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      • [ET] customs night 9 info!
        Time for another one :)

        Thursday 01-June-06
        from 8:30pm

        Tram Fight (beta 2)Axis scientist are developing a new weapon called the "venom cannon". A prototype of this weapon was hidden inside a church in a small spanish village. Now allied forces must o

      • [ET] new etpromapscripts installed
        I've installed two new mapscripts on the nedETPRO server.

        * One for Braundorf (beta 4) by Syd.fixes the "omg I planted on 35 seconds and axis won" bug and afew exploits.
        Props to maximum for finding the others.
        * One for Heart of Gold (beta 9) by mortis.

      • [PF] server details in forum
        Pacific Fighters server details are now in the forum!
        (stand-alone version patched to v4.04)

        * patch info
        * server settings
        * links
        * screenies

        Details - HERE -

      • [ET] Snatch map update and news
        Snatch has been updated to version 2

        Some major bugs were found in the initail final release.
        A possible Tournament Edition may also be made.
        Snatch2 on server now!

        Download - HERE -

      • [ET] Base 12 map update
        Base 12 (beta 4)October 1942: Axis have just managed to build a working V2 rocket. The prototype is waiting for its transportation in base 12. This is the last chance for Allies to destroy the prototype before it is tranported into safety.Today TF released beta 4 of his map Base 12. This is an excel

      • [ET] initial FritzBot mod test a success!
        I dedcided after uploading the FritzBot mod to the main server to do an impromptu run with bot/map defaults. I ran 24 BOTs with 6 people for three cycles of the full fritz campaign with no problems.

        I'll sort a decent custom BOT config for the next test (which will be scheduled)
      • [ET] new map for server
        SnatchJune 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost, which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines. This outpost is equipped with the new radar technology and the Allies are planning an attack (codename: Snatch). The aim is to steal a radar part which in turn will give the

      • [BOXING] Mundine v Green
        It's a few hous away... 'man' v 'machine'

        This is Australias biggest Boxing event EVER surpasing Jeff Fenech's world title loss to Azumah Nelson in Melbourne in 1992 where 37000 where in the crowd. This fight is expected to hit 40000 specs!

        The win

      • [ET] custom night 8 info!
        It's time for another ET custom night!
        custom night history - HERE -

        Thursday 18-May-06 from 8:30pm


        King of the Radio (final 17-April-06 version)
        Raiders (final)

        download maps - HERE -

        King of the Radio
      • [ET] new map for server
        Raiders (final)

        Dr. Jones has discovered that Axis scientists dabbling in the occult have found a way
        to create soldiers with other-worldy abilities. Harnessing the powers of various
        ancient relics, the Axis are soon to create 'super soldats.' Special Allied raiders

      • nerd saying hello
        hi renee :P
        geeks for the win !!

      • [ET] patch v2.60b
        id software has released a patch for Quake III Arena engine games.

        Attention Quake III Arena, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory users:

        We have released updates to all three games to fix some security issues discovered following our release of the Qua

      • [ET] FritzBot test night soon!
        The FritzBot mod test night is soon upon us :)

        Check the forum for info & required files/maps - HERE -

      • [ET] new map for server
        Stalingrad (final)

        This is a great map! It has been used in the GameArena ET ladder and was quite popular in the pubs. This map is also part of the default FritzBot campaign. The FritzBot mod will be installed on the server soon.

        Download Stalingrad - HERE -

      • [FEAR] Extraction Point
        oO an expansion pack is being made for FEAR!!
        F.E.A.R. Extraction Point kicks off where the original game ended – with a bang. The First Encounter Assault Recon Team (F.E.A.R.) returns to battle the now free Alma and her paranormal minions across a destroyed city. New locations, weaponry and

      • [GTR] server details in forum
        My GTR server details are now in the forum. All server settings have been listed. Custom tracks have direct download links from my space so there's no need to have to register on sites to get them. The relevent sites have still been linked.

        - GTR server details here -

      • [ET] nedETPRO server configs updated
        The nedETPRO server - link - configs are now up to date with the GameArena season 7 configs.

        Not much has changed since season 6

        Here is what I had to change:match_timeoutcount 3 (from 2)
        cl_maxpackets IN 30 100 (lower retriction was 20)


      • [ET] Heart of Gold news
        The Heart of Gold map is new to the GameArena ET ladder.
        HoG beta 9 is a map option in season 7

        HoG beta 10 is currently being privately tested.

        The current beta 10 has a major change!!
        - allies get the axis initial spawn if they build the CP
        - getting this for

      • [ET] fritzbot mod testing
        I've been testing another BOT mod for ET

        FritzBot is amazing!
        Here is a feature list:

        Command Posts

        Game Sense:
        Objective priorities
        Event awareness and re

      • blog is up!
        ok, this is the start of my gaming blog :)

        nedETPRO server updates etc will all be posted here.

        My hobby is to put togther online game servers. This site provides all the information about my servers and mods plus more in the one easy to navigate place. This front page is a ch