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Doom 3 and widescreen gaming. 
For those of you who don't mind a bit of Doom 3 and have a widescreen monitor, it IS possible to play in a widescreen format even though the menu doesn't give you this option.
One way to sort this out is to enter the game console then input a bunch of settings ie. control variables (cvars).


Before you do anything are you patched to the latest version of Doom 3 ? - link -
If you don't know, enter the console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tilde (`) and look at the bottom right of it. If you're patched to the latest version it will say DOOM

How to install and update Doom 3 info - here -


start game from the desktop
enter console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tilde (`)

eg. I have a 22" widescreen monitor and want to play Doom 3 at 1680 x 1050 so this is what i did:
Type the following when you have opened the console...

r_mode -1 [PRESS ENTER]

r_displayRefresh 0 [PRESS ENTER]

r_aspectRatio 2 [PRESS ENTER]

r_customHeight 1050 [PRESS ENTER]

r_customWidth 1680 [PRESS ENTER]

vid_restart [PRESS ENTER]

>> If you play any Doom 3 mods this may have to be repeated for each mod after it's loaded.
(you will only need to do this once though!)

Here's some explanations on those settings.

r_mode sets the game resolution
r_mode -1 enables custom modes
r_mode 0 = 320x240
r_mode 1 = 400x300
r_mode 2 = 512x384
r_mode 3 = 640x480
r_mode 4 = 800x600
r_mode 5 = 1024x768
r_mode 6 = 1152x864
r_mode 7 = 1280x1024
r_mode 8 = 1600x1200

r_displayRefresh forces referesh rate
r_displayRefresh 0 is default and lets the game decide

r_aspectRatio see - here -
r_aspectRatio 0 = 4:3 [DEFAULT]
r_aspectRatio 1 = 16:9
r_aspectRatio 2 = 16:10

r_customHeight and r_customWidth sets your custom resolution

vid_restart applies the new settings


For more widescreen gaming info check out - -
Thanks to TOG Jigoku for letting me know about that site!