages for my Doom 3 mod, server and map pack info!

        nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] info and download - here -
        nedDOOM3 server and map pack v5 info - here -

        Also available from:

        * gamespot - link -
        * doom3 filefront - link -

      • [ET] customs night 18 info!

        Thursday 05-Oct-06
        from 8:30pm

        Crevasse (beta 1)
        • by the creator of Adlernest
        • competion map
        • xfire review - here -

        El Kef (GA_test5)
        • a reworking of the initial SW version
        • see below post for map info
        • El K

      • [ET] map news --- El Kef
        Marko has released GameArena test version 5 of El Kef! He's modified the SW version of the map to improve comp play.

        GA test 1 release notes:• removed the first allied spawns and moved them in the courtyard, under the big woodden shelter
        • changed axis respawn time to 30

    • September
      • [ET] map news --- Raw Castle TE
        The final version of Raw Castle Tournament Edition by redRum is near completion!

        stay tuned!

        note: private testers please delete the following files:
        • raw_te_final.pk3 from the etmain folder
        • raw_te_final_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 from the etpro folder
      • [ET] new map --- The Lighthouse (beta 1)
        mrfin, the creator of Bridges, has released his latest map 'The Lighthouse.'

        Map details including screenshots - here -

        Axis attack in this map with three main objectives...
        -destroy lighthouse light
        -destroy comms room inside the underground bunker

      • [ET] server configs updated!
        I've updated (and simplified!) the nedETPRO server configs.

        nedET [public] - GA s8 core configs
        nedET [scrim] - GA s8 core configs
        nedET [comp] - GA s8 core configs

        nedET [campaign] - based from MGL season 3 public config
        nedET [ctf] - xp enabled - hea

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hi Tanya =]

      • [ET] new map --- Crevasse (beta 1)
        The creator of Adlernest, Dersaidin, has presented the ET community with another map designed for competition 6v6/5v5/3v3Steal the keycard and use it access the elevator shafts. Grab the flag for a forward spawn. Repair the damaged Anti-tank gun and use it to gain access to the Axis Cypher Radio. Pr

      • [RtCW] wolf server details completed
        My Return to Castle Wolfenstein server details are now in the forum. It runs the OSP mod and custom maps.

        Details - here -

      • [FEAR] new custom insignias for fear server!
        Thanks to TOG Adeptus there are now custom insignias on the server =]

        Server details including insignia images - here -

      • [FEAR] Extraction Point SP demo released
        Extraction Point is the name of the upcoming expansion pack for FEAR.
        details - here -

        A single-player demo has been released featuring a new enemy and weapon (minigun).

        happy days!

        get the demo - here -

      • [ET] server update - etpro 3.2.6
        The nedETPRO server has been updated from ET Pro v3.2.6 rc1 to v3.2.6

        details and download - here -
        For Australian players, GameArena servers use 3.2.6 rc1 (for now) so best to get the latest etpro version from my (or another) server rather than replace the .pk3 This way a sum number

      • [ET] customs night 17 info!

        Thursday 21-Sep-06
        from 8:30pm

        -edit: changed main map to test3 from test2-

        El Kef (GA_test3)
        • a reworking of the initial SW version
        • see below post for map details
        • El Kef (SW) played on night 15

        Bridges - a

      • [ET] map news - El Kef
        Marko has revisited his map El Kef with some nice changes for better SW play. He's modified the SW version of the map.

        * go - here - for more info!

      • [ET] fritzbot update!
        Two new packs have been added to the FritzBot server.

        • Gold Rush bug-fix pack.
        - fixes an allied engineer issue

        • ET Tundra waypoints pack.
        - new map support, an RtCW custom remake

        The packs and the map can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [BF2] bot server updated to v1.4
        The nedBF2 BOT Server has been updated to v1.4

        New to v1.4
        (full patch details - link -)• new map: Road to Jalalabad
        • new server option: no vehicles mode
        • gameplay tweaks including the addition of a prone->crouch delay
        • bug fixes

        Server details -

      • [ET] Warbell etpromapscript installed
        I've installed an etpromapscript for the map Warbell.

        -quote from McNite the map maker-
        • restricts the access to the roof room at the belltower constructible to make defense up there a lot more vulnerable to explosives and to get rid of the massive backshooting that engies expe

      • [ET] customs night 16 info!

