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Monday, 19 June, 2006, 09:42 - Enemy Territory

Raw Castle & Raw Castle Tournament Edition
-pre-final versions of both maps are being privately tested on the nedETPRO server Thursday 22-June-06 from 8:30pm
-final versions released soon!


-removed Arhabeach for Arhabeach TE
-TE version has route and firing location changes plus bug fixes
-on server now!

King of the Flag
-removed KOTF for KOTF TE
-TE version has route and cover changes
-on server now!

CAHA: Tavern
-updated to beta 2 from beta 1
-beta 2 main changes include the cellar wall is now destructable by any explosives, grenades included, FPS inprovements and various bug fixes. Fireteam loctaions have been added for etpro. (fireteam locations made by me :P)
-on server now!

Download maps from - HERE -

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