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[BF:BC2] BF Bad Company 2 "singleplayer" 
Friday, 2 April, 2010, 02:04 - Battlefield
Posted by ned
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a recently released shooter for PC, PS3 & XBOX 360. The original Battlefield Bad Company game was released on console only.

I don't know how the console players received this game but from what I've seen, PC players are loving it. From Battlefield veterans to Call of Duty players, many are loving this game for it's online element. For me though I think Battlefield 2 (v1.5) is the superior online game but that's another story.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a singleplayer campaign.

Many PC players will be saying..

--What's a singleplayer?
--BF:BC2 has singleplayer?
--Yeh that's what you do when your internet is down...

BF:BC2 has given me some of the best singleplayer gaming I've ever experienced.


Serious game - NO
Did I mention FUN? - YES

Before I started the campaign I really wasn't expecting much. I thought at best it may look good but will probably be a token addition to the game. I was wrong!

Dense jungles : deserts : snow-torn mountains : destructable environments.. You'll get about 8 hours of play so two nights will do it for most. I highly recommend playing this singleplayer campaign. The game is worth the money just for this alone..... and then there's the online modes..

I give the BF Bad Company 2 Singleplayer Campaign 9/10. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 for me was the lack of Co-op. Being able to share the experience with friends would make this Campaign close to perfect. I would love to see this in a future patch! Spending a day with mates playing as 'B' Company working our way through the Campaign..


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