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Medal of Honor Airborne / NVIDIA installation fail fix (PhysX) 
Medal of Honor Airborne / NVIDIA installation fail fix (PhysX)

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card and you are installing Medal of Honor Airborne, the game will want to install AGEIA PhysX into your system's display drivers. If however your current NVIDIA graphics drivers have a later version of PhysX then you may find the install will abort very soon after entering the game's Serial Number.

PhysX is a physics engine that can utilise GPU acceleration to provide real-time physics effects. Shortly after MOH-A was released, NVIDIA accquired AGEIA (the inventors of PhysX) and intergrated PhysX into their drivers. Since this acquisition there have been a number of updated software versions, now called NVIDIA PhysX instead of AGEIA PhysX. Unfortionately this has caused an issue with the MOH-A game wanting to install a version of AGEIA PhysX (v7.07.09) which causes the aborting of the actual game install if the client has a late enough version of PhysX already installed in their system. Luckily there is a simple fix for this issue!

What version of PhysX do i have?
-click the NVIDIA symbol in your system tray (NVIDIA Settings)
-select NVIDIA Contol Panel (this is also available in the computer's control panel)
-click System Information (bottom left of NVIDIA Contol Panel)
-select Components tab

If your version of PhysX is later than v7.07.09 and you're getting this installation fail issue then follow these steps:

remove PhysX (Strat - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs - NVIDIA PhysX v...)
install Medal of Honor Airborne
patch Medal of Honor Airborne to v1.3, links - here -
update NVIDIA PhysX - - Select PhysX System Software

I can confirm that updating to NVIDIA PhysX v8.10.13 allows you to play MOH-A (but not install!)