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Serious Sam 2 server. 
nedSS2-DM & nedSS2-COOP

The Serious Sam 2 server can be run in two modes, Deathmatch and Coopperative.

game type deathmatch
max players 4
time limit 15 min
frag limit 25
voting enabled

Weapons Availability - all
Powerups Availability - all
Items Availability - standard healthpack only

Brkeen Chevap
Little Trouble

-play together against Sam's enemies!-
game type cooperative
max players 4
difficulty hard
# lives 1000
extra enemy strength per player 50%
voting enabled

infitite ammo - no
friendly fire - no
weapons stay - yes
ammo stay - yes
health stay - yes

// Required Files.

Serious Sam 2 v2.070 patch - link -


Putting together dedicated online game servers is a hobby of mine. Most of the servers listed in this blog are run from one of my home connections and are fired up by request. I can be contacted via this blog or at (Ned). Home IPs are dynamic.