        Thursday 07-Sep-06
        from 8:30pm

        ET Pro Fuel Dump
        • stopwatch competition fueldump
        • Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.
        • Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable.

        The River 2 - Redux

      • [COD] Revolt mod
        Revolt is a total conversion mod for Call of Duty. This brings modern action to CoD and is my favourite total coversion mod for any game.

        I've put together a server for this! All that's required is the mod itself and CoD to be patched to v1.5

        Server details:crosshair

      • [Unreal] Unreal finished in under 50 minutes!!
        Unreal was the game that started it all for me. A large portion of my gaming life was devoted to it. I finally finished it in Unreal mode and it took me ages to do it!

        This guys finished it in just over 49 minutes is easy mode :o
        - -

      • [ET] nedETTV news
        The GameArena season 7 Enemy Territory grandfinal ETTV demo is available for downloading.

        Teams:teamredux (reduX >)
        Adversus (vs)

        Maps:Wόrzburg Radar
        SW Siwa Oasis

        Download from - here -

        These demos plus others can be replayed o

      • nerd saying hello!
        Heya Max!

    • August
      • [ET] nedET FritzBot update! --- X-Posed
        We now have waypoints for the X-Posed map, again thanks to the bindlestiff!

        The map cycle has been updated to run this map - link -

        Map and waypoints pack can be downloaded from the server or from - HERE -


      • [ET] nedETPRO updates
        The nedETPRO updates include the following required files:

        patch v2.60b - link -
        • security issues fixed

        etpro 3.2.6 beta test release 1 - link -
        • 2.60b support
        • competition fueldump
        -Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.

      • [ET] nedET FritzBot update!
        ET UFO (Foo Fighter - ET Edition)

        Since the final version of Foo Fighter ET Edition was released I was hoping for a waypoints pack update. Beta 3 of this map had waypoints made and they worked really well!

        Thanks to the bindlestiff we can now play the final version with BOTs!
      • [FEAR] server updated to v1.07
        The nedFEAR [RD] server has been updated =]

        in brief
        -game speed increased
        -packs/refill stations disabled
        -ff on
        -superweapons disabled
        -melee gamage reduced
        -weapons balancing
        -custom maps

        Details - HERE -

      • [ET] nedETTV news
        GameArena season 7 round 3 finals were recorded by one of my slave servers. Thanks to Syd for the master/slave version matching info! Round 3 demos don't have any hitsound issues (the round 2 demos do). The master/slave combo is now b4/b7 as opposed to the round 2 combo of b4/b11


      • [ET] nedETTV news/info
        Due to a hitsounds bug present with beta 4 master and latter version slave combinations I'll be recording GA matches with an ETTV beta 7 client.

        nedETPRO master
        - ettv beta 13

        nedETTV slave/recorder
        dynamic IP
        - e

      • [ET] custons night 15 info!
        Hey hey!

        Thursday 24-Aug-06
        from 8:30pm

        El Kef (SW)
        - a good action packed map designed for Stopwatch play
        - note: allies gain another spawn if build CP

        SW Fueldump TE (beta 3)
        - a remake of the original Fuel Dump
        - see belo

      • [ET] Quakecon 2006 5v5 grandfinal server demos installed
        QuakeCon 2006 ET 5v5 grandfinal (idle^ SNL!) v (ATiCrossfire)

        1 Wόrzburg Radar
        2 SW Goldrush TE
        3 Supply Depot 2 win!

        These game demos are avaiable to view on the nedETPRO server =]

      • [ET] new map updates --- Foo Fighter & SW Fueldump TE
        Foo Fighter - ET Edition has gone final.
        A warmup bug with the ufo has been fixed.

        SW Fueldump TE (beta 3) has been released. No readme file came with the download so I made an info file for the curious.// nedETPRO
        // 18-Aug-06

        SW Fueld

      • [FEAR] free MP Comabat and v1.07 patch released!
        ok, F.E.A.R. Combat has been released!F.E.A.R. Combat includes all the updates, all the new official maps and the new official modes released for F.E.A.R. Multiplayer in one downloadable file. F.E.A.R. Combat users will be able to play against the owners of the retail version of F.E.A.R. as well as

      • [ET] ETTV update
        I've updated the ETTV setup to beta 13

        Update includes CPU usage bug fixes, network, ping and lag issue fixes and demo recording corruption fixes.

