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[ETQW] Official Competition Mod coming soon! 
Thursday, 7 February, 2008, 10:22 - ET: QUAKE Wars
Many have been waiting for this, and with the features it will have, it looks to be well worth the wait!

some featutres:
added cvar-based limits for classes, weapons, deployables, and mines.
Added ability to permanently enable XP unlocks such as Faster Sprint, Grenade Launcher, Reduced Weapon Spread, Extra Clip, and Scoped Assault Rifle.
Added pause functionality: Teams can call time-outs, and Admins can pause and unpause the game.
Added ability to scale pitch and yaw values for every vehicle to fully customize mouse sensitivity.
Added setSpawnPoint command with several options to allow keybinds for selecting spawn points.
Reduced Radar range.
Added map-specific changes across the board to improve gameplay for competition (including number of vehicles).
Added various Spectator improvements:
-Names displayed above player's heads.
-Time remaining on planted charges.
-Pressing use while looking at a player spectates that player.
-New "spectate" console command to switch spectator players, jump to players currently constructing the objective, or jump to a preset angle and position on the map.

More details - here -

The beta version will installed asap for testing followed by the final version when released ;p

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