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[COD:B-OPS] new Call of Duty: Black Ops due NOV 2010 
Saturday, 1 May, 2010, 01:19 - Call of Duty
Posted by ned

The seventh title in the series, Call Of Duty: Black Ops is set during the Vietnam War, and will focus on members of the Studies and Observations Group, a covert group undertaking the most dangerous and secretive missions of the conflict.

From Cuba to the Arctic and the jungles of Vietnam, Call of Duty: Black Ops features stunning cinematic graphics and intense gameplay that puts you right at the heart of the action.

SOURCE - Call Of Duty: Black Ops Official Website Goes Live; Out November 9th
SOURCE - Call Of Duty: Black Ops Heading To The Arctic & Cuba Too

Call of Duty: Black Ops is being developed by Treyarch, an Activision studio and is due for release NOV 2010

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For me, the Call of Duty series peaked at United Offensive. I will however be following the news on this one. The release time is simialr to the new Medal of Honor and I have an interest in both due to past games. It'll be interesting to see how the developers try to make their respective titles stand-out from each other. Time will tell all.


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