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my .dds file help story 

Bottom line is, I'm a total noob when it comes to editting images. Here's a stroy of my .dds (DirectDraw Surface) file delima. I originally asked for help on this blog and gave details in my old forum. Below is what happened.


I've disabled the health stations on my FEAR server. Trouble is people still end up camping them not realising that they won't be getting anything. I need someone to edit some DDS files for me so I can add a skin file to the server. I'd like just an empty case so the removal of the first aid stickers and contents is all that's really required. Initially when I requested for this to be done I had more files listed but I found out some of those files relate to something else.

These are what the images look like.
-the below images are jpeg conversions of the .dds files so they can be viewed-
-I used IrfanView and plugins to convert - -




I can do all the packing of the .Arch00 file and get it to work on the server no probs... I just have zero idea on how to do the actual edit of the image.

Here are the .dds files - files-deleted-skin-finished - 850KB -
Apparently the desired format is DTX1.

The .dds files can be viewed using Windows Explorer and DDS Thumbnail Viewer

This is what the med station looks like ingame.


I've removed content from forum posts and have condenseded the remaining skin story.
I've just listed the steps and provided pictures of the final product.


searched for the relevent skin files in the FEAR SDK - link -
viewed the game's .dds files using Windows Explorer and DDS Thumbnail Viewer - link -
requested some .dds files to be editted
Tman-42 - - made the server's first (v1) med-station skin
(v1 had advertising on it - lol - so it was never going to be the final product)
Botz3000 - - reminded me of the Default.archcfg file

after much reading I tested some images for v2 med-station and realised all I required was for someone to to edit a .tga file for me!

I conveted to a .tga file with DDS Converter 2.1 - link -
redRum - - editted the medStation_d .tga file for me
I conveted medStation_d.tga to with DDS Converter 2.1
I packed the skin with ArchiveEdit (a tool within FEAR SDK)

Here is v3 of my server's med-station skin.
No point having a med-station if it doesn't work!

-before and after-

I learnt a lot while trying to get that skin done :-)
Thanks again to redRum for the final product!