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[ET] CAHA Tavern ETPro spawn selector 


-axis attack
-axis must steal spy lists from temple (top of map) and take to sewer via cellar (bottom of map - below lobby)
-sewer wall can only be destroyed by grenades, satchel or dyno
-generator B is on level 3 and controls the security doors on level 3
axis must destroy - can be satcheled or dynoed - cannot be repaired
-generator A is next to temple - controls security door of temple and security door to cellar
axis must destroy - can be dynoed only - cannot be repaired
-if axis destroy power generator A, allied spawn time changes from 25 to 20


Lobby (ground floor)
-initial default axis spawn... axis never lose this option
-allied cannot spawn here

Level 1
-spawn point for axis only
-allied can recliam flag
-if axis hold flag for 45 seconds then it becomes a permanent spawn option for them

Level 2
-initial default allied spawn
-both teams can hold flag... neither can hold floor permanently

Level 3
-generator B is on this floor
-either team can spawn here if hold flag
-axis obtain this spawn permanently if hold the flag for 45 seconds

Level 4
-either team can spawn here if hold flag
-axis obtain this spawn permanently if hold the flag for 45 seconds

-generator A and spy list are on this level
-allied only spawn option... never lose this option

CAHA: Tavern by Roger "redRum" Creus is a multi-level map with stunning graphics and superb gameplay. In my opinion, CAHA: Tavern is one of the best Enemy Territory maps ever made. As the game progresses throughout the various levels, both teams switching spawns fast can really make an intense game. Try to be aware where the spy list is at all times. Depending on certain factors, spawning can occur at the Lobby, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors and at the Temple. I've made some etpro specific configs to set the keypad as a spawnselector with the numbers matching the floor levels.

KEYPAD 0 - default spawn (will change during game progression)
KEYPAD 1 - 1st floor if available
KEYPAD 2 - 2nd floor if available
KEYPAD 3 - 3rd floor if available
KEYPAD 4 - 4th floor if available
KEYPAD 5 - lobby if available
KEYPAD 6 - temple if available

CAHA: Tavern was a favourite on the nedETPRO server and was one of the maps we publically and privately tested on the custom-map nights - link. CAHA: Tavern was one step away from a final release but redRum vanished. I don't know what happened but I suspect he moved on from gaming and mapping. He did mention he was busy trying to start a new career in the graphics world and had landed a good job. I for one hope he's doing well as he is a good guy. He also had other maps nearing completeion eg. Raw Catsle TE (final), a superb competition map! (the current public beta release isn't in my opinion). redRum's website - - is still running albeit with no activety. This is a big loss to the gaming world. He is one of the worlds most talented mappers.

CAHA: Tavern (beta 2)
CAHA Tavern ETPro spawn selector v1.1

Download one or both from - here -

I recommend CAHA: Tavern for every ET server!