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MOHAA Breakthrough server 

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough is an expansion pack (the second, after Spearhead) to Medal of Honor Allied Assault. MOHAA Breakthrough includes all MOHAA & MOHAA Spearhead content plus more!


patched to v2.40b


health packs - disabled
friendly fire - ON
leaning while running - disabled
sprint - ON
landmines - disabled
axis set to use shotgun instead of gewehrgranate
portable MG42s removed
force models - disabled
customised voting options


MOHAA Breakthrough patch v2.40b - link -
DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN menu mod - link -
CrizzBlood mod v3 - link -
DV8R's Mustard Gas mod v3 - link -


Server set-up via MOHAA Breakthrough Runner v1.0.9 - link -
server runs map-fix, exploit-fix and force-cvar scripts

thanks to -AJ- and -|SWS|- Cadet 1Paps Bauer for helping me test the server settings/mods


Putting together dedicated online game servers is a hobby of mine. Most of the servers listed in this blog are run from one of my home connections and are fired up by request. I can be contacted via this blog or at (Ned). Home IPs are dynamic.