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[ET] nedETPRO and fog 
Thursday, 8 June, 2006, 08:53 - Enemy Territory
I received an email asking me what maps don't have fog as they thought I was running server configs matching GA season 7. He noticed Radar had no fog but River2 redux did. In the GameArena ET ladder, fog has been disabled for all maps except Secret Weapon. From what I've seen the GA public servers have fog off for all other customs as well.

In the nedETPRO server only the maps in the GA ladder that have no fog also have no fog. ALL other maps DO have fog. Some maps eg. The River 2 redux look terrible without fog (in my opinion).

Details - HERE -

I'll finish the thread on server config details tonight.
stay tuned :)

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[ET] new map --- X-Dam Complex 2 
Saturday, 3 June, 2006, 06:58 - Enemy Territory
This original final version of this map was the first custom I played when I started ET.
The Axis are building a new X-Lab facility in an old factory while the Allies have intercepted the info and are now on a mission to find and destroy the X-Lab.

SteelRat has re-released this map with graphics, command map and script fixes.
on server now!

Download - HERE -

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[ET] new maps/campaign (RtCW remakes) 
Saturday, 3 June, 2006, 06:28 - Enemy Territory
By request I've made a new campaign with remakes of original RtCW maps.
Map order plus other nedETPRO campaign details - HERE -

New installed maps:
Rocket (alpha 1)
ET Depot (beta 1)
Das Boot (rc 1)
Tram Siege ET (v2)

Download maps from - HERE -

Testing will begin soon for a campaign with remakes of RtCW custom maps.

Current 'to test' list/order:
-Foo Fighter
-Tundra Outpost
-Kung Fu Grip
-Mountain Assault
-The River

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nerd saying hello 
Thursday, 1 June, 2006, 13:07 - >Nerd saying Hello!
Kia ora Kirsty!
Kei te pehea koe?

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[ET] customs night 9 info! 
Sunday, 28 May, 2006, 10:17 - Enemy Territory
Time for another one :)

Thursday 01-June-06
from 8:30pm

Tram Fight (beta 2)
Axis scientist are developing a new weapon called the "venom cannon". A prototype of this weapon was hidden inside a church in a small spanish village. Now allied forces must obtain this prototype....
A beautiful looking map!
- -

Base 12 (beta 4)

We have played beta 1 and beta 3 before. Each version brings vast improvements!
Main change since beta 3
- Added keycard that allies must steal to open second door and secure the forward bunker.

All wecome!

Download maps - HERE -
Customs night history - HERE -

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[ET] new etpromapscripts installed 
Sunday, 28 May, 2006, 10:03 - Enemy Territory
I've installed two new mapscripts on the nedETPRO server.

* One for Braundorf (beta 4) by Syd.
fixes the "omg I planted on 35 seconds and axis won" bug and afew exploits.
Props to maximum for finding the others.

* One for Heart of Gold (beta 9) by mortis.
- fixes end game bug.

All maps on the server that use etpromapscripts are listed - HERE -
NOTE: these scripts are server-side only and NOT required by the client (player).

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[PF] server details in forum 
Saturday, 27 May, 2006, 14:23 - Pacific Fighters
Pacific Fighters server details are now in the forum!
(stand-alone version patched to v4.04)

* patch info
* server settings
* links
* screenies

Details - HERE -

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[ET] Snatch map update and news 
Tuesday, 23 May, 2006, 11:53 - Enemy Territory
Snatch has been updated to version 2

Some major bugs were found in the initail final release.
A possible Tournament Edition may also be made.
Snatch2 on server now!

Download - HERE -

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[ET] Base 12 map update 
Saturday, 20 May, 2006, 12:19 - Enemy Territory
Base 12 (beta 4)
October 1942: Axis have just managed to build a working V2 rocket. The prototype is waiting for its transportation in base 12. This is the last chance for Allies to destroy the prototype before it is tranported into safety.
Today TF released beta 4 of his map Base 12. This is an excellent map with real potential to be played in competition. Base 12 has been on the server since beta 1. Each change has provided an improvement in gameplay.

Changes since beta 3:
- Edited side entrance.
- Edited second way to rocket.
- Edited forward bunker.
- Added some voice announcments.
- Added keycard that allies must steal to open second door and secure the forward bunker.
- Its possible to shoot trought the side entrance wire section.

Base 12 as well as Snatch will be played in the next public custom map testing night. More details coming soon.

Download - HERE -

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[ET] initial FritzBot mod test a success! 
Saturday, 20 May, 2006, 12:07 - Enemy Territory
I dedcided after uploading the FritzBot mod to the main server to do an impromptu run with bot/map defaults. I ran 24 BOTs with 6 people for three cycles of the full fritz campaign with no problems.

I'll sort a decent custom BOT config for the next test (which will be scheduled)

...stay tuned!

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