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Serious Sam 2 dedicated server tips 
If you are wanting to set up a Serious Sam 2 dedicated server I recommend Dwk/Dk's Serious Sam 2 Dedicated Server Utility v1.07 - link -

But, for those of us nerds that like to play around with cvars etc then read on!

-in progress-

This is on my 'to do' list. I'll provide explanations on how to set up a dedicated server config and give options info on some of the settings eg. sam_strMapListFile, sam_strLevelToStart, sam_strDisabledVoteTypes, sam_strDisabledItems. Full lists will be provided.

I'll probably get onto this after the forum info has all been moved over to the blog. If you can't wait then contact me (top right of blog).

-in progress-


for some info, read the DedicatedServer_ENG.html file
default location is Serious Sam 2\Content\SeriousSam2\DedicatedServer_ENG.html
Unfortionately this was never updated with regard to the patches but it's something to get you started with.

dedicated server runs in COOP mode even when set to DM - fix

how to connect telnet to your server for control
(local use ~ lan use lan ip)

sam_sgpGameOptions parameters need to sit under the [Sam2Game] identifier

Below is my current setup.

nedSS2-DM target (DedicatedServer.exe)
+gametype dm +exec Content\SeriousSam2\Config\nedDM.cfg
nedSS2-DM config - view -
nedSS2-DM maplist - view -

nedSS2-COOP target (DedicatedServer.exe)
+exec Content\SeriousSam2\Config\nedCOOP.cfg
nedSS2-COOP config - view


My Serious Sam 2 servers - link -