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Tuesday, 20 October, 2009, 06:32 - >Games (PC)
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Borderlands is a science fiction First-Person Shooter with RPG elements. It's popularity even before its release is growing very fast.

I've been concidering getting this game when it's released for quite some time now. A recent PC review prompted me to pre-purchase it on Steam. The review is written by Jeff Buckland and is on the website.

Borderlands Review - AtomicGamer

I hadn't gotten very far in Borderlands when I realized Gearbox Software really did manage to combine first person shooter and RPG without quite nearly the compromise we've seen in other developers' efforts. With the spin and click of a revolver's chamber, with the satisfying clicks of dropping new shells into a shotgun, and with the bass-heavy explosion of a sniper rifle removing the head of an enemy downrange, Borderlands is foremost a first person shooter.

But then the RPG elements sneak up on you. Your character - one of four Vault Hunters, each with a unique class and talent tree - levels up in order to unlock new abilities, hit harder, and find more powerful and accurate weaponry. No, you won't be solving murders by interviewing suspects, juggling opposing factions, or have a band of NPCs following behind you. Borderlands isn't any more of an RPG than Diablo ever was, but for most gamers out there, that's plenty.


Thanks to TOG Drac for letting me know about this review!

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