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      • [FEAR] Tokara Forest made for FEAR
        A mapper by the name of Lobotomy has recreated Tokara Forest for F.E.A.R.
        Unreal Tournament players will know this map well as it's a UT original.
        This is an amzing recreation and I'm looking forward to the final version!

        Details - here -

        Look out for

      • [ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news
        The public released server mapscripts and season 9 .config have issues. The mapscripts for radar, frostbite and braundorf don't match the hash numbers in the config. All other season 9 maps are ok. Currently if any of these three maps are selected the server configs will not load and the etpro

      • [ET] server configs updated
        GameArena season 9 has started. The nedETPRO server configs have been updated. The only difference between season 8 and 9 are maps and the addition of mapscripthashes in the config to ensure that servers have the same mapscripts as GA (trouble is the main config has no 'signature' so it�

      • [UT04] nedUT2004 update
        By request, I've been working on improving some of the UT2004 info.

        nedUT2004_pack updated.
        -now includes info and 'how to install' text file
        -now includes .ogg files - see info.txt for details -

        Improved install and file info on server page.<

      • [ET] new maps --- Supply Depot & Wurttemberg
        GameArena Enemy Territory season 9 has begun - link -
        Two maps have been added to the server to comply with season 9

        Supply Depot (v1.0 final)
        Wurttemberg (beta 4)

        Maps can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [ET] fritzbot Adlernest update
        Crapshoot has updated his Adlernest pack!

        -tweaked balance
        -improved offense
        -modified engineer routing to door controls
        -tweaked pathing at documents so they jump on the table better

        Latest pack (v1.03) can be downloaded from the server or - here -

      • [FEAR] server finally completed!
        Well it took a while but the FEAR server is completed!
        The final step was to get the med-station skin finished.

        All FEAR details - here -

        2v2 TDM matches starting soon!
        ...stay tuned

      • [ET] ET news
        happy ET times!

        new ET map site
        - -

        splashdamage forums are back up!
        - -

      • [RtCW] wolf night wed 17-Jan-07
        I'm switching my Enemy Territory server over to my Return to Castle Wolfenstein server for one night tonight! These RtCW events will run maybe once a month. (will run on request)

        Server details plus more here - here -

        TOG and >oB< will be there... all wel

      • [ET] map update --- Sottevast (beta 3b)
        Dersaidin has released an update for Sottevast being beta 3b. Tunnel barricade, can be constructed by either team.
        Fixed scripting so that Allies will now get the forward flag for 30 seconds when main door blows. (Previously they had to be holding it to secure it for 30 seconds.)

      • [ET] new FritzBot map support --- Adlernest
        Adlernest can now be played with FritzBot thanks to CrapShoot. He figured out how to get BOTs to use levers... what better map to get into then than Adlernest!

        This is his second Adlernest pack release. The changes from the initial release are team balance tweaks and the addititon of play

      • [FEAR] med-station skin file completed
        The med-station skin is completed and on the server!

        edit: details - here -

      • [ET] FritzBot mod map testing team
        I'm creating a map testing team for the FritzBot mod. Testing will include identifying dumb bots, error spam, team balance issues plus more. Testers v bots and random shuffle matches will be used. The fritzbot developers are always looking for ways to improve the mod so give them a hand by givi

      • ? Hundreds of Cheater's details unveiled
        I found an interesting article over at ClanBase.

        It resulted in a massive list of hundreds of gamers who cheat in games such as Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Quake 3 and Soldier of Fortune.

      • [ET] fritzbot news!
        Maleficus, FritzBot' author, is working on 'multiple dropped items' issues so more maps can hopefully be added to the growing maplist that fritzbot currently supports. Stay tuned!

        The FritzBot team have been busy with sorting BOTs for some new maps. Adlernest and

      • [ET] map fix update --- X-Dam Complex 2
        X-Dam Complex 2 has an issue when run on etpro servers. Some of the map icon textures don't show when you are on the Axis team. After speaking to =[AA]=LEEEROY about this and getting info on the .shader files from him I was able to make a fix. The console errors gave me the answer on how to str

      • [ET] customs night 25 info!

        This may be the last of the regular custom map nights. The 25th night has some meaning! Base 12 (beta 1) was played during night one and the original X-Dam Complex map was the first custom map I ever played. It used to be on the GameArena servers.

        Thursday 11

      • [FEAR] new med-station skin closer!
        Tman-42 from - - has editted the .dds files I wanted done. Now the skin pack to replace the med-stations is one step closer :)

        Details - here -


      • [BF2] server alteration
        I've removed the Booster pack map options from my BOT server.

        Armored Fury
        -Midnight Sun
        -Operation Harvest
        -Operation Road Rage

        Euro Force
        -Great Wall
        -Operation Smoke Screen
        -Taraba Quarry

        Server details - h

      • [ET] map update --- Base 12 (beta 5)
        TF has released beta 5 of his excellent map Base 12. This map plays well on the pubs and will also make a very good comp addition.

        Main changes since beta 4: It's now possible to shoot trought the side entrance wire section.
        Added new area with neutral CP. Allies can spawn at

      • [ET] some posts were lost due to the server transfer
        >> Customs night 24

        Maps were:

        -Sottevast (beta 3)

        Maps can be downloaded from server or - here -
        Customs night info/history - here -


        >> map update --- Sottevast (beta 3)

      • blog/forums/downloads
        This site has been down at times over the last week due to it being transfered from USA to AUS.

        It should all be good now. If you have problems downloading files please let me know asap.

        The blog and forum have also been updated to the latest versions.


      • [FEAR] need help with custom skins (.dds)
        I've disabled health stations in my FEAR server so I want to have custom skins to make the med kits/stations NOT look like med kits/stations. They are still visable even though disabled.

        Details - here -

        please help a graphics noob :o

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