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HradBa 2 
The term HradBa is Czezch and means "Castle Wall". The HradBa Anti-Cheat System was developed by PTERODON, the developers of Vietcong, in association with United Admins Limited to restrain multiplayer cheating in the Vietcong series. Even though development of HradBa and HradBa2 has ceased, the latest versions can still be used. More HradBa details - here -

HradBa2 was made for Vietcong 2 with the latest version released with the 1.10 patch.
>> Vietcong 2 v1.10 patch -

HradBa2 history

v011, 01-Sep-2005
- part of Vietcong2 MP public test

v012, 07-Sep-2005
- updated online

v013, 12-Sep-2005
- updated online
- fixed engine data files change detection

v090, 01-Oct-2005
- part of Vietcong2 v1.0

v100, 04-Oct-2005
- part of Vietcong2 SP/MP demo

v110, 28-Nov-2005
- part of Vietcong2 patch v1.1

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