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Sunday, 18 April, 2010, 02:36 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned

Updated Hunter Training to v3.5
-Removed overlapping brushes and various other errors from Live Fire Course.
-Added three more Hunter Spawn Rooms.
-Made C18 more difficult by adding two more floors (The "V" and the "Man") and making half the walls fail-ports.
-Changed the "Diamond" floor in C18 to "Star".
-Added fail-port destination to bottom of C18 so that players don't have to re-do the floor bit if they screw up the ceiling pounce.
-Dimmed the lighting to reduce glare

Please note this version breaks the ability to play this map in singleplayer. I suspect eyeonus will fix this soon.

> Hunter Training


Added Silent Hill 1 v7.1 by Leafo

This campaign is an epic journey! I believe it's a direct port from the original Playstation game and not a Silent Hill themed set of maps.

Note from the author..
Do not download this if you do not like; Puzzle solving, getting lost or exploring the maps.

It took 3-4 of us (myself, Thermal Ions, Unknown and Racer X) over 4 hours to complete... AND the help of Thermal's pro-google skills in sloving some of the puzzles! The BOTs need some work and it's currently a little buggy but it's worth a run. Be prepared to spend some time on it though!

> Silent Hill 1

I'll probably add this one to the main server soon..

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