        I recorded the GameArena round 2 final matches from the nedETPRO slave setup with ETTV beta 11

        Round 3 and the gran

      • queensLANder !!
        Well, I've just spent the last few days sorting game server configs for a big TOG LAN in Brisbane Australia! Three days of gaming joy! I'm about to leave with my rig and game server :P

        Games sorted:
        -Battlefield 2 [BOTs]
        -Call of Duty [Revolt mod]
        -Call of Duty Un

      • [BF2] co-op bot server completed
        With the release of patch v1.3 came Co-op mode.Players can now enjoy single player levels on Internet and LAN play with both Bots and human players. We have added a few options to allow the server admin to modify how the bots behave in game. Co-op play is not permitted on ranked servers.
        More d

      • [FEAR] F.E.A.R.multiplayer soon to be free!
        Hopefully the increased popularity this will generate will promote the creators to produce some decent gametypes (Infiltration and Demolition style, ala SOF2)Sierra Entertainment today announced that the multiplayer component from the award winning PC title F.E.A.R.™ (First Encounter Assault Recon),

      • [ET] new waypoints for fritzbot --- Caen 2
        Caen 2 is now available to play with the BOTs thanks to the bindlestiff.
        The pack (and map) can be downloaded from the server or from the fritzbot download page
        - HERE -

      • [ET] server maxclients increased
        I've increased the maxclients on the ET servers (etpro & fritzbot) by two.

        nedETPRO maxclients is now 18

      • [ET] custom nights 14 info!
        Oh Yes!

        night 14
        Thursday 10-Aug-06
        from 8:30pm

        Heart of Gold (beta 12)
        - looks to be the last beta before final
        - CP spawn alterations from last version on server
        - beta 9 is on the GameArnea season 7 ladder map list
        - beta 12 (or

      • [ET] new IP !
        The nedETPRO server has a new IP.

        cya there soon =]

      • [D3] doom 3 server offline
        The nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] server is offline till further notice.

      • [ET] server version updates
        Due to security concerns I've re-updated the server to v2.60b

        ETTV has been updated to beta 11 from beta 9
        (which has fixed the apparent packet lose master issue!)
        changes from beta 9 include• upgrade to et 2.60b with security bugfix
        • fix spectator inactivity bug
    • July
      • [ET] spawn time changes to Warbell
        I've changed the spawntimes for Warbell as per McNite's recommendation - HERE -

        current attack/defend spawn times are 20/30
        default attack/defend spawn times are 15/20
        note: axis attack

      • [ET] new map --- Heart of Gold (beta 12)
        Heart of Gold (beta 12) has been released!

        12 betas seems like a lot but not all were public releases.
        The creators of this map have stated that this is the last beta before final :)

        Story...Allies are searching for the “Heart of Gold”, a famous gold ingot stolen in

      • [ET] new map --- Raw Castle (final) !!
        It's here! Raw Castle has gone final! This map plays just as good as it looks... awesome!
        Changes from beta 3 include:• transmitter relocation
        • graphics and script bug fixes
        • graphics improvements including new textures
        • disabled (or at least made harder) trickjump points

      • [ET] etpro v3.2.6 beta 1
        A test version of the etpro mod v3.2.6 has been released. This version will include some nice fixes and functions.• 2.60b support
        • competition fueldump
        • 6 new crosshairs
        • rifle grenade bug fixes
        • show who did team commands like pause, specinvite, readyteam
        - plus much mo

      • [SOF] OSP v1.1 released!
        Well it's been a while but monk has re-emerged to continue his work with the OSP mod with the help of some new contributors. The last version was 1.0L

        This latest see some cvars taken from Enemy Territory (these are server-side)- add: osp_fixedhz <0|1> [default 1] serverside cv

      • [ET] info for my ET servers is complete!
        phew! after much tweaking, config and forum post editting ALL info regarding my ET servers in the forum is COMPLETE. :P

        nedETPRO server
        nedETPRO customs nights
        nedET FritzBot


      • [ET] customs night 13 info!
        Here we go!

        Thursday 27-July-06
        from 8:30pm

        Arhabeach TE

        - see below posts for map info -

        Download Arhabeach TE - HERE -
        Download Warbell - HERE -

        customs night history/info - HERE -

      • [ET] map script for Tram Fight (beta 2)
        I've installed mortis' latest map script that fixes a clipping exploit in Tram Fight (beta 2).

