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[ET] Snatch 3 ETPro axis icon fix 

The map Snatch 3 by SteelRat has a bug in it where you're playing on an ET Pro server as Axis you are unable to see some map icons. No image for 'Radio Wall' and 'Main Entrance'.

"Couldn't find image for shader gfx\imbo\m_radar_maindoor"
"Couldn't find image for shader gfx\imbo\m_dynamite"
"Couldn't find image for shader textures\natch3\adiowall"

As you can see in the warnings, these errors were just typos. There is also a typo in the snatch3.objdata file that made the first allied wm_mapdescription not show in the menu. This has been fixed.

This is a server fix. It must be on the server you are playing on for it to work.

Servers and clients place z_snatch3-iconsfix.pk3 into your etmain folder.
default location is C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain

Snatch 3
Snatch 3 ETPro axis icon fix

Download one or both from - here -

Snatch 2 was played on customs night 10 & 11

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