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How to reinstall MOH Airborne and keep your Stats and Medals. 
Saving your Stats and Medals in Medal of Honor Airborne.

If you're reinstalling 'Medal of Honor Airborne' for whatever reason and you have been playing the single-player portion of the game then you may want to keep your Stats and Medals. For those that don't know, you can replay levels in this game and continue with your Stats, Medals and Unlocks. This information is kept in a file called MOHASAVEDGAME

The default location of this file is as follows..
C:\Documents and Settings\name\My Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)\Saved\MOHASAVEDGAME

note: name is the name of your computer

Simply save this file and add it to the 'Saved' folder after you have reinstalled (and patched!) the game.