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Wolfenstein out soon... please read this article. 
Friday, 3 July, 2009, 10:00 - Wolfenstein
Posted by ned
Here is an article by Verticae from the Crossfire Gaming Community Site.
Article - here -

Hopfully a few that read this will listen but I doubt it. Kleenex has already started producing extra stock of tissues for the expected tears and bulk crying the ET community will do upon this game's release.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a game released back in May 2003. Since then, most of us grew to love it, and many still play it day in, day out, in an attempt to improve their skill and get some of that e-fame.

Surely, this game should be considered a classic. It has a brilliant mix between aim, movement, weapon management, teamwork and that ever helpful bit of luck. Many games have worked with a similar system since Return To Castle Wolfenstein first catered it to the masses, but it was in Enemy Territory where most will agree it was perfected.

So far, so good: Enemy Territory is a great game, has plenty of following.. But that's it. There's more games out there, possibly just as good. But the instant anything new pops up, it seems the community on CrossFire instantly rejects it on the sole reason of it "not being ET".

It's happened with a lot of games, but most notably, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and the upcoming Wolfenstein seem to be rejected by most - even if they haven't played it. "Wolfenstein has ironsights omg it must sukkk!!!11", it's a logic I fail to comprehend. Game developers want to try new things, and often do so to great success - despite the initial criticism. Look at how Shiny incorporated a sniper rifle into MDK (1997), an idea people didn't like during development, but nowadays is a part of nearly every shooter game. In fact look at The Sims (I went there!), a non-violent game that turned out to be a bestseller.

Gaming history is full of these examples, yet it seems the CrossFire community will reject anything that isn't Enemy Territory. ETQW, as an example, was written off by most people because it had aliens, vehicles, or simply because they didn't like the 'feel' (or system requirements). The majority of those judging it only played the demo, and never looked at ETQWpro, a mod which (albeit too late) made ETQW an amazing lot better. And if you think a game shouldn't need a mod to suit to your likings.. Go play some ETmain and realise it's not ETpro at all.

By the looks of it, Wolfenstein will be going down the same route: The game introduces new concepts to the ET players' universe, and because of it, it's disliked. Hell, people speak of boycotting the game already (even when they haven't seen any MP info or footage yet). For all we know, it could be an experience that, with some practice and perhaps a decent promod, could be even better than Enemy Territory.

For those that didn't feel like reading: Simply because it's 'not ET', is not a reason to dislike a game instantly. Come to your senses and realise that what made Enemy Territory great, is that it was different from what was out there (okay, and it was free). That's what developers keep trying to do. Give up the whining, and try it out first.

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