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Doom 3 (SABot-RoE mod v alpha 7x). 

SABot - Stupid Angry Bot (Doom 3 v1.3.1 Resurrection of Evil version)
SABot is a mod that puts in AI players into a server to play with or against.

It won't eat, it won't sleep, it absolutely will not stop, until it does something stupid.

version alpha 7x
date 13-June-07
author Jarad "TinMan" Hansen

I contacted TinMan about this mod. SABot is no longer being worked on. Unfortionately it wasn't finished and there are a couple of issues with it that prevent me from hosting it full-time.

The server is availbe to play on by request.


8 slots
Punkbuster ON
DM and CTF only
friendly fire ON
BOTs controlled by in-game admin


Doom 3 patch v1.3.1 - link - can be run over ANY version -
SABot-RoE alpha 7x - link -


mp/d3xpdm1 Excavation
mp/d3xpdm2 Hell's Playground
mp/d3xpdm3 Hellhole
mp/d3xpdm4 Eclipse

mp/d3ctf1 Hollow Crossings
mp/d3ctf2 Pump Station 02
mp/d3ctf3 Power-Up Lab
mp/d3ctf4 Biosecurity HQ

The default Doom 3 maps are SABot supported and can be voted for.

mp/d3dm1 Tomiko Reactor
mp/d3dm2 Delta Lab
mp/d3dm3 Frag Chamber
mp/d3dm4 The Edge 2
mp/d3dm5 Lights Out

Thanks to -AJ- for helping me playtest this mod

>> SABot is also available for Quake 4 v1.4.2 - link -


Putting together dedicated online game servers is a hobby of mine. Most of the servers listed in this blog are run from one of my home connections and are fired up by request. I can be contacted via this blog or at (Ned). Home IPs are dynamic.