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[ET] new map updates --- Foo Fighter & SW Fueldump TE 
Friday, 18 August, 2006, 12:00 - Enemy Territory
Foo Fighter - ET Edition has gone final.
A warmup bug with the ufo has been fixed.

SW Fueldump TE (beta 3) has been released. No readme file came with the download so I made an info file for the curious.
// nedETPRO
// 18-Aug-06

SW Fueldump TE

authors - stewie (australia) & arni (belarus)
version - beta 3


beta 1 - sw_fueldump_te.pk3

The following is a list of changes from the normal Fueldump.

no more snow
tank moves 50% faster
bridge is built 50% faster
tank is indestructible.
tank moves automatically (this means no more escorting the tank)
tank has 3 stop points, after this it needs to be 'touched' again, in order for it to move automatically again.
allied can spawn at command post
1 of the CP gates can not close entirely to prevent axis from CP camping
tank becomes destructible again at the very end of its route.
the depot fences are nadeable (chuck 2 nades on the first parts of a fence and it's destroyed)
axis can now spawn @ the truck inside the depot's building (3 people only)

beta 2 - sw_fueldump_b2.pk3


Doesnt mess with other maps textures anymore (completely standalone)
Corrected stepsounds for all surfaces
Autospawns optimised
Allies gain a second initial spawn after the tank broke the grate (no big deal imo, but we all hate walking)
Reacted on people who could still jump into the depot (if you still can, post a demo ;-) )

beta 3 - sw_fueldump_b3.pk3


The shortest Route to roof is now ~10 seconds by blocking the truckspawn ladder with a set of barrels.
The old route was 4 seconds which made defence too easy for axis.
The truckspawn now only has one exit which should make spawncamping fairly easy for allies.
Nobody forces axis to spawn there, its just an additional option.
The high fueljump should finally be fixed (i.e. not possible anymore) please dont prove me wrong this time.

Both maps on server now!
Download from - HERE -

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