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[L4D] new additions to servers! 
Sunday, 2 May, 2010, 10:56 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I've added two more campaigns to both servers.

Dark Blood v1.9 Beta is set on a tankership and offers both co-op and versus. It's still in beta stage so there may be a few updates coming. As it is now it plays very well.
-thanks to TOG Unknown for letting me know about this one-

Suicide Blitz v3.0 is another map that plays well and doesn't have any "samey" feel to it like many custom campaigns do. The author, R.T. Frisk, is still active with this project having recently fixed a major AI issue that prevented me from wanting to upload this to the main server. It's on there now, fixed and ready to play!

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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