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GTR - Official FIA GT Racing Game, Dedicated Server v1.5 
GTR Dedicated Server v1.5

Download - link - 20MB

note: installation order
-Patch v1.5
-King of Ovals Expansion Pack
-Dedicated Server v1.5
-Custom Tracks

// GTR_Dedicated_Readme.txt
README: GTR - Official FIA GT Racing Game, Dedicated Server


Prerequisite: This program requires GTR 1.5 to be installed.

Run GTR_DedicatedServer_1500.exe to install and follow the instructions on-screen. Once installed, the icon for the dedicated server will appear in the GTR start menu group.


The server operates identically to the dedicated server provided in earlier versions of GTR, with the following exceptions:

1. It does not require the game CD to be inserted before running.

2. It does not require a Direct3D compatible video card to run.

3. It includes extended options to enable practice/qualifying/warmup sessions to be configured (i.e. enabled/disabled and to specify their length in minutes).

4. It supports a +auto command line option, which will start the server in immediate hosting mode, using the last settings configured. N.B. When used in this mode, and live reporting is enabled, the server will still prompt for FTP details. You can automate this step by including a text file in the GTR directory called "GTR_Reporter.exe.FTP" - a sample is included with this update.

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