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[ET] nedETTV testing 
Monday, 2 October, 2006, 10:48 - Enemy Territory
I'm testing ETTV binaries and settings at the moment so some lag (maybe a lot at times) will occurr... sorry for this but the testing should sort it eventually.


edit: thanks for everyones patience during this testing! I can now have the server running as a master when required with minimal lag for the players. Lag spikes have been reduced by setting ettv_sv_iptos to 16 for those interested. Unfortionatley ettv_mtu will on run at default ie. 1400. Anything above this will crash the master and any slaves if they try to connect. This rules out big slave servers (i think). Also, this new version of ETTV has broken some aspects of demo viewing.

The server will now be running et.exe v2.60b.
ettv.exe will only be run when required.

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