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      • [Q4] Quake 4 server completed
        I've set up a Quake 4 server using the beta patch v1.4.1
        There are many multiplay changes with this release.

        Read the 1.3 to 1.4.1 beta patch changelog for details
        default location is C:\Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\CHANGES_14.txt

        Server details - here

      • [ET] GA season 10 custom map list released
        The GameArena season 10 custom map list is as follows:


        ALL these map

      • [ET] map update --- Negoshk (beta 2)
        Negoshk by Nenquel has been updated to beta 2.
        This map is on the pre season 10 SW map-cycle (see below post).

        Changes and Fixes: Deleted a few houses and put in a "hill"
        Added a tree ^^
        Last axis spawn is bigger to avoid spawnkilling
        Depots Names a

      • [ET] >> CTF-Face (beta 1) update <<
        The original install of CTF-Face (beta 1) was an incorrect version. The correct version is now on the forum for download and also on the server.

        >> if you downloaded this map from here or the server BEFORE 8:30pm 29-May-07 then please delete ctf_face_b1.pk3 from your etmain folder a

      • [ET] new map --- CTF-Face (beta 1)
        For the Unreal Tournament lovers out there who also play ET.... we have a UT map remake !!

        by ==Troy==, Broloi, Flippy

        This is a great remake :] For those strange people who set r_fasksky to 1 (it's for fps right? lol), do yourselves a favour and turn i

      • [ET] map update --- Glider 3 v3.0.2 released!
        An update to the excellent map Glider by 2Bit has been released!

        Changes include: major spawn alterations
        the 2nd tank barrier has been moved to be closer to the outpost
        axis CP moved to the outpost
        axis compound spawn enlarged to give more should

      • [ET] CAHA: Tavern etpro spawn selector update
        I've made an addition to my etpro spawn selector for the map CAHA: Tavern by redRum.
        v1.1 has etpro echo control values... instant popup and stay a bit longer.

        download map and spawnselector - here -

      • [ET] CAHA Tavern fritzbot support!
        The map CAHA Tavern by redRum now has basic FritzBot support thanks to the efforts of TomTom :)

        CAHA Tavern is a favourite on nedETPRO server.
        Now it can be played with the FritzBot mod!

        map and fritz_caha_tavern pack can be downloaded from server or - here -
      • [ET] GameArena season 10 coming soon
        The GameArnea season 9 ET 6v6 ladder has just finished with Team Modus Operandi defeating Adversus. Both teams are previous ladder winners.

        grand final maps played were:

        ETTV demo available - here -


      • [RtCW] new info for servers!
        note: if you DO NOT own RtCW Game Of The Year edition then you need to download the official GOTY map-pack!

        download - here -

        thanks to Shrek for letting me know about this!
        sorry for those who couldn't play these maps tonight ;o

        RtCW server det

      • [ET] map update --- Vesuvius
        A voice-over pack has been released for Vesuvius (beta 1).
        It will be included in the map's next release. In the mean time it can be downloaded with the map from the server or - here -

        To download it seperately you can go to the offical wesite - here -


      • [MOHAA] Breakthrough Runner install note
        By request i've updated the install instructions for Apextwin's MOHAA Breakthrough server utlility. I've added to the install info which will hopefully explain the install process better ;]

        MOHAA Breakthough Runner v1.0.9

      • [RtCW] FritzBot night 16-May-07
        RtCW FritzBot will be run Wed 16-May-07 from 8pm

        What you need:
        -RtCW patched to v1.41 (I recommend v1.41b)
        -fritzbot mod folder
        -2 custom maps

        details - here -

      • [D3] Last Man Standing Coop mod news!!
        LMS Co-op v4 is being released soon!

        includes... compatible with Doom 3 patch v1.3.1
        networking tweaks
        fps tweaks
        new maps
        plus much more!

        news details - here -

        This is a fantastic mod! Highy recommended. Play against the Doom

      • [BF2] Co-op server update
        I've found a single-player/coop mod that will work online with a few tweaks and includes the three maps that default BF2 doesn't support in Co-op mode. The mod is called Bf2SP64 v2.31.

        Now ALL maps are available to play Co-op ;]

        details - here -

      • [ETQW] Quake Wars server news
        When Enemy Territory Quake Wars is released I'll be setting up and running a server for it. It will be a home for playing/testing custom maps and competition mods.

        Unfortionately, I'll be removing the ET/RtCW server to do this. I'll still have the home test servers availabe

      • [RtCW] FritzBot mod server completed
        I've setup a FritzBot RtCW mod server. It runs the latest version (v0.54b) plus the Fritz Media Pack. I've set this up to run on demand. When ETQW is released I'll be running a server for it. Unfortionately to do this I'll be removing my ET/RtCW server. This is why I've setu

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