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Good service deserves a mention 
Wednesday, 21 December, 2011, 11:48 - >Misc Chat
Posted by ned
2011 is nearly over. I certainly hope I get more gaming done in 2012 than I did this year! Even my home server was down for most of it (sorry for those asking and me saying "soon" for most of the year). Work commitments were very high but so far next year is looking resonable as far as time goes.

This brings me to what I've just setup at home. For my test server I now have ADSL 2 and it's live. Testing will start sometime in January to see how the modem gets on etc.

My gaming machine finally now has Windows 7 and decent sized HDDs. My Playstation 3 now has a good wireless connection after the installation of a wireless extender.

Here is where the good service mentioned in the title of this post comes in. Some of what I wanted done I either didn't know how to do or it would have taken me too long to do, eg. mirror RAID my two new drives and set up the wireless extender.

I gave Marc Wannenmacher Computer Specialist, Computer Repairs Gold Coast a call. He was the preferred IT guy at one of my old places of work so I was confident of his skills but I was unsure if he would want to do what I required. He said yes and was happy to come over in the evening which is a big plus for me! Flawless and convenient service at a fair price. When he left, everything was running exactly how I wanted it to run.

If you're on the Gold Coast then Marc is the man to see for your IT needs.
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