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[L4D] Left 4 Dead servers are go! 
Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 05:37 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I have two Left 4 Dead servers. One runs 24/7 and one is a test server that runs on demand. The test server contains all the content of the main one plus various custom content for testing/playing.


-banner by TOG DirtySnachez-

My semi-private Left 4 Dead server is mainly used for Steam Achievement play. Attaining the various achievements can be a lot of fun and encourgaes a variety of ways to play the game. Besides this it can be used for just playing; Campaign, Survival or Versus mode.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) - ENABLED
Non-pure clients kicked - ENABLED
File consistancy checks - ENABLED
Auto Kick - DISABLED

sv_search_key set for semi-private use

ALL gameplay server cvars are set to their defaults.

[plugin] Achievement Notifier by Fexii, modded by ZNemesis
[map] Dead Line (campaign & Versus)
[map] Death Aboard, beta 6.1 (campaign & Versus)
[map] DeadCity, vpk5 (Campaign & Survival)
[map] Hunter Training, v2.6 (Versus, training)
[map] Dead Meat, (l4d_abattoir) rc1 (Survival)
[map] Jungle Crisis, v1.2 (survival)
*Clients require the maps to play*



runs on demand
same base config as main
test server has ALL the custom content the main one has plus more
-[plugin] Director Controller v1.4.5
-[map] Helms Deep, v3 (Survival)
---turn off music in options else hear both tank and LOTR music!
---Blow the horn on top of tower to start!

-[map] Bedrooms 3: Bite Size, v1.0 (Survival)
-[map] Night Terror, beta 1 (Campaign)
-[map] Heaven Can Wait, v8.0 06-Aug-09 (Campaign)

*Clients require the maps to play*

"contact me if you would like any custom content on the server to test"

Thanks to TOG Unknown for steering me in the right direction regarding Source Dedicated Servers!

Server status and latest info is recorded - here -

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