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[UT04] Anti TCC and ProAsm's mods news 
Sunday, 19 April, 2009, 06:53 - Unreal
Posted by ned
After nearly two years of 'cancelled developement time' Anti TCC for Unreal Tournament 2004 is back. Wormbo (Anti TCC's creator) has spent the last few months working on his 2009 version of this excellent Anti-Cheat mod. Development can be followed from his website and discussed over at

There are some new features like the secured console class and some bug fixes, check out the manual for details.

-Wormbo's Homepage
-Wormbo's Homepage - UT 2004 Downloads | Anti TCC
-Unreal Admins | Forums | Wormbos Area

Due to conflicts with Anti TCC's secured console feature many mods are affected and will have to be updated to work again. ProAsm has update his mods.

As well as updating his UT2Vote mod to work with the latest Anti TCC, ProAsm has added some features and fixed some bugs.

Fixes and Changes in UT2Vote 5.9
Fixed the Ghost maps found in the clients menus.

Fixes and Changes in UT2Vote 5.8
Fixed the Unban Player bug in the Kick Menu.
Fixed where the UT2Vote image was overlapping the counter.
Fixed the unban button changing incorrectly in the banlist.
Fixed the console commands to be more compatible with AntiTcc 2009.
Added Silent SpecSpy for the Admin.
Added the option for a Semi Admin to ban players.
Added so a Semi Admin can now Pause / Unpause a game.

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