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The term HradBa is Czezch and means "Castle Wall".

The HradBa Anti-Cheat System was developed by PTERODON, the developers of Vietcong, in association with United Admins Limited to restrain multiplayer cheating.

HradBa was implemented in the 1.40 Patch of Vietcong and is now being used on nearly every Vietcong multiplayer server. The resource files can quickly and easily be obtained by entering a game server that contains a newer version of the anti-cheat system than the client side computer. Even though development of HradBa has ceased, the latest version can still be used.

When an update was made available, the game servers automatically downloaded the new HradBa version from PTERODON servers. The PTERODON servers however are no longer active. The official PTERODON web site reported any new updates for the HradBa anti-cheat system together with other relevant news for both the game and the company. You may visit their web site at

In addition, several fan sites of the game host HradBa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages, which describe a lot of the previous problems with the anti-cheat system and most also contain a correction for such. A comprehensive list of fan sites can be acquired at the official PTERODON web site.

It is strongly recommended that all Vietcong servers run Vietcong 1.60 and use HradBa v206 in order to take full advantage of the game and HradBa.

SOURCE: HradBa | United Admins Limited


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