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[archive] nedETPRO admin 
This is an archive thread of the nedETPRO server admin fucntions.
It was a 'help' thread for the refs and semiadmins.

nedETPRO server

This thread is a basic explaination of how to use referee and semiadmin functions.

Control of the server.

rcon [REMOTE CONSOLE] - total control ie. full admin
referee - control over all match elements
semiadmin - specific control depending on server config (can be more or less than ref)
clients - some voting access

To have referee and/or semiadmin access, passwords are required. The safest way to execute these passwords is via a .cfg file placed in the etpro folder. To execute the file either bind it to a key or execute it in the console. Contact me for details on doing this if unsure. DO NOT enter passwords via the console. This is possible BUT it's too easy to accidentially spam a password to everyone on the server.

Here's what to put in a .cfg
ref your_referee_password
semiadminlogin your_semiadmin_password

Ref and semiadmin access must be enabled manually each time you enter the server.


- ned only -

// REF

The common referee functions are in a menu.
Press escape then select Referee.

Other function options can be seen by typing \ref then pressing Enter in the colsole. This will display a list.

To display the server's config list type \ref config then press Enter in the console.
The config names and descriptions will appear.
To execute a config type \ref config configname then press Enter in the console.

Current available server configs:
pub - core settings from GA season 10 with warmup disabled
scrim - core settings from GA season 10
comp - same as scrim but enables more voting options - eg. for non-TOG scrims
ctf - XP enabled CTF style config - heavies, arty & mines reduced
camp - XP enabled public style config for campaigns
tj - trickjumping config - sv_cheats enabled - pmove_fixed 1 - 1 second spawntimes
mt - map testing - similar to tj - all level 4 - min chargetimes - r_showtris unlocked

gaseason10 - GameArena config used for season 10
soo - 2006 ET State of Origin config (GA-s8 with no mines)

eg. To execute the trickjumping config type \ref config tj then press Enter in the console.


All semiadmin functions are done via the console.
I've added functions not included in the referee options.

enabled commands:
exec - can execute any .cfg file on the server

togscrim.cfg - set server ready for scrim - sw, default sw, comp config, disables mapcycle
s_default.cfg - resets server's public defaults
hs_on.cfg - headshot damage only ON
hs_off.cfg - headshot damage only OFF

obj1.cfg - all maps OBJ cycle - shuffle ON
obj2.cfg - GA s10 maps only, OBJ cycle - shuffle OFF
sw1.cfg - most maps, SW cycle - shuffle OFF
sw2.cfg - GA s10 maps only cycle - shuffle OFF
-map cycle details - here-

eg. Type \sa exec s_default into console then press Enter to restore server defaults.

nextmap - can disable mapcycles
Type \sa nextmap "" into console then press Enter.
-this cannot be done via ref-

g_password - can create any password desired
Type \sa g_password desired_password into console then press Enter.

g_useralliedrespawntime - can change Allied respawn time
g_useraxisrespawntime - can change Axis respawn time

To use the semiadmin fuctions you must start by teling the server so by first typing \sa then the command.
If you type \sa then press Enter you will get list of functions enabled to you.


any problems, questions or requests just ask
passwords are given out via PM, xfire or ventrilo