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[UT3] how to bind TAB to show scores. 
In UT3 binding TAB to show-scores cannot be done via the in-game menu. If, like me, you're too used to using TAB to want to change then read on!

go to your Config folder and find UTInput.ini

default location..
C:\Documents and Settings\name\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTInput.ini

Make a backup of this file. If everything goes crazy after you perform the following edit then simply replace the editted file with the backup.

open UTInput.ini

I recomend using Notepad to edit most gaming configs.

Find the following lines:



Edit the lines as follows:

Bindings=(Name="TAB",Command="GBA_ShowScores | Stat FPS | Stat NET | OnRelease Stat FPS | OnRelease Stat NET")


Now TAB will show scores and ` will open the console.


For an unknown reason to me just changing the binding over to TAB doesn't work. An additional command added to this line is required for the TAB change to take affect so I added some status commands. Pressing TAB will now show you scores and you will also see your FPS and connections status.