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[UT04] server updated --- AM/TAM --- fake echos 
Friday, 3 November, 2006, 22:43 - Unreal
3SPN - link - have released more versions of ArenaMaster/TeamArenMaster.

AM/TAM is a modified version of the Last Man Standing and Team DeathMatch gametypes where maxlives is set to 1 by default.

Features include:
-In-game GUI for clients and admins
-Custom Scoreboard
-Enhanced HUD displays game relevant data
-Brightskins menu options
-Hitsounds (optional)
-Overtime period drains all remaining players of health at the same rate

I've updated the server to v3.14.1 from v3.0
Changed include:
exploit fixes
HUD, scoreboard and stats alterations
line of sight (LOS) hitsounds only registered
removal of radar and ammo regeneration combos
Speed combo modified to also show Invisability
Berserk combo modified to also regenerate ammo
Freon gametype added
-see readme for details-

AM/TAM v3.14.1 can be downloaded from - here -
Server details - here - please note AM/TAM settings!


I've added the Fake "radar echos" server actor to the server to help disable the rend collision exploit as per TWL recommenadtions - link -

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