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Adlernest and Dersaidin 
Have you ever wondered how a mapper would play his own map?? What strats would be involved?? How have they visioned map phases etc?? Dersaidin, the creator of Adlernest, played the beta 7c version of his map in the GameArena season 6 final (round 2). He took a demo!

[To play the demo you will need the map.]

game - ET Pro 6v6
ladder - GameArena season 6 finals round 2 - 18-April-06
map - Adlernest (beta 7c)
teams - reanimation (re.) v klanfusion (klanfsn|)
pov - klanfsn|Dersaidin
Download - LINK - 11.3MB -

// MAP
map name - Adlernest
version - beta 7c
file name - adlernest_b7c.pk3
.bsp - adlernest_b7c
Download - LINK - 8MB -

NOTE: because the game was played on an ET Pro mod server, you need this mod installed to view the demo


-adlernest_b7c.pk3 goes into the etmain folder
-Dersaidin_GA6F_re-18-4-06.dm_84 goes into the demos folder which is inside the etpro folder
-if you have no demos folder inside the etpro folder then create one


-start ET from your desktop
-select MODS in the menu
-select etpro and hit LOAD MOD
-select REPLAYS in the menu
-select Dersaidin_GA6F_re-18-4-06 and hit VIEW

Adlernest (beta 7c) was played on customs night 3

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