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my 'Medal of Honor Airborne' notes 
These are just notes I'm taking for future work or info pages.


sens too high even on lowest menu setting
couldn't bind mousewheelup to select pistol

C:\Documents and Settings\name\My Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)\Config\MOHAInput.ini



(after menu change)

Bindings=(Name="MouseScrollUp",Command="SwitchWeapon | PCZoomIn",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,IsRebindable=False,BindPos2=False,MOHA

Bindings=(Name="MouseScrollUp", appears twice but is only altered once

change to



to do

try to find a way to bind mousewheeldown to toggle grenades
? selecting this in the menu works for SP but not MP ?

even after v1.3 patch there are still minor graphics and sound glitches


more mp notes

-landing from air drop in mp you are armed as soon as you land (ie. no flared or botched landings etc)
-you can shoot (damage) allied parachuting if server allows
-nice camera pan when you are killed to show killer loctation
-BEST sp game i've played to date