      • [ET] new map --- Warbell
        This come from the creator of The River 2 - Redux. There's been quite a bit of hype about this map... time for a look!

        Story...Axis are trying to mess in the occult again, and do real nasty things. Allied special forces took over the occult site in a raid. Now the Axis attack to get

      • [GTR] GTR2 demo released!
        It's coming! GTR2 will be here soon!

        A demo has been released...The demo version gives you the chance to drive one of two FIA-GT class cars against up to 15 computer controlled opponents, at the Barcelona GP circuit.

        Official website - HERE -

        If you still enjoy

      • [ET] FritzBot v.70 mod
        FritzBot v.70 mod is on the server, setup and now ready to play =)
        Thanks to SnakeTails and TOG|Arkon>oB< for the initail testing!

        details - HERE -

      • [ET] new map --- Nachteinbruch
        During this maps beta phases it was called Flak Cannon. This final release saw a name change, Nachteinbruch, which is nightfall in German. Nachteinbruch has FritzBot support!Northern Germany, 1943. The Axis have created a prototype Ammo that will be devastating to the Allied forces if used by their

      • [ET] new map --- Wacht Am Rhein (bulge_beta1.pk3)
        This is a fueldump style map supported by the FritzBot mod... Happy Days!!

        From the creator...It's titled Wacht Am Rhein, which was the German army's operational name of the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, more commonly known as The Battle of the Bulge. I'd say the map

      • [ET] new map --- SW Fueldump TE
        Fuel Dump has been revistited! SW Fueldump TE is a renewed version of Fueldump and SW Fuel Dump by mortis.

        beta 1 (sw_fueldump_te.pk3) released 10-July-06 ~ details - HERE -
        beta 2 (sw_fueldump_b2.pk3) released 11-July-06 ~ details - HERE -

        beta 1The following is a l

      • [ET] ETTV demo watching available on server
        After much testing and tweaking, ETTV server-side demos (.tv_84) can now be watched on the nedETPRO server :)

        Some of the best teams in the world can be view in action and all in sync!
        eg, QuakeCon 2005 ET Tournament matches - link -

        - more details soon -

      • [ET] customs night 12 info!
        Thursday 13-July-06
        from 8:30pm

        Foo Fighter - ET Edition (beta 3)
        This is a remake of a popular RtCW custom map (the one with the ufo in it for those who don't know/remember). It also has BOT support in the latest version of the FritzBot mod which is on the server! This map

      • [ET] new map and map update - Base Race and Arhabeach TE
        Well I've finally been talked into installing Base Race on the nedETPRO server :) (you guys can stop hassling me now :P)

        Base Race (beta 3a)Its a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads'

      • [ET] nedETPRO server version rollback
        I've removed the v2.60b update due to PB/etpro issues. I thought etpro would have released an update quickly for this... until they do the server will remain v2.60

      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough server details up!
        MOHAA Breakthrough server details are now in the forum as well as a download link to MOHAA Breakthough Runner v1.0.9 developed by Apextwin.

        - LINK -

        Medal of Honor Allied Assault [MOHAA] was groundbreaking for it's day and won many awards and fans and is still popula

      • [UT04] server updated
        edit: see - here -

      • [ET] FritzBot v0.70 released
        FritzBot v0.70 has been released and is on server! New maps and tank run support is included in this update. Server configs will be done soon... stay tuned!

        - -

    • June
      • [UT04] AM/TAM v3 released!
        ArenaMaster v3.0 has been released. The new graphics have been completed and beta bugs fixed!Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of TAM 2.57, optimized for better performance and restructured in preparation for UT2k7. New features of major note include:

        * All new scoreboard and stats scree

      • [FEAR] new patch released - v1.06
        patch details:This latest update corrects a loading issue with games saved before the 1.05 update and several other various fixes.

        Download patch and read patch changelog history HERE -
        Server will be updated and server details posted soon on forum.

      • nerd saying hello
        Hi Abbi & Ewan!

        ...getting married in March! woOt!
        Ab says don't forget to kiss her before work :P
        (he keeps forgetting for those who don't know :o)

      • [ET] gravyStats v0.12 released
        gravyStats, by blakjack aka gravy, displays an etpro game's stats via a log file which is created during a game. This is nice to look at after a match (or sometimes not so nice to look at :P) to see, for example, who gave most damage to the other team.

