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      • [ET] nedET FritzBot update! --- X-Posed
        We now have waypoints for the X-Posed map, again thanks to the bindlestiff!

        The map cycle has been updated to run this map - link -

        Map and waypoints pack can be downloaded from the server or from - HERE -


      • [ET] nedETPRO updates
        The nedETPRO updates include the following required files:

        patch v2.60b - link -
        • security issues fixed

        etpro 3.2.6 beta test release 1 - link -
        • 2.60b support
        • competition fueldump
        -Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.

      • [ET] nedET FritzBot update!
        ET UFO (Foo Fighter - ET Edition)

        Since the final version of Foo Fighter ET Edition was released I was hoping for a waypoints pack update. Beta 3 of this map had waypoints made and they worked really well!

        Thanks to the bindlestiff we can now play the final version with BOTs!
      • [FEAR] server updated to v1.07
        The nedFEAR [RD] server has been updated =]

        in brief
        -game speed increased
        -packs/refill stations disabled
        -ff on
        -superweapons disabled
        -melee gamage reduced
        -weapons balancing
        -custom maps

        Details - HERE -

      • [ET] nedETTV news
        GameArena season 7 round 3 finals were recorded by one of my slave servers. Thanks to Syd for the master/slave version matching info! Round 3 demos don't have any hitsound issues (the round 2 demos do). The master/slave combo is now b4/b7 as opposed to the round 2 combo of b4/b11


      • [ET] nedETTV news/info
        Due to a hitsounds bug present with beta 4 master and latter version slave combinations I'll be recording GA matches with an ETTV beta 7 client.

        nedETPRO master
        - ettv beta 13

        nedETTV slave/recorder
        dynamic IP
        - e

      • [ET] custons night 15 info!
        Hey hey!

        Thursday 24-Aug-06
        from 8:30pm

        El Kef (SW)
        - a good action packed map designed for Stopwatch play
        - note: allies gain another spawn if build CP

        SW Fueldump TE (beta 3)
        - a remake of the original Fuel Dump
        - see belo

      • [ET] Quakecon 2006 5v5 grandfinal server demos installed
        QuakeCon 2006 ET 5v5 grandfinal (idle^ SNL!) v (ATiCrossfire)

        1 Würzburg Radar
        2 SW Goldrush TE
        3 Supply Depot 2 win!

        These game demos are avaiable to view on the nedETPRO server =]

      • [ET] new map updates --- Foo Fighter & SW Fueldump TE
        Foo Fighter - ET Edition has gone final.
        A warmup bug with the ufo has been fixed.

        SW Fueldump TE (beta 3) has been released. No readme file came with the download so I made an info file for the curious.// nedETPRO
        // 18-Aug-06

        SW Fueld

      • [FEAR] free MP Comabat and v1.07 patch released!
        ok, F.E.A.R. Combat has been released!F.E.A.R. Combat includes all the updates, all the new official maps and the new official modes released for F.E.A.R. Multiplayer in one downloadable file. F.E.A.R. Combat users will be able to play against the owners of the retail version of F.E.A.R. as well as

      • [ET] ETTV update
        I've updated the ETTV setup to beta 13

        Update includes CPU usage bug fixes, network, ping and lag issue fixes and demo recording corruption fixes.

        I recorded the GameArena round 2 final matches from the nedETPRO slave setup with ETTV beta 11

        Round 3 and the gran

      • queensLANder !!
        Well, I've just spent the last few days sorting game server configs for a big TOG LAN in Brisbane Australia! Three days of gaming joy! I'm about to leave with my rig and game server :P

        Games sorted:
        -Battlefield 2 [BOTs]
        -Call of Duty [Revolt mod]
        -Call of Duty Un

      • [BF2] co-op bot server completed
        With the release of patch v1.3 came Co-op mode.Players can now enjoy single player levels on Internet and LAN play with both Bots and human players. We have added a few options to allow the server admin to modify how the bots behave in game. Co-op play is not permitted on ranked servers.
        More d

      • [FEAR] F.E.A.R.multiplayer soon to be free!
        Hopefully the increased popularity this will generate will promote the creators to produce some decent gametypes (Infiltration and Demolition style, ala SOF2)Sierra Entertainment today announced that the multiplayer component from the award winning PC title F.E.A.R.™ (First Encounter Assault Recon),

      • [ET] new waypoints for fritzbot --- Caen 2
        Caen 2 is now available to play with the BOTs thanks to the bindlestiff.
        The pack (and map) can be downloaded from the server or from the fritzbot download page
        - HERE -

      • [ET] server maxclients increased
        I've increased the maxclients on the ET servers (etpro & fritzbot) by two.

        nedETPRO maxclients is now 18

      • [ET] custom nights 14 info!
        Oh Yes!

        night 14
        Thursday 10-Aug-06
        from 8:30pm

        Heart of Gold (beta 12)
        - looks to be the last beta before final
        - CP spawn alterations from last version on server
        - beta 9 is on the GameArnea season 7 ladder map list
        - beta 12 (or

      • [ET] new IP !
        The nedETPRO server has a new IP.

        cya there soon =]

      • [D3] doom 3 server offline
        The nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] server is offline till further notice.

      • [ET] server version updates
        Due to security concerns I've re-updated the server to v2.60b

        ETTV has been updated to beta 11 from beta 9
        (which has fixed the apparent packet lose master issue!)
        changes from beta 9 include• upgrade to et 2.60b with security bugfix
        • fix spectator inactivity bug
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