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[ET] customs night 16 info! 
Wednesday, 6 September, 2006, 10:02 - Enemy Territory

Thursday 07-Sep-06
from 8:30pm

ET Pro Fuel Dump
stopwatch competition fueldump
Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.
Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable.

The River 2 - Redux
-quote from McNite, the map maker-
Fast and adrenalin-packed 2-stage map with a long document-run designed for SW and 6on6.
Challenging fighting in various environments:
Close quarter combat in tunnels, caves, stairs and a castle/bunker setting
as well as mid- and long-range fighting in open terrain.

Everytime I've played The River on the pubs it's never been played the way it was intended ie. routes etc. For example, I think few people realise about the bridge and bridge controls.

Read the 'Tactical Guide to TheRiver II Redux' - here -

ET Pro Fuel Dump uses a mapscript (server-side) to modify the orginal version so no extra file is required by the client.

Download The River 2 - Redux - here -

Customs night info/history - here -

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