        For an example of the layout cl

      • [ET] customs night 11 info!
        Here we go again :P

        Thursday 29-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        King of the Flag (True Edition)
        Fight hard to keep your own flag and get your opponents! Tight map with 5 second respawns makes for one crazy fast piece of gaming! ctf config will be used... config details - HERE -
      • [ET] another mapscript for Snatch 2
        mortis has made a competion version (beta 1) mapscript for Snatch 2

        Summary of changes:All MG nests removed
        All truck barriers removed
        Removed bridge
        More autospawn tweakage (irrelevant to comp)
        Allied - Axis spawntimes set to 20/30 instead of 15/30

      • [ET] new map --- Supply Depot 2
        I've added Supply Depot 2 to the nedETPRO server because it's in the new slashquit ladder - LINK -

        on server now
        download from - HERE -

      • [D3] nedMapPack v6 ready for testing soon!
        Version 6 of my map pack series for the nedDOOM3 mod server will be ready for testing soon. I want to increase the custom maps in the server's cycle from 10 to 15.

        Version 5 customs are:
        -RSTDM2 - Redux
        -Once Upon A Time ...
        -Blood Burns 2
        -The Campgrounds

      • [ET] map news and updates

        Raw Castle & Raw Castle Tournament Edition
        -pre-final versions of both maps are being privately tested on the nedETPRO server Thursday 22-June-06 from 8:30pm
        -final versions released soon!


        -removed Arh

      • [ET] new mapscript for Snatch2
        This is a beta script by Mortis.
        on server nowCorrected autospawns
        Corrected endgame wait states
        Removed bad TWO and spawns at CP
        Created correctly working TWO and spawns at CP
        Made a new autospawn system
        Added wm_announcements for CP spawn activity
        Test night

      • [ET] custom night 10 info!
        Custom map night #10 is upon us!

        Thursday 15-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        Axis Lab
        This is a remake of an RtCW custom map. Has both an indoor and outdoor section providing good short and long distance fighting with the full range of ET's arsenal.The Axis are guardin

      • [ET] new maps --- ET Tundra & Axis Lab
        Both of these maps are remakes of RtCW customs. The RtCW versions of these maps are called Tundra Outpost and Axis Lab. ET Tundra was once popular on the GameArena servers. Expect these maps on the future RtCW2 campaign! Info - HERE.

        Download maps - HERE -

      • [ET] etpromapscript updates / configs/schedule thread updated
        * I've updated 3 map scripts

        Details - HERE -


        * Info on the server's main configs with the more important settings mentioned can be found - HERE -
        * Server schedule updated, info - HERE -

      • [ET] nedETPRO and fog
        I received an email asking me what maps don't have fog as they thought I was running server configs matching GA season 7. He noticed Radar had no fog but River2 redux did. In the GameArena ET ladder, fog has been disabled for all maps except Secret Weapon. From what I've seen the GA public

      • [ET] new map --- X-Dam Complex 2
        This original final version of this map was the first custom I played when I started ET.The Axis are building a new X-Lab facility in an old factory while the Allies have intercepted the info and are now on a mission to find and destroy the X-Lab.

        SteelRat has re-released this map with gr

      • [ET] new maps/campaign (RtCW remakes)
        By request I've made a new campaign with remakes of original RtCW maps.
        Map order plus other nedETPRO campaign details - HERE -

        New installed maps:Rocket (alpha 1)
        ET Depot (beta 1)
        Das Boot (rc 1)
        Tram Siege ET (v2)
        Download maps from - HE

      • nerd saying hello
        Kia ora Kirsty!
        Kei te pehea koe?

    • May
      • [ET] customs night 9 info!
        Time for another one :)

        Thursday 01-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        Tram Fight (beta 2)Axis scientist are developing a new weapon called the "venom cannon". A prototype of this weapon was hidden inside a church in a small spanish village. Now allied forces must o

      • [ET] new etpromapscripts installed
        I've installed two new mapscripts on the nedETPRO server.

        * One for Braundorf (beta 4) by Syd.fixes the "omg I planted on 35 seconds and axis won" bug and afew exploits.
        Props to maximum for finding the others.
        * One for Heart of Gold (beta 9) by mortis.

