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      • [ET] map news --- Raw Castle TE
        The final version of Raw Castle Tournament Edition by redRum is near completion!

        stay tuned!

        note: private testers please delete the following files:
        • raw_te_final.pk3 from the etmain folder
        • raw_te_final_ETPRO_ONLY.pk3 from the etpro folder
      • [ET] new map --- The Lighthouse (beta 1)
        mrfin, the creator of Bridges, has released his latest map 'The Lighthouse.'

        Map details including screenshots - here -

        Axis attack in this map with three main objectives...
        -destroy lighthouse light
        -destroy comms room inside the underground bunker

      • [ET] server configs updated!
        I've updated (and simplified!) the nedETPRO server configs.

        nedET [public] - GA s8 core configs
        nedET [scrim] - GA s8 core configs
        nedET [comp] - GA s8 core configs

        nedET [campaign] - based from MGL season 3 public config
        nedET [ctf] - xp enabled - hea

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hi Tanya =]

      • [ET] new map --- Crevasse (beta 1)
        The creator of Adlernest, Dersaidin, has presented the ET community with another map designed for competition 6v6/5v5/3v3Steal the keycard and use it access the elevator shafts. Grab the flag for a forward spawn. Repair the damaged Anti-tank gun and use it to gain access to the Axis Cypher Radio. Pr

      • [RtCW] wolf server details completed
        My Return to Castle Wolfenstein server details are now in the forum. It runs the OSP mod and custom maps.

        Details - here -

      • [FEAR] new custom insignias for fear server!
        Thanks to TOG Adeptus there are now custom insignias on the server =]

        Server details including insignia images - here -

      • [FEAR] Extraction Point SP demo released
        Extraction Point is the name of the upcoming expansion pack for FEAR.
        details - here -

        A single-player demo has been released featuring a new enemy and weapon (minigun).

        happy days!

        get the demo - here -

      • [ET] server update - etpro 3.2.6
        The nedETPRO server has been updated from ET Pro v3.2.6 rc1 to v3.2.6

        details and download - here -
        For Australian players, GameArena servers use 3.2.6 rc1 (for now) so best to get the latest etpro version from my (or another) server rather than replace the .pk3 This way a sum number

      • [ET] customs night 17 info!

        Thursday 21-Sep-06
        from 8:30pm

        -edit: changed main map to test3 from test2-

        El Kef (GA_test3)
        • a reworking of the initial SW version
        • see below post for map details
        • El Kef (SW) played on night 15

        Bridges - a

      • [ET] map news - El Kef
        Marko has revisited his map El Kef with some nice changes for better SW play. He's modified the SW version of the map.

        * go - here - for more info!

      • [ET] fritzbot update!
        Two new packs have been added to the FritzBot server.

        • Gold Rush bug-fix pack.
        - fixes an allied engineer issue

        • ET Tundra waypoints pack.
        - new map support, an RtCW custom remake

        The packs and the map can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [BF2] bot server updated to v1.4
        The nedBF2 BOT Server has been updated to v1.4

        New to v1.4
        (full patch details - link -)• new map: Road to Jalalabad
        • new server option: no vehicles mode
        • gameplay tweaks including the addition of a prone->crouch delay
        • bug fixes

        Server details -

      • [ET] Warbell etpromapscript installed
        I've installed an etpromapscript for the map Warbell.

        -quote from McNite the map maker-
        • restricts the access to the roof room at the belltower constructible to make defense up there a lot more vulnerable to explosives and to get rid of the massive backshooting that engies expe

      • [ET] customs night 16 info!

        Thursday 07-Sep-06
        from 8:30pm

        ET Pro Fuel Dump
        • stopwatch competition fueldump
        • Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.
        • Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable.

        The River 2 - Redux

      • [COD] Revolt mod
        Revolt is a total conversion mod for Call of Duty. This brings modern action to CoD and is my favourite total coversion mod for any game.

        I've put together a server for this! All that's required is the mod itself and CoD to be patched to v1.5

        Server details:crosshair

      • [Unreal] Unreal finished in under 50 minutes!!
        Unreal was the game that started it all for me. A large portion of my gaming life was devoted to it. I finally finished it in Unreal mode and it took me ages to do it!

        This guys finished it in just over 49 minutes is easy mode :o
        - -

      • [ET] nedETTV news
        The GameArena season 7 Enemy Territory grandfinal ETTV demo is available for downloading.

        Teams:teamredux (reduX >)
        Adversus (vs)

        Maps:Würzburg Radar
        SW Siwa Oasis

        Download from - here -

        These demos plus others can be replayed o

      • nerd saying hello!
        Heya Max!

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