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      • [UT04] BotManager mod by FlakMagnet available for download
        If you're an Unreal Tournament 2004 fan then this mod (mutator) is essential! It's a non-ut4mod install version of FlakMagnet's BotManager v7.1

        For more details see - here -

      • [U] The Unreal intro clip, view it here!
        arrrrrr the memories of playing Unreal. This game was epic! For anyone who has played this truely amazing game here's a treat. You can view the intro clip here on this site. Let the memories come flooding back.

        I've actually started playing this game again! Yes, over 10 years af

      • more FREE ned-friendly useful software found!
        I've added some new goodies to my - Useful Free Software - list!

        multi-video formats to flash (.flv) converter

        JW FLV Media Player - OPEN SOURCE
        multiformat website media player

      • ned's Steaming!
        I tried Steam a few years ago and had many issues with it. I swore I'd never touch it again. It was a buggy, laggy, slow downloading POS in my opinion.

        BUT... now I'm back using it after buying Left 4 Dead and I have to say that I can't fault it! Resonable downloads, good l

      • [FEAR2] Project Origin single-player demo out now
        The F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Single-Player Demo was released today and I'm downloading it as I type. It's time to brace myself for some painful frights!

        Links and demo discussion - here -

      • Is Microsoft's Flight Sim X the last in the series?
        Flight Simulator X is the latest version of Microsoft's long standing Flight series. Is this the last?

        For more info on this series and news of it's possible demise see - here.
        The future of the three software lines in or out of house is unclear..

      • JW FLV Media Player test
        I'm testing out a flash player for the blog by LongTail Video called the JW FLV Media Player. The original CAforNoobs.wmv file was converted by EasyFLV Free FLV Converter.

        This movie by Fox from TOG ( is a newbies guide to Combat Arms. The original higher res versi

      • Alien Swarm: Infested
        Alien Swarm started out as a mod for the FPS title Unreal Tournamnet 2004 but not as an FPS! This Alien Swarm mod is an overhead view tactical squad-based shooter. This game was the first non-FPS/sim game I played that I liked.

        It was looking to be a dedicated game and it deserves it in m

      • Rise of Flight - upcoming WWI flight sim
        This is something I've been waiting for for quite some time... A World War I flight sim!
        The whole western front of the First World War on one map: 125 000 square kilometres of the territory, which have been carefully transformed in digital format from the maps of that period (1917-1918)
      • server news
        Many of you know my server hasn't had a dedicated connection for quite some time due to moving house and other interuptions. Well, it looks like I'll be setup again soon connection wise... maybe 2-3 weeks. In the meantime only certain games can be played on it online.

        I'm l

      • [SS2] Serious Sam 2 Deathmatch Pro server coming soon
        I've decided to set up a server for the Deathmatch Pro mod for Serious Sam 2. This has some nice features both for the players and server admins. Test nights will be coming up soon.

        See here for mod details and info
      • [ET] by request, 'How to Install ET' now in blog
        I've completed (and updated) the "How to install ET" page in the blog. I was contacted about this and the person was having problems with the 2.60b patch. Extra info on this patch has been added.

        Details - Info, Links and Downloads -

        Also, Fritz Bot E

      • nerd saying hello!
        Hello Raelene!

        fancy that..
        having your name on a geek site, how embarrassing ;]

      • [ET] next on the list is Enemy Territory .. plus Fritz Bot news
        In case you haven't noticed I'm moving all of the forum content over to the blog. I've decided to work on the Enemy Territory section next. It's the largest one to do and I was going to tackle it last but there have been some Fritz Bot mod updates over the last few months that I&

      • [RtCW] all Return to Castle Wolfenstein content moved to the blog
        I still have some things on my 'to do' list for RtCW but what was in the forum is now in the blog.

        Fritz Bot and OSP mod server details here - Servers List -
        ..and more here - Info, Link and Downloads -

        note: Fritz Bot mod download updated.

      • [SWAT4] The Stetchkov Syndicate / Sheriff's Special Forces mod
        I was recommended this game for its coop play by TOG Fox who is, like me, a cooperative gameplay fan. I gave it a bit of a test run last night and I like it very much. Very intense.

        So, I've added this game on my 'to do' list. Coop and the various other multiplayer modes wi

      • [SS2] more Serious Sam 2 info added
        I've added some additional info to my Serious Sam 2 FAQs. Included is a 'how to' on adding some more info to your screen. I've also added some more to the dedicated server tips page including my current configs.

        Hit the Info, Links and Downloads link to the right and g

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