      • [PF] server details in forum
        Pacific Fighters server details are now in the forum!
        (stand-alone version patched to v4.04)

        * patch info
        * server settings
        * links
        * screenies

        Details - HERE -

      • [ET] Snatch map update and news
        Snatch has been updated to version 2

        Some major bugs were found in the initail final release.
        A possible Tournament Edition may also be made.
        Snatch2 on server now!

        Download - HERE -

      • [ET] Base 12 map update
        Base 12 (beta 4)October 1942: Axis have just managed to build a working V2 rocket. The prototype is waiting for its transportation in base 12. This is the last chance for Allies to destroy the prototype before it is tranported into safety.Today TF released beta 4 of his map Base 12. This is an excel

      • [ET] initial FritzBot mod test a success!
        I dedcided after uploading the FritzBot mod to the main server to do an impromptu run with bot/map defaults. I ran 24 BOTs with 6 people for three cycles of the full fritz campaign with no problems.

        I'll sort a decent custom BOT config for the next test (which will be scheduled)
      • [ET] new map for server
        SnatchJune 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost, which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines. This outpost is equipped with the new radar technology and the Allies are planning an attack (codename: Snatch). The aim is to steal a radar part which in turn will give the

      • [BOXING] Mundine v Green
        It's a few hous away... 'man' v 'machine'

        This is Australias biggest Boxing event EVER surpasing Jeff Fenech's world title loss to Azumah Nelson in Melbourne in 1992 where 37000 where in the crowd. This fight is expected to hit 40000 specs!

        The win

      • [ET] custom night 8 info!
        It's time for another ET custom night!
        custom night history - HERE -

        Thursday 18-May-06 from 8:30pm


        King of the Radio (final 17-April-06 version)
        Raiders (final)

        download maps - HERE -

        King of the Radio
      • [ET] new map for server
        Raiders (final)

        Dr. Jones has discovered that Axis scientists dabbling in the occult have found a way
        to create soldiers with other-worldy abilities. Harnessing the powers of various
        ancient relics, the Axis are soon to create 'super soldats.' Special Allied raiders

      • nerd saying hello
        hi renee :P
        geeks for the win !!

      • [ET] patch v2.60b
        id software has released a patch for Quake III Arena engine games.

        Attention Quake III Arena, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory users:

        We have released updates to all three games to fix some security issues discovered following our release of the Qua

      • [ET] FritzBot test night soon!
        The FritzBot mod test night is soon upon us :)

        Check the forum for info & required files/maps - HERE -

      • [ET] new map for server
        Stalingrad (final)

        This is a great map! It has been used in the GameArena ET ladder and was quite popular in the pubs. This map is also part of the default FritzBot campaign. The FritzBot mod will be installed on the server soon.

        Download Stalingrad - HERE -

      • [FEAR] Extraction Point
        oO an expansion pack is being made for FEAR!!
        F.E.A.R. Extraction Point kicks off where the original game ended – with a bang. The First Encounter Assault Recon Team (F.E.A.R.) returns to battle the now free Alma and her paranormal minions across a destroyed city. New locations, weaponry and

      • [GTR] server details in forum
        My GTR server details are now in the forum. All server settings have been listed. Custom tracks have direct download links from my space so there's no need to have to register on sites to get them. The relevent sites have still been linked.

        - GTR server details here -

      • [ET] nedETPRO server configs updated
        The nedETPRO server - link - configs are now up to date with the GameArena season 7 configs.

        Not much has changed since season 6

        Here is what I had to change:match_timeoutcount 3 (from 2)
        cl_maxpackets IN 30 100 (lower retriction was 20)


      • [ET] Heart of Gold news
        The Heart of Gold map is new to the GameArena ET ladder.
        HoG beta 9 is a map option in season 7

        HoG beta 10 is currently being privately tested.

        The current beta 10 has a major change!!
        - allies get the axis initial spawn if they build the CP
        - getting this for

      • [ET] fritzbot mod testing
        I've been testing another BOT mod for ET

        FritzBot is amazing!
        Here is a feature list:

        Command Posts

        Game Sense:
        Objective priorities
        Event awareness and re

      • blog is up!
        ok, this is the start of my gaming blog :)

        nedETPRO server updates etc will all be posted here.

        My hobby is to put togther online game servers. This site provides all the information about my servers and mods plus more in the one easy to navigate place. This front page is a ch