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[ET] new map --- Heart of Gold (beta 12) 
Friday, 28 July, 2006, 22:34 - Enemy Territory
Heart of Gold (beta 12) has been released!

12 betas seems like a lot but not all were public releases.
The creators of this map have stated that this is the last beta before final :)

Allies are searching for the “Heart of Gold”, a famous gold ingot stolen in
Paris. The Resistance informed the Allies that the Axis are keeping it in
“Boissaint”, a French village in the Alps waiting for reinforcement coming from Bergheim.

changes from the last public release:
-from Uchronic-
The Command Post:
It gives a spawn point to whatever team construct it (until the Gate has been destroyed).
At start, the axis command post is pre-constructed, and the axis own the cp spawn point. If the CP is destroyed, each team spawn at their default spawn point.

Once the Gate has been destroyed, the CP only offers a spawnpoint to the allie team. But the axis can gain an advantage over the allies by destroying it, and forcing them to spawn back in the garage.

Now that the Allies have the opportunity to spawn directly to the CP, the defense will be much more difficult for the axis...

Objective Area
You'll find less mines areas, a protection against FFE, and little details to improve this area.

Two versions of this map have been released.
1. normal
2. destructible truck

Normal version is on server now.
Download from - HERE -

note: i encountered textured issues UNTIL i removed ALL previous versions from etmain.

Heart of Gold (beta 8) was played on customs night 6
Customs nights history/info - HERE -

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