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Enemy Territory (Fritz Bot v0.70c mod) server. 
nedET [FritzBot]

NOTE: If you have played the FritzBot ET mod before and have been redirected here then please delete your fritzbot folder and install the latest patched version - see below -

FritzBot is a mod that puts in AI players into a server to play with and/or against.
- see 'FritzBot ET feature list' page for details -

required files

- everything EXCEPT the full mod and patches can be downloaded from the server -

• ET patches v2.60 & v2.60b - LINK -
- see How to install ET (includes v2.60b patch info) - link -
• ET FritzBot mod v0.70c

• Fritz1 multi-map BOT pack v1
• Fritz2 multi-map BOT pack v1
• Fritz3 multi-map BOT pack v1
• Adlernest FritzBot alteration v1
• Braundorf FritzBot alteration v2
• Bremen pack v0.08
• Glider 3 pack v0.05
• Skull Mine Flags by SiliconSlick
• custom maps

- see 'nedET FritzBot downloads (mod, packs, maps)' page -

required custom maps list

Caen 2
CAHA: Tavern
El Kef (GA)
ET UFO (Foo Fighter - ET Edition)
Glider 3
Special Delivery TE
Supply Depot (Night) Supply Depot (pro)
TC Base
X-Dam Complex 2


mod specific server settings

Bot AI Skill: HARD
Bot Aim Skill: MEDIUM
Min. Bots: 10
Medic Heal Rate: x1
Mover Speed Multiplier: x1


Current Objective map cycle.

01 Siwa Oasis
02 Braundorf
03 Warehouse
04 Seawall Battery
05 Caen 2
06 Reactor
07 Fuel Dump
08 Bremen
09 Gold Rush
10 Saberpeak
11 Stalingrad
12 Frostbite
13 Würzburg Radar
14 Special Delivery TE
15 Nachteinbruch
16 ET UFO (Foo Fighter - ET Edition)
17 Bridges
18 El Kef (GA)
19 TC Base
20 X-Dam Complex 2
21 Supply Depot pro (night)
22 Adlernest
23 CAHA Tavern
24 Glider 3
25 Venice
26 Warbell
27 Rail Gun
28 Baserace

• There is a G_Spawn() issue with the map Baserace. On a busy game it can cause the server to crash. I've set com_watchdog_cmd to execute the map cycle from the start if this happens... that's why Baserace is the last map on the cycle. The crash isn't a common occurrence. If it does however occurr the server will simply start the cycle from the beginning.

Image made by TomTom - link -