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      • [SS2] Serious Sam II FAQs
        I've added an FAQs thread explaining the version mismatch error and how to see what version of the game you are running.

        Details - here -

      • [MOH-A] the awards/upgrades for the demo weapons
        Each weapon in the MOH Airborne demo has three potential awards with specific upgrades. I don't know the points system required to get each step but here's what I found so far.

        The awards:
        1. Marksman Commendation
        2. Sharpshooter Commendation
        3. Expert Commendatio

      • [MOH-A] how to access to the sniper rifle in the demo!
        Turns out we can use the sniper rifle in the MOH Airborne demo with a little bit of 'tweaking'.
        Thanks to TOG|303 for bringing this to my attention. Found - here -

        Here's what you have to do.
        • enable console
        • use the ghost command to get to where the

      • [MOH-A] Airborne demo notes
        After playing the Medal of Honor Airborne demo - link - i have to say this is going to be a nice game.

        For those who haven't looked at it yet...

        • very generous on older systems
        no lag for me at all, played on default settings
        AMD 2500+ XP (overclocked)
      • [MOH-A] Airborne Demo Fixes
        Here is a list of fixes for some common issues with the recently released Medal of Honor Airborne demo. I found the list - here -

        Problem: The game will stop installing at the Ageia physics driver phase.
        Fix: Some people have tried reverting to the previous Ageia physics driver and

      • [CODUO] new map for nedUO server - Island Assault raw
        I've added a custom map to the nedUO server. Island Assault raw by FireBall1 supports all the available gametypes :]

        This is an island map based loosely on the battle of Tarawa. It has trenches, shell craters, bunkers, and a tunnel complex under it. The tunnel complex helps keep the

      • [MOH-A] DMW anti-cheat support!

        As I type this I'm downloading the Medal of Honor Airborne demo ;p


        It Looks like DMW (Developing Multiplayer Worlds) will be helping out with anti-cheat
        - -
        DMW are proud to announce that in collaboration with Electron

      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne news >> demo - MP review
        • Medal of Honor Airborne demo out this week! - link -
        • multiplay review - link -
        many FPS player questions answered!!


      • [MOH-A] MOH Airborne gets Punkbuster support!
        Electronic Arts Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software into the game Medal of Honor: Airborne. We will soon be opening a section on our website to support PunkBuster™ for Medal of Honor: Airborne™.

      • [ET] nedET servers down
        I've turned off my ET/RtCW server. I had a great time playing and working on the server... thanks to all who joined in! Simply put, it wasn't being used the way I wanted it to be.

        It's time for me to move on to a different game.
        It may be Medal of Honor: Airbourne... t

      • [SOF2] Extended mod available for download
        The last version made of the SOF2 Extended mod was v1.11 This version looks to be very hard to find to download especially as the mod's website no longer exists. The previous version (v1.1) can be found but not this most recent version. Due to the site being down and the unavailability of this

      • [CODUO] example server configs for nedUO updated
        I've added more available gametype specific cvars to the example server configs suppplied with the nedUO mod. This makes them more complete.

        Also some values have been updated:
        • BEL icon position time for axis compass reduced from 6 to 4 seconds
        • BEL alive point time redu

      • [CODUO] custom maps decided for nedUO server!
        After some initial testing of custom maps I've decided to include the following list on my CoD-UO server.

        • Activision's official CoD:UO map pack-mp_peaks

      • [ET] FritzBot Glider update!
        TomTom has updated his Glider 3 pack to v0.03

        changes from v0.02• lots of tweaks, new actions, routes and nodes
        • new Axis dynamite and satchel actions to destroy glider on outpost catapult
        • new snipe and fieldop camps to improve fight against tank
        • corrected (I think) ta

      • [CODUO] common Punkbuster kicks from my UO server explained
        If you are getting kicked from my CoD:UO server for having incorrect values of any of the following settings...




        ...then go - here -


      • [CODUO] UO server news!
        • nedPAMUO server setup to run GameArnea CTF comp config - link -

        • nedUO v1.1+ completed - link -
        updates from v1.1

        -by request, server-side file provided that gives server admins the option to make the M1 Garand run with default stats ei. rate of fire etc


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